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A brief history and explanation of the realm of the Imperium that is home to the Ultramarines. The 500 worlds of the sub realm of Ultramar.
It is the home of the Primarch Roboute Guillima, the Avenging son
ULTRA MARINES: viworld.info/rock/video/yXt1qnTIu4h7rI0.html
POWER ARMOUR:viworld.info/rock/video/xY1j03WYl3OYqGg.html
POWER WEAPONS: viworld.info/rock/video/yIxlxqKU1XF4pqM.html
SPACE MARINES: viworld.info/rock/video/po5kzaPYy4N7po0.html
PARODY: GUILLI-MAN: viworld.info/rock/video/mpGD0ZzKyp-a3KM.html
DARK ANGELS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/xXBktJ-jmJeG1oE.html
BLOOD ANGELS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/xLCppGXRz3-hnJc.html
WHITE SCARS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/0KamxX7GpnaLqJ8.html

  • ULTRAMAR - THE 500 WORLDS AND HOME OF THE ULTRAMARINES A brief history and explanation of the realm of the Imperium that is home to the Ultramarines. The 500 worlds of the sub realm of Ultramar. It is the home of the Primarch Roboute Guillima, the Avenging son RELATED VIDEOS ULTRA MARINES: viworld.info/rock/video/yXt1qnTIu4h7rI0.html POWER ARMOUR:viworld.info/rock/video/xY1j03WYl3OYqGg.html POWER WEAPONS: viworld.info/rock/video/yIxlxqKU1XF4pqM.html SPACE MARINES: viworld.info/rock/video/po5kzaPYy4N7po0.html PARODY: GUILLI-MAN: viworld.info/rock/video/mpGD0ZzKyp-a3KM.html DARK ANGELS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/xXBktJ-jmJeG1oE.html BLOOD ANGELS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/xLCppGXRz3-hnJc.html WHITE SCARS LORE: viworld.info/rock/video/0KamxX7GpnaLqJ8.html

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    • With every video I have a new favorite primarch, an new favorite billions, and so so many questions

      WraithWraithTháng trước
    • @Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer Ha! I would love to hear Balde read back this response in his epic presentation voice!

      Radiyas 13Radiyas 13Tháng trước
    • @Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer I'd be very interested in that discussion; It's *exactly* the kind of thing that should go into the People's Codex. I've got following hypotheses: * Ultramar doesn't pay the tithe, which explains its riches; 500 planets, ~250 chapters, each chapter has two de facto chapter worlds to supply it, good governance does the rest, Ultramar is bound to flourish. The Badab judgment could be a case of the court simply being misinformed, or saying "You have no charter to the Badab sector being your chapter worlds, therefore you have commandeered the tithe without legal basis, give it back." That it is not the right of the Adeptus Astartes to just claim worlds for itself is either actual Lex Imperialis, or the court judged it not to apply in this case, probably because o political and/or economic (read: war necessity) expedience. * Ultramar does pay the tithe, Ultramar is *just* *that* *good*. * Some Ultramarine logistician with a mind for taxes has gerrymandered Ultramar's worlds into regions that are taxed as Aptus Non, and ones at whatever grade may be appropriate, so that "paid their tithe to the letter of the law" does mean that enough is left over to let Ultramar thrive, while being enough so that it can claim to be a well-contributing member of the Imperium, and *not* be inhumanly well administrated. Or maybe a *bit* inhumanly, I doubt that the Ultramarines and successors dabble directly in civilian administration? Personally, I like the third hypothesis the most, since it's a very grimdark tax minimization scheme. Another way to answer the whole question: Do we know of Imperial Guard regiments from Ultramar?

      garouHHgarouHHTháng trước
    • @garouHH it’s a horrific mess. Oculus is usually right. I’m sticking to lore I’ve read recently, but I’d wager I can discuss it with him. Get a consensus between us.

      Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerBaldermort's Guide to WarhammerTháng trước
    • @Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer Always a pleasure. BTW, is Lexicanum usually a trustworthy source? Also, then it'd be Departmento Munitorum, as that's just one part of the Adeptus Administratum. And as a curiosity, IIRC Oculus Imperia said that Ultramar *did* always pay its tithe to the letter, leaving it untested in court whether planets that are Space Marines take as their fiefdom actually do have to pay their tithe; In the case of the Astral Claws, it was decided that yes, they have to, leading to the Badab War. And *that* in turn leads me to deeper questions of the Imperium's tithe structure... Because that is obviously the most fascinating bit about Warhammer 40,000; Taxes.

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  • I actually like the Ultramarines, but alas, I stand with Nocturne!!!

    Bruce ZhouBruce ZhouNgày trước
  • Baldermorts voice is chilling it like you are there.

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  • Only Lord Baldermort can make the Ultramarines to not look boring.

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  • Ultramar might be the ONLY place in the WH40k that fans actually would want to live in.

    KondorDCSKondorDCS8 ngày trước
  • You made me cry over the Ultramarines. The scars of The Ward Times are deep, but I may be starting to like the Ultramarines thanks to you.

    Forever PCForever PC8 ngày trước
  • Yknow, everybody talks about the number of space marines with even the newest codex mentioning how one million marines is far too low to meet the imperiums needs. Me personally I like too think that, especially thanks too guilliman and his ultramarines, if you took every astartes and spread them amongst all the imperial worlds equally you could easily place an entire company on every world. Now, even considering the countless worlds we lost after the heresy, if you were to do the same you'd be lucky to get half a squad on each.

    Buts the ashtray minerButs the ashtray miner8 ngày trước
  • As much as people meme on the Ultramarines and Guilliman. I actually really like them. Sure,they're the posterboys of 40k but I wouldn't be in this hobby if over a decade ago my friend hadn't named one of his first minis,an Ultramarine Astartes after me. Shortly after,I bought the starter set and a few Death Guard sets and the rest is history!

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  • My GOD!!! What an AMAZING lorist. What a STORYTELLER!! WHAT AN ENTERTAINER. Hats off as ALWAYS Lord Baldermort.

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  • You know, you should record a tutorial on voice emission, because your skills in this field are so formidable, last time I've heard some one could READ CAPITALS was the Narrator in Dawn of War (Wayne June narrating Darkest Dungeon did something else, he conveyed stress)

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  • I want this guy to do my eulogy

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  • The VIworld algorithm must surely be blessed by the emperor's light, to have lead me to this wonderful channel. Subscribed

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  • Make Ultramar Great Again!

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  • Dear Baldermort... Without you, I feel that I truly wouldn't know _where to even begin to_ understand the Warhammer 40k universe... May the Light of The Emperor forever illuminate and warm you....

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  • Sir, your video just converted me from my blasphmus ways. No longer will I strive to collect the zenos eldar, I shall return to the way of light and collect ultramarines. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR

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  • Would Roboute Guilliman ever consider an alliance with the Tau, even/albeit if only temporarily? They seem to care about the well being of all under their domain, similar to Guilliman and how he feels for ultramar and the imperium at large. There seems to be a lot to deal with all by himself. Plus, with his penchant for progress, seems like he could steal some of their tech and use it for the good of the imperium

    Sean RSean R24 ngày trước
    • I think if the Emperor or Roboute met the Tau in the Great Crusade period and they were as they are now there would be two things that could happen - 1. They could see that the Tau not enemies of humanity - and make them a protectorate. 2. They could see how far they have come in a very short period of time and eradicate them. Never will be able to tell. :( But Roboute can;t do it now. The xenophobia of the Imperium is too strong. Primarch or not, if he tried to ally with them he;d foce a mass rebellion. Just mho though.

      Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerBaldermort's Guide to Warhammer24 ngày trước
  • Guilliman is the most human of the primarchs for the simple fact that he unlike is brothers is true-life capable of anything and to be anything both a master of peace and a lord of War, we have seen him through every human emotion. We have seen him fail and succeed, he is truly human.

    WraithWraithTháng trước
  • My favourite chapter and legion! This was such a treat. Highlighting all the reasons I love them. SO MUCH. Thank you Baldermort and everyone involved, stellar job! :)

    Johan AnderssonJohan AnderssonTháng trước
  • So good sir I've got a theory for you that you alluded to during the Golden Age of humanity. I'm not sure if you've said this somewhere else just to be clear. I think it was the birthing of Slaanesh that led to the destruction of humanity after the end of the Men of Iron rebellion. This might be something everyone else knows that I'm not aware of though lol. The God of Excess seeing so many play things (us) instigated a savage displacement of the realms of humanity and coinciding with that, began to awaken through just his sheer energy alone nascent psykers amongst us. We know these two events, the destruction of humanity's shining utopia and the dramatic fall of the Eldar to be fact, the only thing suspect is timing in my mind.

    Leon SandersLeon SandersTháng trước
  • Even though I'm a filthy servant of the grandfather I still respect and sometimes love the triumphs of my loyalist brethren. Ave *gasps* imperator roboute. You are a much kinder and lovable leader compared to the corpse on the golden throne.

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  • Roboute Guilliman. Guilliman the tactician. Guilliman the warrior. History will remember the Primarch of the Ultramarines by many titles. To us of the Blood he will have only one - Guilliman the butcher. With law and edict, Guilliman ripped the heart from the Legions. Even his own sons were not spared his treachery. Where Horus had sought to use a hammer blow, Guilliman used a duellist's blade. In the end, the result was the same. Brother became cousin. Cousin became exile. Guilliman's new chapter, his new beginning, was a sundering to all that had come before. Stripped of honour and tithe, of history and deed, we were all of us undone. Bastards of war and victory, we were Angels no more.

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  • Cool

    bryan verbergbryan verbergTháng trước
  • This was fucking fantastic. I dare say it comes close to rivaling Luetin himself.

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  • I would follow the Lord of Macragge to the depths of the warp and even while the gods whisper horrors into my ear I will shout a challenge; "He offers free healthcare! Can you offer more than that foul beasts!"

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  • This gave me an unknown boost of morale, and it does put a smile on my face.

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    • @Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerThank you, as always. And you tell us every time, try to have fun. Well good sir, your work is fun.

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    • And that is all I a here for. Job done. Have a magnificent week brother. ;)!

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  • I love these videos, perfect to have on while I paint my guardsmen.

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  • Damn, I almost started to cry.

  • Let us pray Rogal returns. I truly believe with him and Roboute they will fix the imperium of man

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  • No, no, no. What is this heresy? This should have had the Chaos Gate game soundtrack as background music. For the entire video. viworld.info/rock/video/2rBplKrGp4aSmmQ.html

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  • Another thoroughly enjoyable monologue from our favourite chrome dome. Yet, as mighty as Ultramar was, several of its worlds were still totally destroyed by the spite and military genius of the Iron Warrior Lord, the silver handed, and bitter enemy of Ventris, Honsou.

    Jack Creagh-FlynnJack Creagh-FlynnTháng trước
    • Yep. Too true. :)

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  • Great narrative mate, Subscribed....

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  • By the Throne, that was a gorgeous video.

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  • Wow! What a great reading voice. Really fits the theme somehow. Its going to be hard for other lore channels to compete... they will need to hire professional voice actors and I love that

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  • Thank you Baldermort, that was wonderful to listen to.

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  • Templin institute already did this but its only but a fraction of a introduction but yours it has heart of the lore and that its why its fun to listen to your vox feeds i while i dont my Gunplas (yep i am a heretic😊)

    Drakem GuardDrakem GuardTháng trước
    • Most topics have been covered by others. I just do the starter stuff. For new players or fans if WARHAMMER40K. Less dense. More easily accessible I thought.

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  • Great vid.

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  • 15:23 angron is the only exception.

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    • Aye. Poor sod. :(

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  • You knocked another one out of the park, Baldermort. Take a bow: You've earned it.

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    • *bows*.

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  • How Byzantine this saga is becoming

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  • Is it weird that if asked what my favorite part of WH40K is, it always seems to match up with the most recent Baldermort’s video I watched? This guy makes me love every part of this bonkers setting.

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  • Thanks for the vid sir.

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  • You tell a great story. Thank you sir.

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  • Baldermort: Greatest Man to ever exist Lorgar: *Press X to doubt*

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  • EPIC prologue to your story oh humble Baldermort I have fallen in love with your channel despite only being here a short time.

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  • Thank you for using Preternatural and not Supernatural

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  • Really good narrator voice! Remembers me that of Darkest Dungeon's.

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  • The urge to start a Ultramarines army rises!

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  • Watching this made me realize that ultramar is just a tax haven and the reason everything is so 'good' is because they don't pay taxes, they have fundamentally ascended from the bureaucratical need to work out output percentages to send halfway across the galaxy. Guilliman wasn't a good administrator, he was a good tax evader.

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  • damn baldy, you really did papa smurf proud man! im not really a huge ultra marines fan, im more space wolves or the MIGHTY FIRST, but i will be damned if this wasnt compelling! as usual great job, you are truly doing the EMPERORs work!

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  • I’m so torn between Ultramarines and Blood Angels for my first Space Marine army. I just can’t decide.

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    • Tough decision. Very. Go home brew. Paint your men how you want and call them successors. Play either then. ;).

      Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerBaldermort's Guide to WarhammerTháng trước
  • I have a pretty big Imperial Army. I mainly field the UM, IG, and Knights. The back story for my IG is that they are made up of men who couldn't quite make the grade to UM. And the UM are mainly made up from the men Knightly houses that aren't in the direct line of succession for their house.

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  • Gosh..... you really tell these stories ever so well!! :) I'm in awe.

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  • 43:50 It's also a large amount of geneseed production in a controlled area.

    ErreulErreulTháng trước
  • The industry and production ability of Robute seems like it is something that should of been in Dorn's domain rather then Robute. Dorn was a master of building and construction and design...... kinda feels like favoritism from GW in so many ways....

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  • Congratulations Baldermort you have done what GW could not, make the Ultramarine interesting :p.

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  • Man this guy is good, probably the best I've heard so far.

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  • You sir, are a light in the darkness of 40K. This narration is awesome.

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  • Awesome Job !!!! Great videO!

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  • “It is believed to be approximately the 41st millenium...” Someone watched Lutein’s 2 hour lecture on the topic lol

    JNJNTháng trước
    • Nah. We are drawing from the same source material. So we’ll often say the same things. I tend not to watch Liston anymore.

      Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerBaldermort's Guide to WarhammerTháng trước
  • HERESY at 1:19

    J MJ MTháng trước
  • Started off hating all the love GW throws at the Ultramarines, and neglecting other chapters. After this though.... Im starting a Ultramarines army....

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  • Thank you for not pronouncing Roboute like "Ro-bootay"!

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  • All roads lead to Ultramar.

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  • why does the logo look like it has a shiny turd in the center

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  • Brother Baldermort. You are truly an asset to our community. Love your stuff. Thank you!!

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  • If anybody can make me like the Smurfs, it's Baldermort.

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  • He should have been Warmaster. I feel bad for the Tau.

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  • Imagine if GW hadn´t overexposed factions as they did the Spejjs dogs and the Smurfs et cetera and mixed it up a bit as to countermand fatigue. That is what I´d have done.

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    • Aye. Me too brother. Me too.

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  • wow Baldi you have improved sound quality A LOT :), or may be my new sony headset is worth the price :)

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    • Its the headset. Glad its as good as you wanted! :) :) :)

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  • TTS Emperor rages

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    • I literally do not know what that means.

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  • I can see no other Primarch than Lion who can be peer to Guilliman and our proud and everlasting 1st can matchup with kings of Ultramar 'cos yet we are The First Legion

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  • "Guilliman lies..."

    Ingwar_Dark_Angels_ChaplainIngwar_Dark_Angels_ChaplainTháng trước
  • The ultramarines to me have always been the best of the space marines for the simple reason that Rome was the best of the ancient earth. If an educated army is better armed, better fed, and better supplied than you, then they only need to avoid a bad hand to win every conflict. Doesn't completely apply to wh40k, but they're the only chapter that's never caught limping lol. They're not my favorite, but they're really doing the heavy lifting, and lifting by the knees

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  • Wife: ok find your Baltimore storie I'm turning the light out. Me: it BALDERMORT !!

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  • Now the Lion just needs to wake up from his nap.

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  • Even with the memes, Ultramarines are pretty dope because of planet/planets that have a chapter monastery and ‘taught’ this

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  • Thank you for this. This gives me hope for the real world. Courage and honor from a ultramarine player.

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  • 🤙🏻🍻🍺👍🏽

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    • 😀😅😚

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  • _Meanwhile on Baal Secundus_ "... Anyone else suddenly feel like an excessively sanctimonious legion needs to suffer even half as much as we have?""

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    • Lol!!

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  • Angron kills his own marines because he got that small dick energy from when he couldn’t conquer the world he was sent to as a baby

    Gandalf The WhiteGandalf The WhiteTháng trước
    • Olorin, really! Who’d have thought you could be so stern. :)

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  • Ultramar is the starting zone. The relatively safe and peaceful area near your factions stronghold. The vanilla experience.

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  • This video was highly glorious, and your narration is on another lever, my good sir. I hope that some day you dedicate a series of videos to Roboute, just like you did with Dorn.

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  • I have wondered in the past, that if we go through every short story, novel, codex, source book, and white dwarf issue, how many of the five hundred worlds of the Realm of Ultramar, are actually left. 40K writers killing off ultramar world's since 1992.

    Mark Mueller-RougierMark Mueller-RougierTháng trước
  • The Ultrasmurfs have a Toilet seat for their chapter emblem, 'nuff said

    JohnnyJohnnyTháng trước
  • I imagine Smurframar as a whole planet of people telling everyone else how they should be doing things their way, I am pretty sure The Black Templars went on their eternal crusade just to get away from all the whiney blueberries.

    JohnnyJohnnyTháng trước
  • Excellent as always

    Sergio CroweSergio CroweTháng trước
  • Honestly I get very eastern roman empire vibes from ultramar like the imperium is dying but ultramar is flourishing I feel like given enough time it could be the new imperium and eventually retake the worlds like the emperor did ages ago

    TheWarpmindTheWarpmindTháng trước
  • I’m new to the fandom, but it seems like the Ultramarines are the only hope in this universe for humanity to be restored.

    drksideofthewaldrksideofthewalTháng trước
  • Glad you brought that up, such an easily overlooked thing is that a ton of the Space Marine chapters owe their lineage to the Ultrmarines. The gene seed tithe from the Ultramarine chapter that is then used to make new chapters is easily one of its greatest contributions. As well as the average worth to the imperium each citizen can be. Educated and industrious or at least far more then the average 40k citizen.

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  • The "special" little blue ones. Goody Two-Shoes gang. Beloved of GW and Black Library. The destroyers of lore & fluff alike!!!!

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    • Oo crying more pleas..is beautiful 😍

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  • Such a beautiful voice! Thank you.

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  • Crying in the club right now on what could’ve been. My favorite chapter always were the ultramarines, because they truly had something great to fight for. Not something that could’ve been, but something that actually exists. Ultramar and it’s people are something truly worth defending proudly.

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  • brief introduction? lol

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  • I would like to speak with the manager please. I need to register a complaint. How do we have a 40-odd minute video that doesn't include the Ultramarine Anthem? 😠 viworld.info/rock/video/zI-VsJvM1YpslYk.html

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  • Fuck, i just love your videos, give me more! The Emperor demands it

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  • Wonder if the emperor will ever admit that he was wrong?? What’s the worst thing that could happen?? Okay , guys you were right I’m wrong. But on the plus side, turns out there are gods.. and I’m one. Who knew ♏️🆙🅿️ET

  • Ultramar, the Imperium as it could have been... the Imperium as it should have been

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  • You, good Sir, make me wish that their were female Primarchs, so we could see Gaius Julius Caesar ( Roboute Guilliman ) meet Cleopatra VII Philopator ( Female Magnus.........Magna I suppose ) and a glorious tragedy would be re-played among the stars.

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  • My boys in Blue. SAWEET NECTA!

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  • Amazing work Brother!

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