Tom Hanks on Toy Story 4

14 Th06, 2019
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Tom talks about the Toy Story 4 premiere, the new characters in the movie, working with the great cast, and he reveals all of the talking points Disney didn’t want him to mention. #ToyStory4
Tom Holland & Jimmy Kimmel in Exclusive Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Tom Hanks on Toy Story 4

  • Hope you're loving Greece, Tom!

    zoedarczoedarc22 ngày trước
  • He such a great person, I hope he is doing well..I’m his biggest fan

    Rey LorenRey LorenTháng trước
  • "Reach for the sky"

    Arthur Burton MorganArthur Burton MorganTháng trước
  • Tom Hanks is by far the most pure man in this earth

    Caine StoggyCaine Stoggy3 tháng trước
  • hey Tom Hakes

    John LandriganJohn Landrigan4 tháng trước
  • 0:27 first hand sign 1:07 666 mhmhm cuz we'll be masked closing arenas 7:38 hand sign he says 50 in every interview turn to jesus

    maximus decimus meridiusmaximus decimus meridius4 tháng trước
  • My top 5 Tom Hanks movies: 1. Cast Away 2. Forrest Gump 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Captain Phillips 5. The Green Mile

    TheJPSouzaTheJPSouza5 tháng trước
  • 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

    Eisenhans HendersonEisenhans Henderson5 tháng trước
  • lol my mom was there in the flower pink dress

    Alayna MartinezAlayna Martinez5 tháng trước
  • No matter how old Tom Hanks is, he always sounds like Woody!

    Rainbow RunnerRainbow Runner6 tháng trước
  • Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors! I love Toy Story! I’m a editor and VIworldr. And I’m currently working on a Toy Story 4 IRL! And my dream is to become a director and producer! 🎬🔥🎥

    NWW ProductionsNWW Productions6 tháng trước
  • Yeah Jimmy ....I believe you Toy Story 4 is one of the best

    Geeta DhumaneGeeta Dhumane8 tháng trước
  • RIP Isaac Kappy, you were a good dude, caught in a bad dudes web* he will pay for all of his bad deeds* Lizbeth* into the light, out of the darkness*Lizbeth

    G LoveG Love8 tháng trước
    • Oh... I am so happy that earth got rid of a paid pet dog who just knew how to sniff weeds and to serve their master headlessly...

      Arnab ChakrabortyArnab Chakraborty3 tháng trước
  • Oh god😕💔

    Meshal AhmadMeshal Ahmad8 tháng trước
  • Only Tom Hanks, as a guest in a talk show, interviews the host. 😂😂 love em.

    APTos45APTos458 tháng trước
  • Anyone notice Tom's hands shaking?

    theedrstrangelovetheedrstrangelove8 tháng trước
  • I loved all of the Toy Story films and Tom Hanks is my all time favorite actor!!

    Zach CloutierZach Cloutier9 tháng trước
  • I love all the toy story movies, but for some reason I just didn't think toy story 4 was a good ending compared to toy story 3.

    JujuJuju9 tháng trước
  • The guy must have a lot a nerve to rob the most lovely person in the world.

    João VictorJoão Victor10 tháng trước
  • Hope he stays in Australia

    The MassThe Mass11 tháng trước
  • 10:19 Jimmy Kimmel Marriage To You

    Brandon GuidryBrandon GuidryNăm trước
  • In ts4 they literally give woody the toms lips imitation like he would do while acting.... this movie is a revolutionary success in terms of art n animation

    Aman DeepAman DeepNăm trước
  • 🔥🔥 you’ve inspired me so much in an hour! 0:54 💟🎥💘 👇👇👇👇👇💟

    Toby JordanToby JordanNăm trước
  • Tom hanks , keanu reeves if you hate one of these guys , you have a real mental issues

    Hassan VHassan VNăm trước
  • I love you Professor Robert Langdon😍❤️

    Minho LetadaMinho LetadaNăm trước
  • no one: me at 3am: searching all toy story cast in yt just to hear their voice and imagine it's toy story 5

    Sandra DizonSandra DizonNăm trước
  • Lol he’s dying to Coronavirus

    dylandylanNăm trước
  • hope he and his wife get well soon.

    wont lastwont lastNăm trước
  • I like how Tom Hanks crossed his fingers and did the muahaha thing haha. New one!

    Bruce LeeBruce LeeNăm trước
  • Legend

    Paige LupicaPaige LupicaNăm trước
  • Tom Hanks is such a great conversationalist and storyteller.

    Joakim ÄngehultJoakim ÄngehultNăm trước
  • the content of this short converse, blown away. Tom really nailed it, what a character the stage world has taught him. classy that content

    Amir OmarAmir OmarNăm trước
  • plz don't end toy story like this i really was crying my eyes off can you guy's end toy story 5 or 6 with the gang an bo peep and bunny and ducky and foky and dooke and woody be together again and also keep the sheeps with them to :(

    Brandon SmithBrandon SmithNăm trước
  • And from that day on......... I WAS RUNNING!

    Pug7345 ///Pug7345 ///Năm trước
  • Bruh why am I now just finding out that he’s from Oakland

    Lily ReedLily ReedNăm trước
  • Son interviewing his father

    georgi aladzhovgeorgi aladzhovNăm trước
  • I had no idea Tom Hanks was from Oakland

    Randall HahnRandall HahnNăm trước
  • Tom is loud as God. Oh that's right, he is one ♥️🤠

    Halo PinesHalo PinesNăm trước
  • RIP Don Rickles

    Pandas are coolPandas are coolNăm trước
  • Tom Hanks proves you don't have to be good looking to be a movie star - he is so charming that his personality shines through every role.

    daydreamangel_xldaydreamangel_xlNăm trước
  • Did Tom Hanks visit the Mardan Palace in Turkey? Who were the children? Did Isaac Kappy know about the ritual? What's up with all the masonic symbols on Hank's instagram? Did Seth Green visit Epstein island and paid a visit to the temple of Moloch?

    mrVissmrVissNăm trước
  • 5:20 Wow. Disney really pushing hard on the feminism.

    Jon CJon CNăm trước
  • Tom Hanks literally changed the movie industry forever

    Dinosaur terror worldDinosaur terror worldNăm trước

    #shorryelpayasoloco#shorryelpayasolocoNăm trước
  • 8:47 he sounds just like woody when he said that oh my...

    IphonedylanIphonedylanNăm trước
  • Hey Tom. I'm still waiting for those scapeships to land with the dinosaurs on them u said that about the last presidential election.. Just proves how out of touch u are with real people.

    Jimmy MurrayJimmy MurrayNăm trước
  • His hands all shaky.

    28cosmos28cosmosNăm trước
  • Life is like a box of chocolates

    TeeheeTeeheeNăm trước
  • Tom Hanks stopped aging after 2010

    JakeArinoJakeArinoNăm trước
  • Hey Tom. Still waiting for those space ship flying dinosaurs, wearing their red capes. Where are they buddy?

    Wireguided95Wireguided95Năm trước
  • His name is tom hanks people call him tom hanks.

    DingusDingusNăm trước
  • God I love Tom Hanks

    TheBlogger 7TheBlogger 7Năm trước

    elias portillo 2elias portillo 2Năm trước
  • Tom hanks can smile?

    FauraxFauraxNăm trước
  • I was today years old when I realized that he was the voice behind Woody from Toy Story

    The Trip ReporterThe Trip ReporterNăm trước
  • Es increible como los grandes no han cambiado.

    Roberto RosalesRoberto RosalesNăm trước
  • Did anyone else get David Pumpkin's flashbacks from Tom at the end there?

    Jessie WessieJessie WessieNăm trước
  • Best movie!

    Mr Phoenix 1000.Mr Phoenix 1000.Năm trước

    McIsaiahMcIsaiahNăm trước
  • Keanu + Tom = MEGA AMAZEMENT

    wtfdaniellaaawtfdaniellaaaNăm trước
  • Does tom have tremors??

    Jerry SmithJerry SmithNăm trước
  • 3:14 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 action Jackson

    kcnumba onehbkcnumba onehbNăm trước
  • OMG he didn't let Jimmy to talk at all XD

    Melissa Esquivel RodríguezMelissa Esquivel RodríguezNăm trước
  • OMG -- the Bo Peep part was hilarious!

    Spencer StraubSpencer StraubNăm trước
    • yeah and woody is right she was never a weak character

      Nicholas BloomNicholas BloomNăm trước
  • ugh i love him

    adrenaadrenaNăm trước
  • Tom just owns the room with his presence. Also, Tim Allen is an insanely underrated actor, and I'm not just saying that just because I'm from Michigan lol.

    MorganMorganNăm trước
  • Hye my name is forest forest gump.

    luqman nur iman mohamad mahayaldinluqman nur iman mohamad mahayaldinNăm trước
  • Literally the only actor who could call Disney out and share their corporate procedure, and not give a damn and will still have a job after.

    KalydeXKalydeXNăm trước

    Andrew FloodAndrew FloodNăm trước
  • I have liked Tom Hanks since Turner and Hooch!!!

    Elizabeth NovotnyElizabeth NovotnyNăm trước
  • Tom hanks really reminds me of that gaten guy from stranger things

    YvDYvDNăm trước
  • I really Hate American Talk Show..... I said this before i felt like "Job Interview"

    Jimbo ObrenseJimbo ObrenseNăm trước
  • I love him so muchhhh but I can’t stop watching his hands shakes I’m honestly scared 😔💔 my heart will break if anything happens to him 🙏 May god watch over him ♥️🙏

    Jacqueline SamlmaJacqueline SamlmaNăm trước
    • He has COVID-19 :(

      addy maeaddy maeNăm trước
    • Jacqueline Samlma Yes I noticed that too and wondered. I’m sure he’ll tell us when he (and his advisors) believe it will be used wisely. He knows he is a treasured & adored actor. It seems he “gives back the love ❤️ “ whenever possible. He doesn’t take it for granted.

      JudyJudyNăm trước
  • Hey Tom, how's your best friend Harvey Weinstien doing?

    Pandas are coolPandas are coolNăm trước
  • Let's see if Tom's name comes up in the Epstein trial.

    FluxlinerFluxlinerNăm trước
  • Why are his hands constantly shaking lol

    Class5379Class5379Năm trước
  • If Tom Hanks were my grandpa I will never expect nothing from him

    Doc LDoc LNăm trước
  • I find American comedy not funny they just take swipes at each other and it looks real and like a bitchy face to face row, british tongue in cheek poking fun is a lot better.

    The 90’s fatty from Take thatThe 90’s fatty from Take thatNăm trước
  • Close your eyes and it’s an interview with Woody

    Gary Goldstein attorney in lawGary Goldstein attorney in lawNăm trước
  • I love Tom Hanks he is amazing. Not too thrilled about the ending to TS4 though

    Jack DaviesJack DaviesNăm trước
  • Anyone else think they sound the same

    Avenged NightmareAvenged NightmareNăm trước
  • watch with eyes closed for a better quality

    Putri P.Putri P.Năm trước
  • movies ranked: 1 3 2 and 4 tied

    logan swartzlogan swartzNăm trước
  • If you don't like tom hanks... I likely would not like you! lol

    Curtis JCurtis JNăm trước
  • 🖲👍🖱☝️👬⚱😇👻

    Jacob BrownJacob BrownNăm trước
  • Seeing him makes me happy :) He is both my childhood and teenage years.

    Miss AustenMiss AustenNăm trước
  • everytime tom hanks speak its like woody is voice over-ing him lol

    Ok :3Ok :3Năm trước
  • Jimmy's like yeah i don't want to talk about the academy ether, basketballlllllll topic change

    Let TiceLet TiceNăm trước
  • it feels like Woody is alive

    Asis DianalanAsis DianalanNăm trước
  • Love Tom Hanks ☺️

    spottydalmation12spottydalmation12Năm trước
  • Tom has since changed the last time i saw him and the last time i saw was when i watched forrest gump yup im late

    Julius CeaserJulius CeaserNăm trước
  • Disney:please don’t spill the beans Tom:hold my beer Also love Tom for just being real with it just respect for the man

    mtmtNăm trước
  • but that guy yelled at me :(((

    SainTSainTNăm trước
  • I love that he’s from my hometown. ❤️❤️

    Nancy HeinenNancy HeinenNăm trước
  • Why are his hands shaking?

    PrudencePrudenceNăm trước
  • Woody's live interview...

    InDjee MoInDjee MoNăm trước
  • Soo weird seeing Tom Hanks look this old

    carlvreyescarlvreyesNăm trước
  • "T-T-Tooooyyyyy- Trash!"

    Luke TonyLuke TonyNăm trước
  • I wish he did a Forest Gump Sequel! I love the original and think it would be cool!

    TTNăm trước
  • Toms acknowledgement of the conspiracy theorists at the end xD

    Boogie ManBoogie ManNăm trước