This dirty lead needs to be cleaned

04 Th05, 2021
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So today I'll be cleaning some really dirty lead. To do this, first I just have to melt it on a camping stove. When it's fully melted, lead oxide and other contaminants separate from pure liquid lead. Now I just have to carefully pour the liquid lead into water, and hopefully leave all of the contaminants behind.
Nile talks about lab safety:​

  • That was extremely satisfying to the eyes and ears.

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  • Nah man that’s Venom

  • 0:31 Venom 2 is looking great

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  • These clips are very interesting.

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  • Clean it already , like why you keep repeating that you have dirty lead lol I'm joking because it was on loop lol 😑😆

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  • Isn’t it dangerous to touch lead?

    Just call me ConqTennJust call me ConqTenn7 giờ trước
  • You drink coffee? Come back when you start your day with a smoking cup of molten lead, wimp! *sips* AAAAAAAAAA

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  • The lead looks like a symbiote spreading as he pours it into the water😄

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  • Just need to pull it out of the water... *Throws it at the wall like it's the 5th born child*

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  • Looks like a bunch of nails

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  • The lead was very "dirty"

    demon r slenderdemon r slender14 giờ trước
  • So thats it!??

    Anoma MirihagallaAnoma Mirihagalla14 giờ trước
  • Him: So I have this dirty... Me: *BOMB!?* Oh noo it's finally happening Him: Lead Me: phew

    Jj The 13ThJj The 13Th15 giờ trước
  • It became a symbiote from Spider-Man right when he put it into the water

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  • the title of this one sounds like a porno

    Nicholas BarberaNicholas Barbera16 giờ trước
  • That shit used to be in pencils

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  • It looks like venom when he poors it in the pot

    Jess EvaYvesJess EvaYves17 giờ trước
  • When he poured that stuff in the water it looks like venom

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  • This channel is slowly becoming "How to Basic" science edition

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  • "So I have some really dirty lead and it needs to be cleaned" This is how I imagine two scientists doing foreplay sounds like

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  • The lead: HELP IM BEING BURNED!!!!

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  • Look at this. That's some clean lead

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  • He: puts it out of the water* Me: oh cool he is going to show the.. He: yeets the sh*t out of it* Me: 👁👄👁

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  • Really dirty lead eh😏😳

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  • Why didn't you just scoop off the dross?

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  • Needs some eggs

    mozkito lifemozkito lifeNgày trước
  • That lead is from shotgun shells. i can tell cause i have some looking just like it

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  • I cast round lead ball for my flintlocks using a Coleman camp stove. If you know any phone guys you have a good source for lead. People have been melting lead for many 1000's of years. Don't over think it.

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  • Humanity's kryptonite..ouch

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  • When i was in the water in my eyes it looked like the venom symbiot

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  • Reminds me of VENOM 🕸

  • **Venom has left the chat**

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  • lol why did it need to be cleaned?

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  • You dirty, dirty lead.

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  • The way he threw, disrespectful 😭😤

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  • Imagine drinking that every day-

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  • now there you have it a pencil

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  • Idk man, sounds like a p--- title to

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  • Mmmm that lead lookin real tasty 😩🤤

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  • Im fascinated by the way you play with chemicals..

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  • The title sounds so suggestive

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  • You can melt lead on a camping stove? 🤔

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  • Lead: is a highly toxic element NileRed: uses a kitchen fork to stir its molten state and picks up the solid metal with his hands

    Reuben PatchettReuben PatchettNgày trước
    • Lead's toxicity is not as bad as people think. At least the pure metal really isn't that bad. It's the salts and particularly the organometallics which you have to watch out for. But because all the various forms of are collectively referred to as "lead" in science communication, non-scientists believe that this applies equally to the metal. Humans made their pipes out of lead for thousands of years. They drank water running through lead pipes. (Indeed the word "plumbing" comes from the Latin word for lead, "plumbum".) While it did pose *some* health risk, and certainly the copper pipes we use nowadays are much safer, if lead was anything like as dangerous as people believe, those civilisations would have died out.

      Alex PottsAlex Potts11 giờ trước
  • It's crazy that's in some foods and vitamins 😲

    King VizionzKing VizionzNgày trước
  • When you put it in the water I look like venom was coming out

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  • Him: I just need to pull it out of the water. Not even two seconds later: YEET

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  • Am I the only one loving to hear him say “to do this”.

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  • The yeet did it for me- XDD

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  • Dude really stop with the throwing maaaan it's like seeing a child science class

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  • Petition to change this channel’s name into NilePurple

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  • _exquisite_

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  • I was literally thinking, "I've seen this exact scene on HowToBasic." and then you did it. You yeeted that lead lmao.

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  • Science is so cool

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  • This channel should be renamed to NileViolet since it combines NileBlue and NileRed

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  • Liquid lead being poured into the water looks like Venom for some reason.

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  • "Very aggressively throws lead at wall"

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  • nileblue: **melts lead** Venus: am i a joke to you even my surface temp is 450c

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  • But the pellets were so pretty! 😡😂

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  • "So I have some really dirty lead, and it **needs** to be cleaned". I'm pretty sure that line should be the next major catchphrase in some action movie

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  • I hope this channel doesn't change to how to basic completely it's just perfect as it is ..... a little humour with some education

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  • No one: Him: YEET

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  • Science make u happy sometime ur brain loose

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  • Why does the title turn me on?

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  • you forgot the eggs

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  • >lead in water That's not how you make lead, that's how you make Flint.

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  • Neat.

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  • Huh- instant barbed wire- and hey it’s poisonous too!

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  • I love the ending lmao

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  • Vampire in the box

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  • You’re an alchemist, that last shot was gold!

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  • forbidden candy

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  • Stop throwing things it’s stupid. Sucks that most internet people can’t concentrate on a video unless someone’s throwing something or being all hype

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    • naw he just does it cuz he wants to also your second point doesn't really apply? he only yeets it at the very end, kinda defeats the point if we're going by your logic

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  • When your girlfriend is using her favorite fork to eat a salad and wonders why it tastes like metal and internal bleeding.

    Mason ShucartMason Shucart2 ngày trước
  • What if lead was melted in vacuum, without the presence of oxygen, there'd be no Lead oxide formed right?

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  • Yup, symbiote

    Mr. ArsiniusMr. Arsinius2 ngày trước
  • “Yellow lead oxide” People in India: “yes, turmeric”

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  • "This dirty lead needs to be cleaned" *What are you doing Step Bromine*

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  • Ok everyone saying he's becoming the how to basics of science yeeting lead and what not im sure this vid was a Edit from a larger vid were he needed the lead for something else so take it easy

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  • forbidden funnel cake

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  • **says "crap"** Comment section: Whoa buddy... that's a little too spicy for our taste! 🙄

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  • For some reason when you threw it at the wall it made me laugh

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  • Lead is not light at all. It's farking heavy, I've thrown lead before and it's not hard but it's not easy either.

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  • Nile I see you've been hanging out a lot with William, Michael, Peter and the gang lately.

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  • TIL you can touch lead without instantly dying!

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  • I don't know why I clicked on this video, but I loved it. Especially the end.

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  • 1000th

    selineseline2 ngày trước
  • Why does the surface of the solid pellets oxidize quickly when they're hot, but then the surface of the molten lead doesn't immediately oxidize when it's even hotter? Do the pellets have more surface area? Is the surface of the liquid actually oxidizing very quickly but then the oxide shimmies over to join the rest of the slag in a continuous self-peel?

    Tom HaflingerTom Haflinger2 ngày trước
  • That smack made this serious video, a bit less serious

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  • This lead has been a bad girl and needs to be punished

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  • Looks like nails

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  • The way he threw the lead!🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • And he touched his balls after the shot.

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  • petite dirty lead DESTROYED by chemical cleaning

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  • Ain't it toxic?

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  • The education of nilered with the jank of nileblue... Channel should be renamed nilepurple

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  • When i read the title i almost immediately choked

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