WandaVision and the Destruction of Grief | Explained

10 Th03, 2021
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What is grief if not Amanda crying over fictional characters?
Taking a look at Wanda's progression through the season, becoming the villain, what I loved, some complaints, and some theories going forward with those end credits explained.
The MCU finally hit the small screen with WandaVision and it's exactly what I was waiting for from Scarlet Witch
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  • What is 'down bad' if not Amanda simping over a fictional character?

    Amanda the JediAmanda the Jedi2 tháng trước
    • If Agatha is using the necklace to control Fietro, then where did his powers come from? you cannot do two things with one spell." right?

      carlos rivascarlos rivasTháng trước
    • I'm a lesbian simping for AmandatheJedi.

      American EgalitarianAmerican EgalitarianTháng trước
    • I do it everyday

      Dabi / Touya TodorokiDabi / Touya TodorokiTháng trước
    • I don't understand either terms.

      Katherine AlvarezKatherine AlvarezTháng trước
    • @o boi and i i have to to to take take me up 🆙 overseas for for r over up 🆙🆙 for for the the last last one ☝🏾☝🏾 day of course

      shekinah mcgirtshekinah mcgirt2 tháng trước
  • Any agents of SHIELD fans terrified at the word 'Darkhold'?

  • Did I just hear "szatan"?! It's Polish Satan 😂 ah, and so is paprykarz. I died there, because paprykarz is sooo not romantic or comforting. It's bell peppers and fish, ugh.

    Bellatrix2606Bellatrix26065 ngày trước
  • This show made me cry and question my sexuality at the same time. Elizabeth Olsen is such a fantastic actress and I can’t wait for Doctor Strange 2. Let that women get her kids back!

    Andrea HoltAndrea Holt5 ngày trước
  • I was super excited about the new costume because I had also read the article about her not liking that she was showing so much cleavage.

    Marie WrightMarie Wright5 ngày trước
  • i loved the series tbh

    Abi GailAbi Gail7 ngày trước
  • Loved the show 100% entire. Also loved the costume/shirt change Amanda did when talking about X-Men Wanda. XD

    Greg RobertsonGreg Robertson7 ngày trước
  • I think my BIGGEST problem (outside of the last episode big battle that broke the tone) was Monica's "They won't know what you sacrificed for them" line that just erased how much Wanda has hurt them to act like her giving up the kids and Vision was a bigger sacrifice than how she was hurting the people of Westview.

    cafeterialocacafeterialoca8 ngày trước
  • Duuude you share my sentiments about Fietro exactly. I expected nothing and I was still let down!

    starry eyesstarry eyes10 ngày trước
  • I’d love to see more of the marvel stuff

    Sunset SkyeSunset Skye11 ngày trước
  • Having lost someone so close to me recently then seeing this: The line vision gives about grief being love persevering.. it’s true. When you grieve it’s all the happiness and memories coming from usually a place of love knowing that you won’t have them anymore. So yes it is a profound way of speaking on loss. The worse it feels the more you know how much they meant to you and how much you know you’ll miss them being here.

    Olivia GraceOlivia Grace11 ngày trước
  • I can't wait for the Young Avengers now, since we finally got a taste of Wiccan and Speed

    Belle DungcaBelle Dungca12 ngày trước
  • Did Wanda get off to easy in WandaVision? Yes she was being held back from her grief, Agatha was certainly no help nor was Hayward trying to create a weaponized version of Vision. But she held an entire town hostage just so she could live in her fantasy land and even threatened people to leave her alone giving the impression she was the villain. When she broke the Hex she just took off and left without even an apology or explanation to the angry people of Westville and I don't blame them for being mad. I doubt that's the end we've heard of Westville. So now she decides to read the Dark Hold?

    Brett SimesterBrett Simester14 ngày trước
  • My theory on the end credit scene: the being Agatha referred to as being made aware of Wanda’s power is Mephisto and now he has made a copy of their souls to taunt Wanda into a trap of some kind.

    TheBendalorianBricksTheBendalorianBricks14 ngày trước
  • This Show was so good. Never cried so hard. (And not just because of the “Ralph Bohner” reveal)

    TheBendalorianBricksTheBendalorianBricks14 ngày trước
  • Thoughts on the anti SJWs calling the MCU the MsheU cuz of this show and Captain marvel & black widow??

    matthew taylormatthew taylor15 ngày trước
  • Thank god I'm not the only one who hates the snap being referred to as "the blip" that word just doesn't sound serious to me

    Tyagi RodriguezTyagi Rodriguez15 ngày trước
  • although most people sympathize with Wanda and her loss .. remember that to her the loss was still fresh in Wanda Vision.... Two weeks fresh. regardless of the fact that 5 years had passed.

    doorrandoorran16 ngày trước
  • I actually love the fact that they cast Evan Peters as the fake Pietro, because, otherwise, that illusion wouldn't work. How good would that storyline be if we, the audience, knew that Pieto was fake because the actor is someone random? The fact that the audience AND Wanda were fooled by the fake Pietro added so much to the immersion of the show.

    Luís Henrique Falconi FilhoLuís Henrique Falconi Filho16 ngày trước
  • Again, a series I watched only to watch you video about it

    Ellen MacPhersonEllen MacPherson17 ngày trước
  • I honestly was expecting Doctor Strange to show up

    SnakeKingBluesSnakeKingBlues17 ngày trước
  • I’m glad people love this show. Not many shows have an entire run that satisfy most of the fans. However, this show did absolutely nothing for me personally. First off, the finale pretty much walks back on its message about grief and acceptance by having the White Vision around and including a post credits scene where Wanda tries to bring back her kids. You can’t try to present this powerful message about grief and still want me to believe it if you’re gonna immediately contradict it. Second, Wanda faces no consequences for her actions. She knowingly brainwashed and kidnapped an entire town of people and the show throws in this meaningless statement that “they’ll never know what she sacrificed for them.” She sacrificed her happiness, sure. However, Vision and the kids were not real and nothing is stopping her from doing it again if she wanted. She really didn’t do anything for the town besides let them go from the trauma that she caused for them. Lastly, as a massive fan of the X-Men movies I absolutely hated the twist with Evan Peters. A lot of people agree that his Quicksilver was far better than the one we had in the MCU. Regardless of the X-Men franchise’s faults, the original movie paved the way for the MCU to get started and arguably wouldn’t exist without it. These films are the literal reason I am into superhero movies. I already wasn’t happy when it was announced that Disney would be canceling them and rebooting the entire universe but now I am absolutely dreading it if this is how they are going to treat the franchise that pretty much allowed them to get started. As someone who loves the X-Men film series and Evan Peters as Quicksilver, I have to be honest by saying the Ralph Boner joke was unfunny, underwhelming and quite frankly insulting. Once again, if you love this show I totally understand and won’t argue. For me however, this show has started to make me lose my admiration for the MCU. Really wasn’t a fan unfortunately.

    Adam GruntherAdam Grunther18 ngày trước
  • You are officially my favorite movie reviewer on VIworld.

    Աշոտ ՋանիբեկյանԱշոտ Ջանիբեկյան18 ngày trước
  • Biggest flaws in this show for me are: 1. Monica being waaaaaaaaaay too forgiving of Wanda's actions in the finale. I get the angle they were going for, conflict with Hayward and all that, but it still feels that the "They don't know how much you sacrificed" line is misplaced. Why would the thousands of people who have been prisoners in their own minds, playthings for Wanda's escapism, care about her losing a virtual family? It also doesn't gel well with her clearly having some issues with Auntie Carol. 2. Hayward reverting to an oversimplistic bad guy whose plan doesn't even make sense. Why does he need to frame Wanda for stealing Vision, as opposed to just trying to bring her to justice for her possession of Westview. His speech at the start of episode 6, at least in parts, felt like it was so interesting, almost a challenge to the triumph of Endgame, but it got utterly undercut when he got obsessed with White Vision/Vision etc. 3. Bohner :( I guess the show warned us that he wasn't FoxSilver, but still felt like I got played and it's tough to shake that feeling, even if it probably fits into the show's themes that he's just a fake-out. 4. Maybe it's a shame that Wanda letting go of Vision and the twins at the end is undercut by the fact that there's still a Vision out there and it looks like she can still find the twins somewhere in the MultiVerse, and that lowers the impact of the final scene for me. I like the Vision v. Vision fight resolution but to an extent I think the show would be stronger and more impactful if White Vision at least weren't a thing. Because all of those come to a head in the finale it drags that down, which is a shame, because as far as I'm concerned Episodes 1-8 together were among the best stuff the MCU has ever produced. When you realise that it's all about how Wanda responded to her grief, the lack of distractions from building up mutants or Nightmare/Mephisto, or super-cameos like Magneto etc, is almost welcome, and helps the show stay focused, helped with some superb performances. Episode 8 was my absolute favourite, it hits so hard, and even if Wanda's got a darkside to her now it's still made me care for the character. It's not her fault that Monica was too forgiving or Hayward was too 1D evil.

    jim42078jim4207820 ngày trước
  • "I am emotionally destroyed, and I love it". Me: Walks slowly backwards while smiling. Teamliquid?! I visit that site daily for my broodwar news and streams.

    dosdurosdosduros20 ngày trước
  • Wanda was not a villain in this show imao. She Is morally grey but an inevitable hero. She was battling a lot and never wanted to hurt anyone. Unlike characters like Thanos who are not able to see their issues she tries to deny it only because she’s scared of both losing her family and hurting the town’s people but eventually gives up everything to save the town. So 1. She had good intentions 2. She gave up her only love to save the town 3. She almost always did what she thought was right and the only reason she made the bad decisions she made were to try and lessen her pain. She was scared but she did not want to hurt people. No matter what, I think she will end up good but there will be a lot of grey along the way. She’s complex. She’s in my opinion more realistic than most of the other characters in her emotions and how they influence her.

    Nina ZenikNina Zenik21 ngày trước
  • In age of Ultron I wasn't exactly a fan but I didn't hate her, she just didn't have enough characterization other than revenge for me to love her just yet. but as soon as WandaVision rolled around I bawled my eyes out for her grief and pain and I actually LIKED her. ......and then I went on twitter and started actually hating her for some reason. I ignored so many of her edits and reviews because of this supposed hate. I was honestly very hesitant to watch this video, and after I did watch it, I realized why I liked her so much during WandaVision. I also realized my hate for her character wasn't anything she did, it was her stans who angered me. I am a very much tony stan, but I hate some of his decisions. I am also a Loki stan but I know when to tell that he's doing something wrong. Wanda stans absolutely cannot ever acknowledge her faults and always place her at the top, they drag carol on her own pins and posts and push Wanda to the top. A part of Wanda's fandom is so incredibly toxic that is made me actually HATE THE CHARACHTER. now I'm back to loving Wanda and I'm very excited for what multiverse of madness is gonna do for her character

    Nafla KalokheNafla Kalokhe23 ngày trước
  • That yellow X-Men outfit cameo tho

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial Shinanigan23 ngày trước
  • Amanda: it was so obvious that Agnes had something going on Me: I literally had no idea

    Martínez Jiménez Eduardo ArmandoMartínez Jiménez Eduardo Armando23 ngày trước
  • First, thanks for your take on it. I'm a relatively new viewer of your work. Until this, I haven't heard much about it from enthusiasts of the characters that was coherent. I wasn't into Wanda's arc in the comics, so I didn't know much about her in the movies. That being said: I felt the writers could have spent more time on Vision gradually become aware of the construct, rather than the ridiculous digression of the S.H.I.E.L.D. oriented EPs. Overall I think the premise of the season was great. I felt they developed a great set of checks written in the first episodes. But I was disappointed that many of them didn't get cashed. I also think the writers could have spent more time understanding the ramifications of how the townsfolk were being manipulated. I think they really dropped the ball there. The disconnect about how the children of Wanda's cast was being treated was so poorly handled as to be impossible, and they didn't have the guts to go HAM and have Wanda responsible for what would have been deaths in the town. Either spend time elaborating on how the Extras were maintained, or let the audience know they died... horribly. I thought it was inept and/or chickenshit. Take your pick. For a first season though, I expected it to be much worse... I just don't expect much from Hollywood these days.

    metaforestmetaforest23 ngày trước
  • This whole series was House of M on steroids. I mean, in the Comics, Wanda could do this on a planetary scale, but all she did in House of M was give people their greatest wish. Including hers, being that she didn't want to be a Mutant anymore. Which, she wasn't in the alternate universe. The fact that Wanda could manipulate that many people at once without thinking was sublime. Hats off to Marvel. Wonderful show.

    Russ' Movie CornerRuss' Movie Corner24 ngày trước
  • 5:15

    big cloverbig clover24 ngày trước
  • You should do more marvel videos!!!!!!

    Veronika MarquezVeronika Marquez24 ngày trước
  • I dont believe she will necessarily be a villain but I do believe she will make some Mistake trying to recreate/retrieve Billy and Tommy. What ever she does will be the plot of Multiverse of Madness.

    Sierra MoralesSierra Morales26 ngày trước
  • I like to think that Quicksilver in this is *actually* Peter from the X-Men universe, and he named himself Ralph Bohner as a sex joke, as a way to not tip off people to him being from a different universe, changing his name to a sex joke sounds like something he'd do

    Kàeda the CatbotKàeda the Catbot26 ngày trước
  • Even though the show is fine, the way they handled the ethics of the situation made me feel sick. Like, this is the universe that had Killgrave, and now Wanda does pretty much what he did, and it’s suddenly redeemable? All the secondary bad guys get a punishment, but she gets new cooler powers instead? And Agatha is punished by being kept under mind control forever - again, in a universe that already used mind control as a metaphor for rape in a different show? And Agatha wasn’t even the most evil villain in the MCU! Yes, I realize that Wanda _technically_ was punished by losing her family. But if you took people hostage to achieve some goal and then you refused that goal, you would still deserve to go to jail, right? I really, really want to see some of Wanda’s hero friends go “What the the hell was THAT?!” in one of the future movies or shows. And I just couldn’t stand the scene where she walks past all the people she hurt and apologizes to Monica specifically. Didn’t anyone else deserve an apology? Hello? Also, Wanda has mind powers. _Mind_ powers. It would be nice if she tried to use them to fix all the psychological trauma she’s caused (just wipe those people’s memories of the last weeks in the worst case scenario), but nope! To be honest, it’s not like “not even trying to fix the damage” is anything new for this universe. It’s like Age of Ultron has no mention of Tony using his wealth to help people in Sokovia, or how Thor in his first movie, being a prince, doesn’t say something like “Hey, I’ll bring some gold from Asgard to help rebuild this town that got demolished because of my presence”.

    Ольга СергееваОльга Сергеева27 ngày trước
  • marvel is really good at whatever they're doing but like: they're far behind with being inclusive... AND ALL I WANT ARE SOME SUPERHERO LESBIANS OF COLOR IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR

    Cherry loves ChocolateCherry loves Chocolate29 ngày trước
  • Pouring one out for all the other SEGA Genesis kids who always thought white Vision was the original thanks to that one Avengers game.

    AtomicBananaPressAtomicBananaPress29 ngày trước
  • 1 watched this video this morning and now I am back in the evening. meanwhile I have binge watched the whole series and now I am ready to experience this once again

    Cherry loves ChocolateCherry loves Chocolate29 ngày trước
  • WANDAVISION was great! I admit I wasn't very invested in the title characters' romance in the movies, but this miniseries really got the best out of it! Elizabeth and Paul did a great job during the sitcom scenes. They showcased the different acting styles that were popular over the decades (sometimes they even made an impression of a specific actor). However, for some reason, they were less good (though not bad) during the real world scenes. There are a lot of genre shows/films where the comic relief bring everything down, so I've gotten used to feeling relief whenever a character like this (in this case, Jimmy Woo) contributes a lot to the plot, especially if they have badass moments. Debra Jo Rupp didn't appear in a lot of episodes and her character wasn't that important. Why was she listed as a regular? And why did she get top billing over a lot of other actors? She's famous, but not the kind of mega-star that doesn't allow for a measly guest starring credit. *Spoilers ahead!* Just when we thought the M.C.U. was done with the disappointing baddies... Sigh... I mean, Director Hayward was so generic he didn't seem to have any real motivation. He seemed evil just because. And despite building up the conflict with White Vision, it was all solved in a few minutes. Speaking of, I expected the conflict to be between him and Wanda, not Red Vision. Think about it. You're in denial due to your soulmate's death and then you have to fight against his walking dead body? That would've given the situation more dramatic weight! Well, at least Agatha/Agnes was a more worthy adversary, even if she didn't leave an impression on the same level as some of the films' villains. Evan Peters wasn't really playing Pietro/Quicksilver after all, so casting him was just a way to play with audiences' expectations of a multiverse crossover with the X-MEN series. So, if/when those characters join this universe, they'll be played by different actors. Fine by me.

    Vicente Torres alias VitsVicente Torres alias Vits29 ngày trước
  • "im just saying that she can slam me through the avengers complex any day" LMAOOOOOO SAMEEE

    Cherry loves ChocolateCherry loves Chocolate29 ngày trước
  • Can someone say to me why the vision phrase is considered cringe? I thought this was so beautiful, I had a lot of loss in my life, and right now I'm grieving and that was so touching. I miss so much these people but I was happy that they existed

    G BBG BB29 ngày trước
  • i'm pretty sure we'll see billy and tommy again in the future if they're planning to also introduce kate bishop and america chavez into the mcu/shows. cassie lang has already been introduced as well as eli bradley in tfatws. there will probably be a young avengers thing somewhere down the line so billy and tommy will probably be aged up.

    itisadessertwineitisadessertwineTháng trước
  • i actually really did enjoy the show which i wasn't expecting because of how i feel wanda's character has been treated by the mcu. i guess the thing that's mostly holding me back from fully liking it is the fact that they took two jewish romani characters (didn't even try to find actors who belonged to either of these two groups), and then had them VOLUNTEER for experimentation by a nazi organization because "they wanted to change the world" i just can't get past that level of disrespect

    itisadessertwineitisadessertwineTháng trước
  • I love this series but it hurts so much. I waited till the series was all out and I'm doing the same with Falcon and The Winter Soldier

    Faith LiningerFaith LiningerTháng trước
  • 18:25 she controlled him but she didn’t give him the super speed... right?

    Thicc IrohThicc IrohTháng trước
  • Had to wait to watch this after I watched the series and all I got to say is that some of you are *real* heated about this show 😂😂 Anyways. I think some of y'all missed the point that this series wasn’t portraying Wanda as villains or hero. People's ways of rationalizing aren't just black and white. Especially when grieving

    5foot Giant5foot GiantTháng trước
  • Wanda's twins are Wiccan and Speed. Wiccan is one of the most powerful beings to have ever existed

    Stephen WidgerStephen WidgerTháng trước
  • You forgot to mention Monica's Superheroine Landing😉

    Jaya ThakurJaya ThakurTháng trước
  • Sorry but most of these episodes felt like worthless filler garbage. Still enjoy listening to you be happy with it and like you say yourself, I'm happy this brought joy to someone.

    Laura AlmeidaLaura AlmeidaTháng trước
  • yo you've probably already had a comment about this but the director said that fans disappointed by Evan not being peter just need to wait a bit longer so I'm still holding out hope that he's peter but who knows edit: also I think monica might appear in secret invasion as that's known to be skrulls stuff in the comics

    Ruby YoungRuby YoungTháng trước
  • I just like how they knock on these old tv shows

    Michael MartinezMichael MartinezTháng trước
  • I'm sorry; am I the only one here who *DESPISED* this season of WV??? It had SOME cool details but overall it was pretty disappointing :s I like Wanda and Vision but the story was so simple and boring, and honestly I don't like Elizabeth Olsen's acting :s

    Eric RHEric RHTháng trước
  • Honestly i personally didnt like the show. I mean the first 3 were good but i didnt feel the grief of wanda. I think that a show like broadchurch handled the matter of grief much better. Also the show was written and run by the guy who ruined doctor who. The writting also feels very loose and the worst part of the show was definitely the govt. officials.

    Vardhit MehndirattaVardhit MehndirattaTháng trước
  • why is there any dog killing? Such a cheap trope

    gjhgjhTháng trước
  • This was a good video to watch thank you.

    megan smallwoodmegan smallwoodTháng trước
  • I cried my heart out

    AntiHeroineAntiHeroineTháng trước
  • I chose not to watch this video until now because the finale kept getting me choked up and I thought enough time had passed that I’d have gotten over it. Nope, “mostly you’re my love” and “we’ll say hello again” still bring me to tears.

    Boni ChodesBoni ChodesTháng trước
  • Excuses,excuses,excuses!!!!

    Dragon KingDragon KingTháng trước
  • She doesn't like the cleavage in her other costumes? Has she ever seen any picture of Wanda in the comics?

    Alexander Davies CastleAlexander Davies CastleTháng trước
  • You should check out the movie Charlie Bartlett if you haven’t :D

    HolmeslyHolmeslyTháng trước
  • That Ralph Bohner joke was just so dumb. They cheated Evan Peters and Quicksilver.

    American EgalitarianAmerican EgalitarianTháng trước
  • My reaction to the Scarlet Witch: punch me mommy. I've been a bad witch!

    American EgalitarianAmerican EgalitarianTháng trước
  • If anyone watched jessica jones, this kind of emotional content from marvel isn't new

    Tasha WolfxTasha WolfxTháng trước
  • My best friends and I call Hayward Director Dickhead

    TheBlondeGeniusTheBlondeGeniusTháng trước
  • West View W V Wanda Vision Wandavision

    Lorenzo lopez desocheLorenzo lopez desocheTháng trước
  • I literally did the same thing when I saw Darcy I could not resist watching Nick and Norah

    Quentin FontenotQuentin FontenotTháng trước
  • I LOVED WandaVision!

    Pixie MacCarthyPixie MacCarthyTháng trước
  • Ralph Boner is such a spectacularly unfortunate name, damn.

    Moss MotherMoss MotherTháng trước
  • Who else completely missed the fact that Billy's actor plays young Luke in The Haunting of Hill House??? Without the glasses covering half of his face I completely missed it

    Maria TouriñoMaria TouriñoTháng trước
  • The fact that Marvel spent years dumping on the X-Men comics just because Disney didn't have the film rights still annoys me. The retcon that Wanda and Pietro not only aren't Magneto's kids, but also not mutants really bugs me. It's so petty!

    Dylan LewisDylan LewisTháng trước
  • She conviced herself that the ppl were happy just like tony stark did to her in civil war

    PMPMTháng trước
  • God I miss this show so much

    NatNatTháng trước
  • Eh, it was boring. I liked the plot, but thats it. Wanda is seriously messed up. I mean, she sacrifices nothing but emotions, the town sacrifices their lifes and family. Damn.

    Vyolet SlossVyolet SlossTháng trước
  • I didn't like Wandavision. It felt like the writers didn't really understand grief in some aspects but did in others.

    Papa PalpatinePapa PalpatineTháng trước
  • Just subbed to this amazing channel! And Cool content as well! 😃👏hoping for your falcon and the winter soldier review!!

    Karlmeister Reviews!Karlmeister Reviews!Tháng trước
  • Thank you, you helped my decision to go watch the show...

    Leslie HardemanLeslie HardemanTháng trước
  • I watched most MCU movies and I'm more of a casual fan but oh BOY I wasn't prepared for that. It was brilliant 🤯

    alaskawatersalaskawatersTháng trước
  • She technically went through the hex 3 times, entrance exit and entrances again, I assumed that it was because he went through the third time that it’s what did it, basically what you said but ya know, rule of 3 and also only going through twice feels less believable to me to gain powers

    Diamond ._.Diamond ._.Tháng trước
  • I'm not a fan of the MCU. I was never really able to connect with beardy muscly dudes punching things when I was growing up, and as an adult I started getting more and more bored with action scenes and witty one-liners. But heavily loaded stories about human emotion and relationships? Explorations of the human psyche? No-holds-barred confrontations of heavy subjects uninterrupted by unnecessary jokes (with an evil witch as your shrink, no less)? I'm here for this 110%. I LOVE Wandavision. It made me really care about the character. And the fact that she's a witch and her cool costume, well, now that's the full package of things I enjoy. So I can finally have a Marvel character I actually love, fully and unrestrainedly. I liked Captain Marvel, and I support her, but coming from a country with a history of bloody military dictatorships kinda sours my ability to like characters with a military background, especially US military. Romani witches, on the other hand, hell yeah.

    NanahuatliNanahuatliTháng trước
  • Where are these jerseys from? I want them!!

    MidnightMagic 124MidnightMagic 124Tháng trước
  • Don't give up They certainly did NOT end it by closing the door on the possibility. Wasn't a red herring, it could've been the set up for Evan Peters. For later....I'm so glad the entire future cast and plot was NOT revealed. Marvel often messes up a story by only worrying about cameos and foreshadowing. But there is always a way for any character to played in the future by any actor. There are clones, magic and god/spirit powers, and a multitude of dimensions..... and characters often come back in different bodies... In comics, there are more ways to come back from death than there are ways to die.

    Lang ReevesLang ReevesTháng trước
  • Loved wandavision! Glad I made it through the first couple episodes. Also hi from south shore, NS!!

    Julie HurlburtJulie HurlburtTháng trước
  • Just saying....was so excited for her magical girl transformation anfd it did not disappoint

    Meg TrexlerMeg TrexlerTháng trước
  • Disney just wasted Evan Peters... I can’t...

    Duarte VaderDuarte VaderTháng trước
  • I'm NOT a hardcore fan of MCU, I've never read a comic and I just like to watch the films in the cinemas and have fun with them, I think that WandaVision is my favourite thing they have made this far. I only knew that Wanda and Quicksilver were Magneto's kids, but since Disney didn't have the right to x-men they couldn't use it, so I assumed that the comeback of Prieto with the same actor as the x-mens was a joke or something like that. I assumed she had cast some "random" guy from the city and the actor was just for as the public, so my expectations were non-existing. I think the series did a really good job for people that are hardcore fans and for people like me, that needed a little bit of a reminder on what had happened, I'm quite surprise some people didn't like it

    LlinaraLlinaraTháng trước
  • Amanda playing for *all* the teams:)

    whoaNelly NelNelwhoaNelly NelNelTháng trước
  • I'm hoping that the characters Billy and Tommy actually grow and get their powers and maybe some hints at the young avengers

    TheDoglover159TheDoglover159Tháng trước
  • Can you review Netflix's Riverdale too?? Love your videos btw ❤

    Shavina BaluShavina BaluTháng trước
  • Please do an Invincible series explained video! Would love to hear your thoughts on the first 3 episodes so far :)

    Ultraturtles TVUltraturtles TVTháng trước
  • i didn't empathize with the main character. i'd rather not watch a character that mind-rapes people... i couldn't watch Jessica Jones with her villain.

    Ezekyle AbaddonEzekyle AbaddonTháng trước
  • I cry after every Marvel movie...I avoided watching Endgame, because obvious reasons. But I watched it the same day I watched the final episode of WandaVision. Let’s say I need therapy.

    AMCLAMCLTháng trước
  • u look amasing

    sly lacsly lacTháng trước
  • WandaVision is like a non-animated Pixar movie. 😏

    Tom ValentinoTom ValentinoTháng trước
  • I loved every single moment of this show, but mostly I love exploring Grey characters. Wanda has a spot in my heart because I have lived through PTSD, I've fallen to my darker half in the past and rejected it, then came to peace and found that balance within me. Well, okay, that's a perpetual work in progress; but that's what makes me love WandaVision so much. As for Quicksilver, I'm all behind him being a rando in this universe. This reality already had one quicksilver, other Quicksilvers would have another face, specially if their father is Magneto. That does make me wonder if Wanda might run into a Wanda with another face too, probably one younger than she is. Two reality bending Scarlet Witches going toe to toe would be pure chaos... perhaps "Madness" would be a better word. :3

    Janis ChambersJanis ChambersTháng trước
  • I really need the twins to age up in an alternate universe so people don't call Hulkling a groomer because of the age up and the same for whichever man/woman/non binary person Tommy dates.

    sam mcdonaldsam mcdonaldTháng trước
  • just a theory... what if ralph was actually the fox version of quicksilver, she prob gave him a fake life and fake name as ralph

    Abe AngAbe AngTháng trước
  • kathryn hahn did an amazing job

    Abe AngAbe AngTháng trước
  • the only problem is it was AMAZING but to short for how much i enjoyed it i want more. now.

    Myles HellfireMyles HellfireTháng trước
  • when her jersey changed colors i was so confused

    703 Sanjivanie703 SanjivanieTháng trước