ULTIMATE RGB PC Build Guide 2021

12 Th04, 2021
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We're at it again, this time using no internal proprietary Corsair parts and relying entirely on ARGB headers for the update to our 2017 RGB Build Guide
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


    gilberto cuevasgilberto cuevas2 giờ trước
  • Damn.. It would be a dream to win something like this haha!

    WandelwagenWandelwagen6 giờ trước
  • We need more Anthony he's so good at hosting the video, he's really smart, happy and makes you think that by watching he's videos you are like in one of your favorite teachers class

    Nicolas EscobarNicolas Escobar12 giờ trước
  • No offense to Linus but Anthony is why better at explaining thing than you.

    Danny B.T.GDanny B.T.GNgày trước
  • Give Anthony a raise

    Team BabidiTeam Babidi2 ngày trước
  • And still, after all this time, the Verge would be proud of your hedty table advice.

    Lliam ThrumbleLliam Thrumble2 ngày trước
  • This man needs a raise, ty Anthony

    Magnus Berg BakkaMagnus Berg Bakka2 ngày trước
  • Alternative title: how people do their work when the drink alcohol

    Tharun 7thA2Tharun 7thA22 ngày trước
  • Ok I get it.... Verge pc build reference

    foxrootkingfoxrootking3 ngày trước
  • I never post on youtube but I feel like Anthony is just THE MAN. I'd trust this guy with my will.

    Wesley WadeWesley Wade3 ngày trước
  • 3:13 Personally i like corsairs vengeanc rgb pro more

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor Palpatine3 ngày trước
  • Yow u guys have any extra fans I only have 3 and it's for the front mesh

    HiDaiKaguneHiDaiKagune3 ngày trước
  • I Love RGB

    Mohammad Javad ShirzadeMohammad Javad Shirzade3 ngày trước
  • Can I use nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 as the GPU?

    Renno RüütliRenno Rüütli4 ngày trước
  • Cpu is not rgb man F this build not jp LTT gang wya

    VehqnVehqn4 ngày trước
  • Hi guys do you know how to remove the metal thing in the MSI MS-6681 that covers half the unit? I cant seem to find a way on how to remove it and I cant access the other parts of the motherboard, I searched online but I find nothing because this model is so old.

    gatoorsgatoors4 ngày trước

    Reu YullerReu Yuller5 ngày trước
  • *Uses intel cpu who’s amd graphix* Something is wrong here

    bradythegamerbradythegamer5 ngày trước
  • People who hit dislike are just mad they came here to see Linus drop stuff and got nothing. Great work Anthony.

    David BenoitDavid Benoit5 ngày trước
  • Those MSI AIO's have the pump inside the radiator. Mine died within a week of being top mounted. Love my new Noctua heatsink.

    Michael FuenteMichael Fuente5 ngày trước
  • 3:11 Hyperx fury rgb

    RYZEN 11RYZEN 115 ngày trước
  • Unblur the man's face right now at 10:20

    KelidaScoperKelidaScoper5 ngày trước
  • Can't stand rgb my new builds only light is the motherboard led.

    NecropantsNecropants5 ngày trước
  • Corsair dominator platinum rgb ram

    albert tomyalbert tomy5 ngày trước
  • 1:28 at 0.25 speed...watch the jelly fly !....

    psycronizerpsycronizer6 ngày trước
  • I never understood how stupid stuff could be beautiful to people.... Now I understand

    ZiphonZiphon6 ngày trước
  • I want to be like Anthony when I grow up albeit a tad bit more done with everyone's shit. I may be turning 30 soon, but I think it's important to have heroes no matter how old you are. Edit: I want UV style RGB stuff so I can look at myself in shame after using a VR headset for its intended purposes.

    AmericaAmerica7 ngày trước
  • RGB Mine

    Josh GibsonJosh Gibson7 ngày trước
  • Is it worth it? Yes. But we won't judge if you can't afford it. Much.

    Michael _CMichael _C7 ngày trước
  • Anthony is a God

    Dielann nDielann n7 ngày trước
  • Anthony is like that _cool uncle_ who you only see at family gatherings but you hope you see him more

    Haneesh kennyHaneesh kenny7 ngày trước
    • Totally agree. He’s the kind of guy that has a lot of interesting things to say at the table but then leaves and only comes back on rare occasions (video’s)

      Alexandre DellisAlexandre Dellis3 ngày trước
    • don't know what kind of endomorph freakshow family you must have to say that, and I hope I never find out...

      psycronizerpsycronizer6 ngày trước
  • In my mind, the corsair dominator platinum RGB ram looks a lot better than the Trident Z RGB

    MXX MAN MXXMXX MAN MXX8 ngày trước
  • they do nothing but they look so good!

    BOY SAWAGABOY SAWAGA8 ngày trước
  • I'm surprised at time of filming they found a relevant graphics card...

    cloudnhjcloudnhj8 ngày trước
  • The dominator platinums 👌🏻

    Lakshya KambojLakshya Kamboj8 ngày trước
  • Anthony - The only bearable guy at LTT

    CameronCameron8 ngày trước
  • for ram i probably would have gone with corsair vengeance

    Hydrox FortniteHydrox Fortnite9 ngày trước
  • Anthony: *holds up motherboard* Me: Hey, I just bought that motherboard! Anthony: While you're building your PC, you can think about the fact you could've gotten the same performance from a mid-range model Me: 😑

    Walter AustinWalter Austin9 ngày trước
  • Really like the intelligent dry wit that Anthony expresses. Never patronising and always knowledgable. His voice has to be the most readable and easy on the ear bar none. Brilliant.

    Andrew BakerAndrew Baker9 ngày trước
  • Dam I love Anthony

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  • Bro please shave your head.

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  • This guy is awesome 😎

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  • My next computer s gonna be in a beige case

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  • Is instertion a word? 6:02

    GooseyGoosey10 ngày trước
  • those corsair, the keybaord and the coolermaster bracket prices..insane

    Konrad StollsteinerKonrad Stollsteiner10 ngày trước
  • The future needs Anthony, hopefully his health is ok

    Brandon PolenBrandon Polen11 ngày trước
  • I just wanna be as excited about anything as Riley is to be in these promo spots. Such joy.

    Isaiah HubertIsaiah Hubert11 ngày trước
  • Congrats.. you have spent a shit ton of money, on having a few leds light up.. I will never understand this rgb light stuff.. You are looking at your screen most the time

    MastadoxMastadox12 ngày trước
  • Me: single blue LED exhaust fan

    TheJooomesTheJooomes13 ngày trước
  • 18:20 had me dying omg

    Lord SkribbaLord Skribba13 ngày trước
  • Why hasn't Hollywood discovered this man yet? John Candy's dead for a while now...

    WeslenneWeslenne13 ngày trước
  • Enjoyed this video. Anthony is funny and provided useful tips on PC building.

    Shlomi VakninShlomi Vaknin13 ngày trước
  • Bacon

    Wonderful MysticWonderful Mystic14 ngày trước
  • more anthony please

    TheGoldenlegend1TheGoldenlegend114 ngày trước
  • I could listen to this guy read a book, great voice

    Lord SkribbaLord Skribba14 ngày trước
  • This video is great! I have build many systems before, but its been a while. This guide just puts my mind at rest. Super amped to build. Was able to get a Ryzen 9 5900X & RTX 3090. Also got G-Skill Trident Z Royal memory, good god these things look amazing. Only waiting for case fans, so build should be done in about a week, hype! Great video Anthony!

    InvisibleManInvisibleMan14 ngày trước
  • Isnt the ultimate Rgb build It needed the rgb hardline tubing and connectors like jake used a few years ago

    Ruben MeiringRuben Meiring14 ngày trước
  • We need more Anthony. Seriously.

    Kenny LewKenny Lew14 ngày trước
  • What's the arctic fan he uses in the rear?

    Riley NorthupRiley Northup15 ngày trước
  • When i picture a discord mod the first thing that comes to my mind is NOT anthony because anthony is a cool guy

    مركة فاصوليامركة فاصوليا15 ngày trước
  • I'm a simple man, i see a video with Anthony, i click faster than normal

    PoL AspectPoL Aspect15 ngày trước
    • does that include the naked ones ?

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  • Anthony's Tech Tips. Hmmm...not bad huh?

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  • I love Anthony!!!

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  • can i put a rtx 3080 on it?

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  • I love your voice, and the way you talk.. You're the Morgan freeman of computers.

    David LilloDavid Lillo16 ngày trước
  • When I eventually get round to building ( being able to afford ) a PC. I'm gonna to spam watch Anthony's videos for guidance. So knowledgeable

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  • Do all the cables come with the power supply unit

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  • I'm good with my G without the RB

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  • I like how you have so much extra stuff I have a Radeon r7 250, i5 2100 8gb ddr3 ram and one fan PLZ HELP ME!!!

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  • But the verge said to do it differently...

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  • I love this fucking guy

    YeeTes FeeTesYeeTes FeeTes19 ngày trước
  • tbh, the 10850k is an incredible value 10 cores 20 threads, overclockable incredible single core performance (ik there better but its 340€ FOR 10 CORES!!)

    Ben SchönhardtBen Schönhardt19 ngày trước
  • Anthony, please show us the rgb shoes, those are a must have in a rgb build guide

    Ben SchönhardtBen Schönhardt19 ngày trước
  • this is grate

    Malith BathiyaMalith Bathiya19 ngày trước
  • I appreciate them pitting the prices for the extra rgb stuff. But why don't you guys also tell us the price of the system? The system looks cool and I want it. How much I got to spend for thag?

    Daniyaal KhanDaniyaal Khan19 ngày trước
  • Ah yess another 20k PC I can’t afford

    Noah EastonNoah Easton19 ngày trước
  • The guy in the thumb nail looks like the creature from the goonies

    Daniel TorresDaniel Torres19 ngày trước
  • "We got the absolute most expensive RGB components we could find so that we could tell you that it isn't worth it" Well duh, but most people only spend like $30 on their gaming computers RGB and it looks fine.

    Chris LChris L20 ngày trước
  • After all this time (? "Always") I still don't really like RGB, not in the most common ways you see it. I mean, most of the time it's rainbow unicorn puke through every component and peripheral, and in some cases people just pick a particular accent color. The only way I would use RGB is through a functional approach. Waterblock color on the cpu changing to express how hot it runs. Having keys on my keyboard light up a certain way to indicate an action or whatever (blinking key when a cooldown has finished or something, does this exist yet?), or the Ambilight approach and having your case (or these ridiculous RGB towers from the video) light up in correspondence to the monitor content.

    Sander van Woerkom-AngenentSander van Woerkom-Angenent20 ngày trước
  • 12:26 I'm afraid you folks have given Anthony too much love. He is now an LTT divo that demands wardrobe changes halfway through.

    Sander van Woerkom-AngenentSander van Woerkom-Angenent20 ngày trước
  • Always great to see Anthony.

    I ExistI Exist20 ngày trước
  • that guy is so shmacked saaaaame

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez20 ngày trước
  • I have been watching a lot of pc videos because I am trying to buy a non gaming pc and get the most bang for my buck. But it seems like everything is gaming only. Should I get prebuilt? Refurbished? Any advice would be appreciated. Where do I go (Vegas)? Looking for 16 ram 1 tb hdd and maybe 256 ssd for os . Just basic gpu and cpu around an i5 or i7 equivalent. Windows 10 pro or equivalent. Any advice? What’s the best to buy with these specs. Who can I trust to build for me? Also wouldn’t mind something different in the case with maybe a little RGB I’m trying to stay under $1000. Just trying to stay away from the standard Dell type case look.

    K MK M20 ngày trước
  • Thank you sir Anthony!!

    Vincent SullivanVincent Sullivan20 ngày trước
  • I have r5 5600x and MSI gaming X Trio 6800xt. I'm taking advantage of that SAM speed

    M PM P21 ngày trước
  • No one gonna mention the double shirt change? 🙂 great build!

    Aidan SwenorAidan Swenor21 ngày trước
  • I never really understood the whole ASMR thing until the april fools video suggesting an Anthony ASMR build video. Now I understand.

    jonathan schoenherrjonathan schoenherr21 ngày trước
    • His "No Dollar Wasted Build" video is pretty cozy.

      Rhys M.Rhys M.Ngày trước
  • This must be the best pc building guide I've seen so far on YT. Easy to follow with clear explanations and as cherry on top overkill RGB.

    JustinJustin21 ngày trước
  • Hyper X Predator ram has awesome rgb!

    Chris AshleyChris Ashley21 ngày trước
  • RGB make pc go BRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    Munoz FamilyMunoz Family21 ngày trước
  • you rock sir

    Gerson TeoGerson Teo21 ngày trước
  • Anthony is calm Anthony is peaceful Anthony has somehow gotten his hands on an Rx 6800xt be like Anthony

    monketherealmonkethereal22 ngày trước
  • ohh crap im one of those guys....

    jason wilburjason wilbur22 ngày trước
    • Appreciate your Comment, for further gudiance,. W h a s a p (+.1_-.2._-2_.-6_-.7_.-7_.-7_-.9_.-9._-9._-6)

      Blaze TVBlaze TV22 ngày trước
  • Follows guide Realise I can’t follow guide because I can’t find gpu Closes chrome with sadness

    Yuki YukaYuki Yuka22 ngày trước
    • Appreciate your Comment, for further gudiance,. W h a s a p (+.1_-.2._-2_.-6_-.7_.-7_.-7_-.9_.-9._-9._-6)

      Blaze TVBlaze TV22 ngày trước