The Snyder Cut Changed My Life | Zack Snyder's Justice League

22 Th03, 2021
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The Snyder Cut, or Zack Snyder's Justice League has finally dropped on HBO Max... and the journey towards this films release, as well as the movie itself, have changed me and the way I perceive films and superhero blockbusters. I hope you enjoy this retrospective on my reaction to Snyder's work, and my current opinion on the director.
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    BrowntableBrowntableTháng trước
    • You got EFAP'd by Mauler and friends! ;)

      Aspie GamerAspie Gamer17 ngày trước
    • @Chaim Graysen wow! Took about 20 mins but it worked!!

      Francis PhillipFrancis PhillipTháng trước
    • not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

      Chaim GraysenChaim GraysenTháng trước
    • You really should reconsider NordVPN as a sponsor. They had security problems, got hacked, and lied to customers for over a year. This isn't a sponsor you should be promoting.

      TheBigExclusiveTheBigExclusiveTháng trước
    • "Snyder's original vision," what about the things he himself changed? Like the cringe oyyyeeehhh as Aquaman jumps on to the batmobile? That was in the trailers, BEFORE Joss, but it was removed in the Snyder Cut. Almost like he took the fact that everyone was calling it Joss' thing that Snyder decided to edit his own "art" to make it easier for you lot to suck right up.

      Bigus DickusBigus DickusTháng trước
  • I searched in Google months ago for snyder cut I see like 90% like this film And now I search it today its gone down to 84% 😕😑

    SoSo20 giờ trước
  • Next video: how josstice league/black kal-el ruin my life

    Outlaws for lifeOutlaws for lifeNgày trước
  • 11.54... I literally cried in this scene

    SiddofficialSiddofficial2 ngày trước
  • This is not a review, it's a love letter... to Zack Snyder. How exactly did it change your life then? Seems to me all it changed was your perspective on Zack's vision.

    Mr. Guy DudeMr. Guy Dude2 ngày trước
  • Flash time travel scene is the best scene

    YF21_SepticYF21_Septic3 ngày trước
  • Snyder’s films aren’t bad because they’re not Marvel. They’re bad because Snyder doesn’t understand the characters and he has the worst instincts when it comes to story. His movies are both dumb and pretentious. A Chris Nolan is pretentious, but he’s smart. Michael Bay is stupid, but has no pretense about what he’s delivering. Snyder made a less bad version of Justice League, but it’s still not what I’d call good. It’s still too long, too boring and to shallow.

    David AndersonDavid Anderson3 ngày trước
  • Well, Man of Steel was indeed mediocre, tbh. There were only a few things that kept me watching it. Almost every 5 mins or so when watching the movie, I had questions about so many things and executions of the story. It was really that mediocre. I revisited that movie after so long, and my opinion hasn't changed. However, Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) is really good. I enjoyed it a lot, and it was 4 hours long.

    Gin sanGin san4 ngày trước
  • I think the Snyder cut is as bad as the original tbh

    Brandon ScottBrandon Scott4 ngày trước
  • Action movie director he is, but comedy ain't one of them

    LinePencilOfficeLinePencilOffice6 ngày trước
  • Good god this video is atrocious. Does nobody listen to what is said?

    Crum de la CrumCrum de la Crum6 ngày trước
  • Criticism of the film: Needs more slow motion.

    RenanLSMasterRenanLSMaster7 ngày trước
  • Why were you so excited with Whedon if Avengers 1 and 2 weren't even good movies? Avengers 1 isn't bad, but it wasn't good too, basically a mediocre movie, and Avengers 2 sucks. Whedon's work on the MCU isn't good, the best parts of the MCU are the works of the Brothers Russo, James Gunn and John Fraveau.

    RenanLSMasterRenanLSMaster7 ngày trước
  • Man of steel is a masterpiece.

    Sinlo KempSinlo Kemp8 ngày trước
  • How old are you?

    sɐzǝǝſsɐzǝǝſ8 ngày trước
  • What you highlighted here are exactly the same things that I really loved about the Snyder cut. This also further made me realize that, really, you can appreciate films on different levels, and that you really shouldn't compare a film to something else and force them to fit a certain ideal because each one is different. I love both Marvel and DC movies, and for what they both stand for. I love how they are differently executed because it just means I can enjoy really diverse comics-based films. This is probably why I am one of those who really had a hard time understanding why there seemed to be this public idea that you can only love one. I'm also happy for the success of Marvel. On a separate note, the fact that the Snyder Cut is actually released for us to enjoy already feels such a BIG win for me. Not all are given this kind of chance.

    theguramiiitheguramiii12 ngày trước
  • The Timing for NordVPN ad was perfect. 😂😂

    Alwin induAlwin indu12 ngày trước
  • My enjoyed what this video wanted to be.

    Tyfighter 2099Tyfighter 209913 ngày trước
  • Zack snyder, is by far the most purest heart filled person in the world, not just as a person but as a director as well. He understands the mythology of the DC universe, its characters and he stays true to them, while also throwing in his own mythology into the characters as well, though he gives the characters as much respect as they should get as characters to make them feel more fledged out as actual people. He's a person who respects franchise material and he stays 100% true to his own work, weather it's good or bad, it does matter. This is his vision and he stays true to that. And unlike, Josh Weedon, he doesn't abuse or be a total ass to the actors playing the characters in his film, like how Weedon was with Ray Fisher (seriously man best of luck to him), he respects the actors for who they truly are as well, like with the characters from the film that they are playing out, they are humans and shouldn't be butchered and disrespected like with how they were with the 2017 release. This film is, like you said, 100% true to itself and was made with a lot of heart. Thank you, Zack Snyder. For blessing us with the best Justice league movie we could possibly ask for, but not just us..... For Autumn.

    Dylan O' SheaDylan O' Shea13 ngày trước
  • They really work hard for the movie and now its blowing the internet, hats off to Jack for this epic movie.

    SURAJ RAISURAJ RAI14 ngày trước
  • What impresses me is how much more balanced Snyder's movie is. In the theatrical release, the fight was hopeless until Superman arrived. He didn't just turn the tide, he made it possible. When the battle was engaged, Steppenwolf was just too overpowered for any of the other league members to defeat and they didn't work together like Snyder's version does. Superman arrives and the pendulum swings completely the other direction with all the other league members relagated to sideline characters. IMO, in the Snyder cut, even without superman, the league could have succeeded in stopping Steppenwolf because they worked together and maximized their advantages. If Barry hadn't been shot and if you consider how lucky that shot was. In the Theatrical release, it seemed like the entire battle was waiting for superman to show up and save the day at the last minute. This is harsh but I'm going to compare the Theatrical release and the Snyder cut to Star Trek DS 9 and Babylon5 DS9 gives you the glowing happy ending and overall upbeat universe while Babylon5 gives you the gritty, realistic situation with all the consequences and dark foreboding future.

    Michael ChiarcosMichael Chiarcos14 ngày trước
  • Oh shit I didn't know all that about Joss Whedon. Not sure how I feel about the guy

    Alex RiptideAlex Riptide15 ngày trước
  • I couldn't say exactly why Joss Whedon's direction didn't work for this movie, but that's it. It was trying to take a certain story, and tell it like a different one. Shit I know exactly what this is like, I'm sometimes guilty of this. Someone else starts a story, and you try to finish it your way with your tone. Both may be good, but mashed together they butcher the story and mash any cohesion that could have been

    Alex RiptideAlex Riptide15 ngày trước
  • Wait did the synder cut really come out in 2017? No way. Edit: Okay whoof I thought I was going crazy, it did come out this year.

    Alex RiptideAlex Riptide15 ngày trước
  • The Snydercut is phenomenal. But I still think Watchmen is his most beautiful film.

    Don CresswellDon Cresswell15 ngày trước
  • I'm really glad you all can do mental gymnastics to allow yourselves to justify jerking off over this mediocre movie. I'm honestly impressed.

    Auburn StreyerAuburn Streyer16 ngày trước
  • i knew it fucking marvel sent joss wheedon to sabotage justice league

    Andrija DjordjevicAndrija Djordjevic16 ngày trước
    • MARVEL fired him

      AYzazzAYzazz16 ngày trước
  • I've been a fan of Snyder since Dawn of the Dead. He's definitely one of the best Director hands down. He single handedly resurrected The DCEU.

    William VegaWilliam Vega16 ngày trước
    • He didn't resurrect it. He started it . But it's been going well after 2017's JL. It's ot like it was doing bad. The only flop the dceu has had in recent years is ww84

      AJ 1998AJ 199811 ngày trước
    • He single handedly fucking obliterated it

      MassiveTismMassiveTism12 ngày trước
  • Your life must've been pretty terrible

    Wdf1987Wdf198717 ngày trước
  • Anybody else come here after Mauler and friends over on EFAP dunked on this cringey ass video essay? ;)

    Aspie GamerAspie Gamer17 ngày trước
    • @MassiveTism lol, at least the Snyder Cut has a consistent tone and feels like a real sequel to BVS. Cyborg actually has a place in this movie instead of being a plank of wood in the misfire that is the Whedon Cut. Y'all MauLer tards always worship MauLer's opinion. I have made my mind that Snyder Cut is better than Whedon Cut and pretty sure everyone will agree with me. Also, the only thing that the Whedon Cut does better is the Wonder Woman and the Flash theme that plays in that scene where he tips the sword back to Wonder Woman and Howard saying Victor Was A Wonderful Kid. Defending the Russian Family is straight up dumb.

      AYzazzAYzazz12 ngày trước
    • @AYzazz that's a very compelling argument

      MassiveTismMassiveTism12 ngày trước
    • @MassiveTism Ah no. Snyder Cut is still better.

      AYzazzAYzazz12 ngày trước
    • @AYzazz funny how that comment is coming from the crowd who always says "muh opinions" and "everything is subjective". I think it can be proven pretty definitively that Snyder's cut is worse. Your comments just tell me that your head explodes at the thought of being convinced of that fact.

      MassiveTismMassiveTism12 ngày trước
    • @MassiveTism Snyder Cut is better and that is a FACT. Just because MauLer spoke that doesn't mean that he's right. You're entitled tho

      AYzazzAYzazz12 ngày trước
  • EFAP brought me here

    ItsPussInBootsItsPussInBoots17 ngày trước
  • It's funny how you defend his "originality" when only good movies he has done are frame by frame adaptations of 2 graphic novels (300 & Watchmen)...everithing else is like a music video, withouth any spustance. Snyder doesn't know how to tell stories!!! He only knows how to make shit cakes with amaizing icing.

    SpasenovskiSpasenovski17 ngày trước
  • I've been a giant DC fanboy for years. When man of steel came out, it was really good but not my favorite. But when BvS came out, it all made sense and the pieces started coming together. Whenever I hear ppl bitch about how these arnt the characters they know, I always tell them that you have to remember this is a different universe. Different universe, different rules. I wouldn't want snyder to cut and paste the comics anyway! I want to see something different and cinematic! I love the DCEU so much but the biggest problem is the studio has no faith in it and isn't afraid to take risks like snyder did. Ppl fear what they don't understand, BvS was the best example of that

    JAZ SessionJAZ Session17 ngày trước
  • Stop putting words on the screen.

    Cyrus KCyrus K18 ngày trước
  • How to say nothing of substance for 17 minutes (including a fucking one minue long ad). The absolute state of fart huffing video essays. 😂

    GamePlayMetalGamePlayMetal19 ngày trước
  • He literally just makes comic books and goes to the actors and say OK I need you to go page to real life and just copy what I made like a comic Langton line physical movements everything and I think that’s what I actors enjoy because it’s so much easier just reading a comic book and sang OK I can do that instead of you know stating it in words superman went down on any nail down a dark side like that would be so petty and annoying all the time I think that it gives the actors like a reason to read it because the reading with your graphic novel and they’re like oh OK do you want me to do exactly that OK

    TheZombie369TheZombie36919 ngày trước
  • ok but how did it change your life

    the mad capperthe mad capper19 ngày trước
  • Why are your critiques so bad?

    Markus AndrewMarkus Andrew19 ngày trước
    • @J C yeah sure. I don’t mind. Take your time. You can honestly drop the conversation for 2 weeks than come back to it if you really wanted to. It’s not like you really have a time limit, and I’m really patient.

      Markus AndrewMarkus Andrew14 ngày trước
    • Can I come back to you because I’m tired, I don’t know what time zone you’re in but it’s late where I am.

      J CJ C14 ngày trước
    • @J C 9:08-9:37 well when Browntable is comparing both cuts he sights the fact that they save people in the Snyder one despite in The Joss Cut they do have scenes of him saving people. Remember everyone complaining about the freaking Family they keep cutting back to, and said they didn’t like it. The reason that’s in the Joss cut is to show they’re saving people. That’s like Joss’s hole thing with Superheroes is to have people for them to save. So why sight Snyder Cut as if it did something that the Joss cut didn’t, when it very much did. If the point he’s trying to make is Zack Snyder executed it better, well why didn’t he go into that at all? I also hate the argument that if we put faith into Zack the first time things would have been fine. Like what? He has made 3 movies, all of which have a very divisive audience, and the first 2, pretty much everyone was on his side, then halfway through Justice Leagues production they pulled the plug on him, and replaced him, which I’m positive they were planning to do even before his Daughter Suicide. Let’s also talk about the fact that none of the 3 movies have made as huge of a box office as big of what BW was going for, but Browntable out here in this video saying we should have just put faith in him, and it would have been fine. What? Freaking why? So he can probably make another not very well received movie? We’ve given him 3 chances, and all of them didn’t hit the mark WB was wanting. If WB didn’t put faith into him, they had every right to be.

      Markus AndrewMarkus Andrew14 ngày trước
    • Cool. I’ll hear what you have to say first so that it might help me with what I have to reply with.

      J CJ C16 ngày trước
    • @J C Okay I’m up for telling my thoughts, I will in the next 2 days at most probably when I have the time, but I was just wondering could you possibly give me your thoughts on the video, and the points he make? Do you agree with this video? And if so, why?

      Markus AndrewMarkus Andrew16 ngày trước
  • You sure, you put enough words on screen? Since i am a very dumb boy and cannot focus on the words a person speaks, i would really appreciate it, if you put more words on screen. That's really not inclusive and kind of bigotted of you, maaan.

    Martin HabermannMartin Habermann19 ngày trước
  • MAULER and his fwends are absolutely ass mad rambling at your video, congrats, even I was able to shit talk on the chat but as soon as i pointed out his terrible criticsm of the movie ,i got banned. you managed to piss off a big youtuber by liking a movie, try not responding but if you do, tear him a new asshole, he's ass mad at snyder cuz snyder didnt give clout to his buddy g+g.

    marcusmarcus19 ngày trước
    • @Lirain Weerasekera this is how everyone else took it. Untangling God Of War 13:02

      marcusmarcus13 ngày trước
    • @Lirain Weerasekera yeah and like i said, you're right though, i don't have to give an excuse for something for me to still enjoy it. it makes me wonder more than confused.

      marcusmarcus13 ngày trước
    • @marcus thats not the part where youre making things up. youre making up excuses for darkseid forgetting. when its clear that they simply didnt think of it. if you ask snyder himself hell just make some bs up.

      Lirain WeerasekeraLirain Weerasekera13 ngày trước
    • @Lirain Weerasekera making up stuff? that thing about space moving within space is from the US gov website on the space section. you're right though, i don't have to give an excuse for something for me to still enjoy it. it makes me wonder more than confused.

      marcusmarcus13 ngày trước
    • @marcus ill check it out. mauler is just giving out potential fixes or tweaks. But you do realize that youre just doing the opposite of what youre accusing mauler of doing. youre making up stuff and going out of your way to praise the movie. both are bad.

      Lirain WeerasekeraLirain Weerasekera13 ngày trước
  • Childish analysis. Move along.

    SladeSlade19 ngày trước
  • We came back mr. Table Brown

    TrajTraj19 ngày trước
  • Cyborg was probably the most important character in The Snyder Cut

    BakobBakob19 ngày trước
  • I look at the Snyder verse as more realistic universe ( as far as superhero dramas go). Like how they deal with technology and science is pretty awesome. I think the unity is the big bang.

    Johnbo ForsythJohnbo Forsyth19 ngày trước
  • 5:32 LEGO :)

    Central BricksCentral Bricks19 ngày trước
  • Only problem with the synder cut was that the movie was soooo long

    The Company and country of Tra's BodybuildingThe Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding20 ngày trước
    • Not to mention the grand canyon size plotholes

      Chris22Chris2216 ngày trước
    • @Javin Newell yeah

      The Company and country of Tra's BodybuildingThe Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding19 ngày trước
    • Yeah there was way too much bloat.

      Javin NewellJavin Newell19 ngày trước
  • The sadness that I feel not having HBO to watch Snyder's cut. I only saw dollar-store Justice League 😭😭💔

    SpaghettoSpaghetto20 ngày trước
  • I love this movie...BUT one thing bugs me. Why is the green screening so God damn shit? I mean I get being on a time and budget constraints but this looks so stupid in most scenes (mostly Wonder Woman's Greece (I'm not sure) scenes).

    StormagedonBODStormagedonBOD20 ngày trước
  • so basically because of people like you, short minded, brainwashed by Marvel, ruined what could be an awesome multiverse saga.

    Felipe VidalFelipe Vidal20 ngày trước
    • Snyder rider I see

      Safwan MustafizSafwan Mustafiz18 ngày trước
    • Well, DC didn’t fail because of Marvel’s success. They failed for their own separate reasons. I mean some idiots did say it failed because it wasn’t like Marvel, but those people are stupid. The DCEU was mostly a failure because of its own doings.

      Javin NewellJavin Newell19 ngày trước
  • If i was zack i would be mad cause of how they wasted the potential, but zack is zack, a great person he is

    Josh VercideJosh Vercide20 ngày trước
  • Rotten tomatoes says that Captain Marvel is better than Joker and ZSJL.

    fat dingofat dingo21 ngày trước
    • @Javin Newell oh i know, just thought it was funny, lol

      fat dingofat dingo18 ngày trước
    • Rotten Tomatoes is not a reliable source. That should be common knowledge by now.

      Javin NewellJavin Newell19 ngày trước
  • Great video

    Nick BiancoNick Bianco21 ngày trước
  • If Zach went back to Cinematography, give that man an Oscar. His style gets in the way of everything though if he is in charge. What connections I had to the characters were destroyed by the plot they were in. The world building is laughable throwing in random comic book references just to spoon feed the fans of his movies and not really any fan of the comic books. Zach is a man who can give you the visuals you have dreamt up in your head for years and does a great job doing it. Yet the heart is not there. How he gets there is all cobbled together with disjointed and repeated plot points. My eyes have a feast while I drool on the couch completely disinterested in anything transpiring. P.S. If you want the Snyderverse to be a thing, you have to scrub any movie outside of Zach's trilogy. Even then its in shambles.

    KeldiurKeldiur23 ngày trước
  • It’s beautiful that the heart of the movie is Cyborg’s journey to learn to move on from his grief and accept who he is. Kinda like Zack Snyder. Much like Cyborg. He has gone through the worst trauma in his life. But like Cyborg. He just keeps moving forward. Because Zack Snyder is not broken. Even if you don’t like his style, it’s still his style. Zack Snyder is not broken. And he is not alone.

    P3rsephoneCHP3rsephoneCH23 ngày trước
  • Should watch MauLer's video

    TheTaoZunTheTaoZun24 ngày trước
    • 😳😳

      Nnamdi Nwasinoke Jr.Nnamdi Nwasinoke Jr.7 ngày trước
  • Snyder just doesn't get Batman

    Myles SchutteMyles Schutte24 ngày trước
    • Yes

      Safwan MustafizSafwan Mustafiz22 ngày trước
  • I like to think that Superman wasn't dark and broody but rather hopeful and optimistic in a real world sense. You can very well be hopeful, optimistic and be happy with a gloomy world around you.

    Nathan PinedaNathan Pineda24 ngày trước
  • This changed your life? Poor you. This messy drivel that is basically Josstice League but even longer is barely worth being called a movie, because that would imply it being worthy of being called art.

    JPGJPG24 ngày trước
  • After watching the Snyder cut, I watched both MoS & BVS again and I finally knew what Zack Snyder wanted to show us. The humanity in those two movies was astonishingly amazing and I never thought Zack Snyder could have been so good at telling the most beautiful parts between family, friends & lovers.

    Eddie ChiangEddie Chiang24 ngày trước
  • I came from the MauLer's review, and i remember seeing a few satirical reviews from this channel. I genuinely hope that you're completely sarcastic in this one as well.

    marcusduckmarcusduck25 ngày trước
  • People have to learn to make up their own minds in regards to movies, music, and whatever entertainment is out there. In the movie industry, there has been a trend to praise everything Marvel and belittle everything DC (in most cases very justified, and in fault because of studio interference), so most sheep fall into this bandwagon hate, just because they told them to. According to most people he has worked with in the industry, Zack Snyder is one of the most loved and respected directors amongst his peers, and yet VIworldrs like Campea and Collider go after him personally, saying really bad things about him just to get views and be in the trend. In short, make up your own mind and do not look for others' opinions to make your own. Don't be a sheep!!!!

    G. CotoG. Coto25 ngày trước
  • is this video a parody? manhunter saying that two people he hasn't met and who Superman never really met would be proud of him? The Flash explaining his dad's backstory to his dad? Two identical scenes where Stephanie calls up budget Dr Doom and says "I found a motherbox, working on another"? Batman said faith so it's deep? He knows Lois Lane, he's met Clark's mother, but just want to contact them. This isn't even the sappy pathos of a medical drama where someone going into surgery is told to have faith, this is just not vaccinating your children because you think everything will be fine.

    Pablo FriasPablo Frias25 ngày trước
  • While it seems that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor “isn’t faithful to the comics,” that’s bot entirely true. He’s not like the MAINSTREAM Lex, but he’s a 100% accurate adaptation of the Lex from the “Superman: Birthright” comic books (the filmmakers cite them)

    Mr.MovieMafiaMr.MovieMafia25 ngày trước
  • When ben Affleck was first announced i was in shock of how bad a casting that was... after watching bvs and now the zsjl... he is the best Bruce wayne/batman to me

    Matty IceMatty Ice26 ngày trước
  • But Snyder is God though.

    Chud ChadanstudChud Chadanstud27 ngày trước
  • You say peacock and no one bats an eye, but you say poopcock and everyone looses there minds hahahahhahahha

    ATX KINGATX KING27 ngày trước
  • 3 YEARS AGO, I came up with an idea to use Marvel and DC Characters and create funny videos or movie reviews. I made one video about Tony Start revealing his secret identity as Spiderman but it did not do good so I quit. This is very hard work. Most people don't realize how hard. As an artist and film enthusiast, I salute Marvel and DC franchise. Watching JUSTICE LEAGUE ZACK SNYDER'S CUT inspired me and motivated to restart my passion. I am going to start uploading every week from now. It doesn't matter how many views I get. Seriously, thank you for inspiring so many of struggling artists who try to go their own way. Individual artists can never compete with big studios because it takes so long to make even simple animations but that should not mean we should not even try. Most people get discouraged very soon. I happen to be one of those people. Well, not anymore. Thanks.

    Film MysteryFilm Mystery27 ngày trước
  • I don't blame Snyder for making juvenile, depressing, disjointed movies that suck ass nearly every time. I blame WB/DC for hiring such a person to make their movies. The best DC movie to come out during this whole DCEU thing(2013 to present) was Shazam and it has the least Snyder fingerprints on it.

    NPC 000075A6NPC 000075A627 ngày trước
  • The scene where he started running faster than time at the end got me really emotional. Even now, as I see it. Both because of how astonishing it looks, and because it reflected his arc and the conversation with his father. I really felt like this was now or never, and I rooted for him - and not in the casual "I hope the hero wins, though I know they will win" kind of way. The way that whole sequence was visualised was unlike anything I have ever seen. Amazing.

    Stein Håkon HilstadStein Håkon Hilstad27 ngày trước
  • Came here to see who MauLer, dunked on

    1 21 227 ngày trước
    • @Space Penguins He adressed it in his video of the Snyder Cut. And he dunked on it because he thinks the video is of poor quality

      Simon ThobenSimon Thoben27 ngày trước
    • When did he do that? (And isn’t this positive what’s there to dunk on)

      Space PenguinsSpace Penguins27 ngày trước
  • Note : Zack was not paid for this movie, he did it free for his fans and for his daughter autumn ❤️

    DARKSEIDDARKSEID27 ngày trước
    • I read somewhere that he actually paid $70 million in total from his pocket to do some re shoots, marketing and making sure everything was prepared for release.

      For WakandaFor Wakanda6 ngày trước
  • To be honest I also love Watchmen, and also this is the 1st Movie I really starts to like Zack Snyder. MOS is so Epic, and BvS is 1 of my favourite Superhero Movie. It is a myth to me Why people Always want the same kind of movie (Marvel). I also watch most of the MCU movies, but that doesn't mean We Only Need 1 kind of movie to exist.

    U UU U28 ngày trước
  • I already liked Superman when I was a little, but he always seemed a bit boring compared to everyone else. Time went on, I became 14 years old, and Man of Steel came out in theatres. That film made me love Superman. That film is an underestimated masterpiece.

    Stein Håkon HilstadStein Håkon Hilstad28 ngày trước
  • One fine video. Great work

    NintendevNintendev28 ngày trước
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