29 Th11, 2020
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  • dude like 40% of ur kills were free

    Kenneth LiKenneth Li3 ngày trước
  • The aug would be a much more common gun if it had better magazine options. It feels great with the 30 rnd mag, but 30 rnds isn't enough and the 60 rnd drum makes it feel like a slow turd. Even without going 5.56, the regular ammo feels pretty good, but you only get 25/32 rnds..

    TrevTrev3 ngày trước
  • Song tim was thinking of is called “replay” btw.

    GoodLookinGhostGoodLookinGhost4 ngày trước
  • Subscribe to the channel you will learn how to play if you don’t know 🤟

    Sjusteye ChannelSjusteye Channel4 ngày trước
  • Pog ... I guess ... sadge

    ARYAN 197ARYAN 1975 ngày trước
  • Dabbbb 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️

    P dunkinP dunkin7 ngày trước
  • I was here this day irl, love to see it

    DjnemosonDjnemoson8 ngày trước
  • Aug as a barrel.. see where the mag is?

    Spoderman DragonloreSpoderman Dragonlore9 ngày trước
  • meanwhile docs stream snipers are tryna kill him all the time 😂

    marquemarque11 ngày trước
  • Warzone is easily the best battle royale ever made. Better than pubg and all those games. Pubg was the best until this game released

    Chris BraxtonChris Braxton11 ngày trước
  • Tim Im sorry but I disliked and it was because of my ocd😔I saw 21k and dislikes were 199 but I just had to make it 200😂

    Antonio SankaranAntonio Sankaran14 ngày trước
  • RIP kevin🤣🤣🤣

    Lokey .lildripLokey .lildrip15 ngày trước
  • When Tim is in the big building then he snipes and nokes one and the goes fing. Camping even tho he was camping that building like 20 min

    mike liseriomike liserio16 ngày trước
  • Tim’s face when he high fives himself is awesome

    Trey ElliottTrey Elliott17 ngày trước
  • I haven't even watch big Tim in a min

    Vibee vibeVibee vibe17 ngày trước
  • Justice for Kevin

    Kagyu_LR _Kagyu_LR _25 ngày trước
  • I Think this video is more about the car then the aug

    NahNah25 ngày trước
  • The aug is the most versatile gun you can have, it's an SMG, ar, and lmg all in one

    Gavin RobertsGavin Roberts25 ngày trước
  • Love asmon getting some respect

    fereredornfereredorn28 ngày trước
  • The woebegone john coherently examine because inch enthrallingly file about a far-flung heron. nauseating, wretched activity

    Megan StewartMegan Stewart29 ngày trước

    l ll l29 ngày trước
  • Everyone chilling cloaxy have you guys watched the queens gambit

    kyzer littrellkyzer littrell29 ngày trước
  • Tim you should make a friendly army and go fight Among each others side😂😂 and then with the final circle you let en run info the gas

    F&L GamesF&L GamesTháng trước
  • How are you so good

    Josh DavisJosh DavisTháng trước
  • "Timmmmyyyyyy"😂😂😂 9:42

    Tryhard JoseTryhard JoseTháng trước
  • "Those were acrually nice shots by me... high five tim...👏🏽"

    Jonas StephanJonas StephanTháng trước
  • I never actually like watching your videos but now I enjoy them lol ☺️ 🤟🏼

    isaac Jimenezisaac JimenezTháng trước
  • I subscribed and hit the bell now......GIVE ME A SHOUTOUT

    Nelson 121Nelson 121Tháng trước
  • Tim the fatty is not that bad

    AJ_Money112AJ_Money112Tháng trước
  • Is this how far Tim has fallen from grace?

    RedRP StudiosRedRP StudiosTháng trước
    • Love you btw Tim you were the only tolerable person to watch during the fortnight era

      RedRP StudiosRedRP StudiosTháng trước
  • I like the videos but most the guns trash

  • roofcamper

    Samuel JoqueSamuel JoqueTháng trước
  • Courage is an annoying little worm. Love Tim nick and cloakzy

    Millen87Millen87Tháng trước
  • Tim you got mad at Jordy for having ninja stuff but you use it use ur own merch dude

    musicaly boymusicaly boyTháng trước
  • don't let this distract you from the fact that McDonald's raised its price on their McChicken sandwich by $0.39 cents

    Le. AnimeguyLe. AnimeguyTháng trước
  • I love your Warzone Videos I love you tim you are the BEST MUCH LOVE BROTHER.

    Sheldon C907Sheldon C907Tháng trước
  • How do you get the friendlies

    Alex GallowayAlex GallowayTháng trước
  • Go tell MarkkClark your better than him

    DexaLot _DexaLot _Tháng trước
  • Please stop the intros. We know how to read a title. You don’t need to explain the video for 3 minutes cause everyone just skips it

    Matt LazarMatt LazarTháng trước
  • Cloakz is the biggest man child why he tryna talk shit😹😹

    David HDavid HTháng trước
  • That was sus When he was at superstore for the first time

    Ryder CrosbyRyder CrosbyTháng trước
  • Hit Kevin ONE MoRE FLipPIN timE TIM

    CoryCoryTháng trước
  • Think it’s so crazy that “You’re fat” really beats the toxic screening at the end 😂☠️

  • No one: Guy who got taggerated from the sky: TIMMYYYY

    El Raz perkoEl Raz perkoTháng trước
  • CouRageJD is a man of culture!

    Ushan EdirisingheUshan EdirisingheTháng trước
  • I agree tell Kevin u love him such a small penguino with a huge heart

    YT CrypticsYT CrypticsTháng trước
  • Use tfues ram 7 class he made a video on it

    Not CrΛckΞdNot CrΛckΞdTháng trước
  • I love when Tim says “me”

    SalamanderSalamanderTháng trước
  • pAug

    Loo LooLoo LooTháng trước
  • Tim: if your not subscribed SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL 😡😡😡. Me: 😖😖 Ok I WiLl 😖😖😖

    Golden Gamer248Golden Gamer248Tháng trước
  • Queens gambit is a rlly good show

    Matthew LaDueMatthew LaDueTháng trước
  • Every video Tim makes I just wait for him to do something to Kevin like yeeting him for example 😂😂

    Task Force 141Task Force 141Tháng trước
  • Clocky has to be one of the Whitest white boys out there. Just called a Sean Kingston lyric “Soulja Boy”🤦‍♂️

    Wilfredo EliasWilfredo EliasTháng trước
  • Tim was frying tho 😳

    Ay Yo NubsAy Yo NubsTháng trước
  • What level do you unlock the sniper scope on the SP-R 208 because idk

    Jacob FreemanJacob FreemanTháng trước
  • Not kevin nooooooooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭

    Connor NaylorConnor NaylorTháng trước
  • Yo Tim instead of thirty rounds use 60

    Theo BoulukosTheo BoulukosTháng trước
  • Offensive

    Claire EyresClaire EyresTháng trước
  • Jordy tries too hard and tik tok sucks

    Nor Easter GamingNor Easter GamingTháng trước
  • Hashtag #SaveKevin

    shaadowulfshaadowulfTháng trước
  • The delirious lamb directly long because mailman immediately cheat within a tight hate. rambunctious, wrong galley

    XXX SaiyanXXX SaiyanTháng trước
  • When Tim high fived himself 🤣🤣🤣

    Kyle ZikoKyle ZikoTháng trước
  • I dont know what it is but about a quarter of the warzone vids I watch have somewhat messed up audio and video sync..Its kinda upsetting but it is what it is. Doesn't ruin it

    Austin RedmondAustin RedmondTháng trước
  • Chat did i slam my mouse or something? I had to of. I fucking lost it lmao. Got to be why you're hitting all your shots.

    Dillon MrakDillon MrakTháng trước
  • Brooo stop beating up Kevin, before he calls in back up and they all beat you up! 🤣🤣

    Ryan GodarRyan GodarTháng trước
  • This wasn't an aug video it's a kar 98 video

    Caleb AdkinsCaleb AdkinsTháng trước
  • Boosted kills kind of sad

    UhWarrior1993UhWarrior1993Tháng trước
  • Why is there a dint in your head?

    Chance FowlerChance FowlerTháng trước
  • Never use the 30 round mag on the aug, use the 32 since it does literally the same damage and the 30 round has way more recoil

    MynameisjeffMynameisjeffTháng trước
    • They certainly do NOT do the same damage

      Fresh SandwichFresh SandwichNgày trước
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    Megan StewartMegan StewartTháng trước
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    Megan StewartMegan StewartTháng trước
  • Goooooood afternooooon tim

    J gamingJ gamingTháng trước
  • Tim you play so much better and you control your game better when Nick's not with you js you made some awesome shots in this video 👌

    MTCMTCTháng trước
    • Its because he is trying to kill them before Nick does lmao He's gotta spaz out or Nick will doof doof em 🤣 😂 💀

      Dillon MrakDillon MrakTháng trước
  • Bro hit kevin unnecessarily again and we scraping brotha.

    LdaAdyLdaAdyTháng trước
  • Whoever thinks Tim isn't elite is wrong.

    Thomas HorethThomas HorethTháng trước
  • It feels like Kevin gets bullied way more since lockdown has hit 🤣🤦‍♂️ love the videos 😆

    Heathan WilliamsHeathan WilliamsTháng trước
  • SUGGESTION: AMONG US WARZONE: You and one other are imposters. Go to the area with the most VISUAL contracts (RECONS, MOST WANTEDS) (quarry/prison would be fun). Imposters can have shotguns and knives. Crewmates must drop all weapons and can't kill. Crewmates win by finishing all visual tasks (RECONS, MOST WANTEDS) in the area and must complete if more spawn in. IE: for recons you must see the light start and end, Most Wanted must see the crown come and go. If they are killed before completion, ping the nearest failed contract for the crewmates to complete. If you kill everyone in the area and no one grabs a contract you win. No Vehicles.

    Justin CJustin CTháng trước
  • Love you Tim! Your so funny! 😂

    Joe FaithfullJoe FaithfullTháng trước
  • 1:02 YOU KILLED KEVIN!!!

    skas Gamingskas GamingTháng trước

    Raul Nunez MiserendinoRaul Nunez MiserendinoTháng trước
  • Whats that kar class?

    levi deathlevi deathTháng trước
  • Low-key, Tim has been getting way better at this game the past couple of months.

    Stephen EricksonStephen EricksonTháng trước
  • paug

    Jack TonerJack TonerTháng trước
  • The c4s range

    theonlyone is metheonlyone is meTháng trước
  • I use this classs setup I did not now he use it as well

    Taare MeredithTaare MeredithTháng trước
  • Put his intro in 2x speed its wild🤪

    James BlessingsJames BlessingsTháng trước
  • When he yelled at me I subbed but he’s so mean

    J HerreraJ HerreraTháng trước
  • Bro stick to warzone!! F fortnite.

    Eddie MoneyEddie MoneyTháng trước
  • What did he say soldier boy its shawn Kingston

  • Tim ends up with 17 kills yeah great..... but 10 of them are friendlies bringing money and vehicles. This is unwatchable at this point.

    Taylor FelinskiTaylor FelinskiTháng trước
  • try the GRAU w/ 26 Inch barrel , monolithic suppressor, 50 round mag, commando fore grip and fmj or the KILO ,19inch barrel ,monolithic suppressor, 60 round mag commando fore grip and fmj I literally melt people online and everyday someone calls me a cheater because it takes 3-4 less shots to kill someone

    julian vasquezjulian vasquezTháng trước
  • yo been watching and SUBSCRIBED to your streams for a few months wanna beef up those classes throw on FMJ people think It doesn't help but I know it does some AR's are 3 shot head shots with fmj on. for instance the AUG with an extended heavy barrel 30 round 5.56 mags merc foregrip tac laser and fmj is a straight laser beam mid-close range

    julian vasquezjulian vasquezTháng trước
  • 2:00 symfunny this u?

    bluelogsbluelogsTháng trước
  • I have people like that bro you kill them and out smart them and check their damn IQ and they call you dog shit and they say your hacking but we all know you ain’t so I fukking laughed so hard bro I was like lol 😂 almost crying and my kids look at me like wtf is up with this crazy father of ours by the way I have three girls and not including the wife love your vids Tim

    Pedro Macias IIIPedro Macias IIITháng trước
  • 1:02 GTA 6 with RTX on.

    cflamespittercflamespitterTháng trước
  • bro the snipesssss youuuuu hitttt are insane

    Gabriel CeballoGabriel CeballoTháng trước
  • Used the aug bout 2% of the game😂

    Colton BattsColton BattsTháng trước
  • Why the fuck aren’t we talking about he came with $50k ???

    Ryan FordRyan FordTháng trước
  • Finally tim uses " the kar 98 " again ❤

    Jack GilliamJack GilliamTháng trước
  • iyaz replay is the song

    Justin BatesJustin BatesTháng trước