WandaVision - It Was Fun... For A While

09 Th03, 2021
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WandaVision really sparked my interest, then totally lost it by the end. Let's find out why.

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    The Critical DrinkerThe Critical Drinker2 tháng trước
    • Has the drinker liked any movie? List those five here...

      Sad SadifSad Sadif6 ngày trước
    • Have a good day

      Merlen-G -SmithMerlen-G -SmithTháng trước
    • The reason you and your mates got into a fight is because you are all a bunch of self absorbed narcissistic/sociopaths who throw the idea of nurture right out the window. End the madness, now. The point in all of this was to milk the fan base for profit by using a "clever" script scenario. Truth.

      VicMikesvideodiary noVicMikesvideodiary noTháng trước
    • Drinker, review the Twilight films, they seem desperate for a review by the drinker himself.

      Brandon ArenaBrandon ArenaTháng trước
    • Hey Sir Drinker.... you gotta check out Dark on Netflix. I was halfway into season 2 and still saying wtf is happening?!?! So nice to be kept on ur toes like this. Had to pass my recommends on to you as I think you would enjoy it.... go figure I needed to start watching German TV for a good show. Americas entertainment is fatally broken!

      Goomba999Goomba999Tháng trước
  • At least now we know what happened. They had to change everything to remove Dr. Strange. Because he's and i quote "white man". Idiotism.

    Alexander GromAlexander GromGiờ trước
  • This is Disney we’re talking about. They won’t be making Wanda evil.

    Ace_ofchaosAce_ofchaosNgày trước
  • 5:51 7:39 8:31 9:11

    big cloverbig clover3 ngày trước
  • As Thanos once said "All that for a boner joke?"

    Lord Drakkon 7367Lord Drakkon 73673 ngày trước
  • I always assumed food stands in clubs are just a british thing. Partied in Birmingham a couple of times while studying in the UK and everytime there‘s a fucking hot dog/sandwich stand lol

    BeiezBeiez4 ngày trước
  • Having this go so well and to tank at the end reminds me of The Wolverine. That was a moderately enjoyable film til the third act when it all went to sh!t with ridiculous CGI action completely out of context with the theme of the entire film. It's like they can't help themselves.

    Steven SannaSteven Sanna4 ngày trước
  • The classic TV aesthetic really put me off, and the Evan Peters "Quick Silver" plug was a major kick in the groin. I didn't even watch the season finale.

    Dan the-ManDan the-Man5 ngày trước
  • I guess the show actually shows the current writer's ideas, that MY feelings trump everyone else's actual lives. writers: wanda sad, wanda steals the lives of a whole town same writers: JUSTIFIED, she's a hero 👍👍

    rowan blitherowan blithe6 ngày trước
  • It's power came in the fact that we had to work out what was going on... It falls down due to the slow burn and mystery solved so not one to re watch as we have with The Mandalorian, Orville etc..

    barry cardissbarry cardiss6 ngày trước
  • I literally watched a video you made from 2018 (the ghostbuster quantum pack video) seconds before this video The channel's style and overall tone has downgraded significantly I'm not here to crap on your day and content, I just wanted to give you honest criticism and advice: Your videos were better when they were simple Louder isn't always better

    Chicken SandwichChicken Sandwich7 ngày trước
  • This is a wonderfully weird show, both funny, creepy, and touching when talking about grief. Drinker asked if this begins a villainous turn for Wanda (who was apparently not under Agatha's control), and since she's going to appear in the next Doctor Strange movie, I say yes. And I find Kat Dennings hot, and will fight anyone about that.

    Louis DuarteLouis Duarte8 ngày trước
  • You know the worst part of my dissapointment was that right before I started watching this mess. I was finished watching JoJo part 5 Golden Wind. So five episodes into this mess...I can immedietly see all the hollywood class writing full of the new weak ass tropes and very limited nuance in comparison to a japanese anime. Congratulations disney...anime and mangas are officially writing circles around your BS storylines.

    León AzulLeón Azul8 ngày trước
  • wait the darkhold from agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is in here? didn't Robbie Reyes take it to hell with him? Ah well at least they referenced that show

    xXsilverpearlXxxXsilverpearlXx8 ngày trước
  • Given the Hollywood Elites obsession with aborting babies as a “civil right” and child trafficking... how their Soviet Realism writers treat children as plot devices grows creepier and creepier... and, appropriately, the Evil Mouse is overseeing this Cultural Marxism.

    George RadyGeorge Rady9 ngày trước
  • Paul Bettany makes all the movies he's in better. Kathryn Hahn has the exact opposite effect, only worse.

    Gwyn and GoldGwyn and Gold9 ngày trước
  • Ok, i might be in the wrong here, but i had the impression that Wanda did the whole Westview shtick subconsciously, only later to realise it's her own doing. It's somewhat shown that she has no in-depth understanding of her powers. When she lashed out on the bee-keeper and Monica later, she was protecting her fantasy, but not on the premise "I've built my sandbox and enslaved my toys, go away." - rather like "I don't know how or why, but i like this reality in which Vision is alive and we have kids. Now go away before you spoil it.". At least that's my impression of it. Really - does any of your viewers contradict you CD? I'm starting to question the implicated fairness of your reviews.

    Bartek RyderBartek Ryder9 ngày trước
    • Didn't she in one of the episodes come out of the hex and realized what she was doing? That one episode in which General dick made his soldiers point their guns at her and told her she had enslaved a whole town?

      Rabbit SeasonRabbit Season6 ngày trước
  • I'm shocked. I normally agree with everything this man says. Not this time. I thought the show was good. My enjoyment is reversed of critical drinker. I was bored in the beginning but enjoyed it more as it went along. Loved the ending.

    TILLEYJSTILLEYJS9 ngày trước
  • if this is a set up for something even bigger and better I wouldn't mind, but if not .................... *hurls*

    Noizemaze4Noizemaze49 ngày trước
  • Tbh, purple witch really wasn't needed. She was just a catalyst for what was happening anyway. For Wanda to get her shit together and realise that what she was doing is evil and being sad isn't an excuse for torturing an entire town. I think she'd have gotten there on her own without a clunky plot device of a character. The shit with her brother was absolutely wasted too, all for a dick joke. I think the showrunners were just trying to troll the fans. The White Vision shit felt like corporate needed Vision back, and yeah, they're gonna make her a bad guy. She's definitely one of the antagonists in Dr. Strange 2.

    Joonha ShcalJoonha Shcal9 ngày trước
  • Haven't seen it, but it actually sounds like a pretty good show. So what if the ending fails. A lot of shows have that problem. And what's a bad ending for you may be a great one for me.

    MagMiMagMi10 ngày trước
  • Wanda should have been the villain and Vision should have stopped her. It's the only way for real redemption.

    SethalonianSethalonian10 ngày trước
  • Genuinely curious, how the hell is vision alive? Didn’t thanos kill him when he took the mind stone?

    Dr. PugglesDr. Puggles10 ngày trước
    • @Rabbit Season Hmmm good point. I also know little to nothing about vision so it could really be anything

      Dr. PugglesDr. Puggles6 ngày trước
    • Some might say Vision was never alive. He's a robot after all.

      Rabbit SeasonRabbit Season6 ngày trước
  • Still 10x better than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

    Alan W.Alan W.10 ngày trước
  • Threw it on last night to give it a shot. I had no fun for any while. Watched the first five minutes and scanned through the rest of the episode looking really hard for anything, ANYTHING interesting and found nothing The 50's sitcom setting bored me and i have read enough on forums etc to know enough about this cop out of a show featuring the 2 least interesting characters from the MCU to give a further minutes care to it. Avoid it, it fucking sucks

    Louis Van Der WaltLouis Van Der Walt10 ngày trước
  • Wasn't there like a show about a town stuck underneath a dome, separated from the rest of the world, and everything withing the town went tits up because food ran out and civilwar between the people broke out or something. I cannot see how Wanda could be seen as the "good guy" after all that, It would be like an extreme version of covid lockdown for the townspeople but worse.

    Joona HautalaJoona Hautala10 ngày trước
    • Simpsons the movie

      Rabbit SeasonRabbit Season10 ngày trước
  • So... basically Wanda is the avatar of many an unhappy Millennial single depressed woke woman who believe they can live in their own reality, force everyone to think/do exactly what they want or else, and then when truth crashers their bubble safe space down in flames, they suffer no consequences for their narcissism and give no fucks? No wonder Wanda is portrayed as a hero.

    James DavenportJames Davenport12 ngày trước
  • My biggest problem with this show is a lesson I learned the hard way: your own trauma does not give you a pass to inflict pain on others. We're supposed to feel sympathy for Wanda, but I just can't because I've been traumatized and hurt people as a result and I actually had to make amends and deal with the ramifications of my actions. I didn't get to walk away and I didn't get a spunky sidekick telling me that the people I hurt would never know what I lost. I don't think Wanda necessarily gets a pass on her actions in the show, but she doesn't have to deal with the aftermath either. She enslaved an entire town. You don't get to walk away from that scot free

    Kimmee BlakeneyKimmee Blakeney12 ngày trước
  • Heavy handed criticism that seems oblivious to the source material. WandaVision was great (general consensus) - not perfect. Some of the ire seems directed at wokeism - but the examples given require some real mental gymnastics. Hardly worth getting your back up about.

    DukeDuke12 ngày trước
  • I thought this was just setting up Young Avengers/The Children's Crusade tbh. I haven't watched it yet though, so I'm not sure how accurate that may be.

    Chica DeChica De12 ngày trước
  • At the end of the series I was asking, "Is that it? Wanda gets to walk away after essentially kidnapping, torturing, and enslaving a town? No consequence? And why is the white guy shown to be evil? He was correct the entire time!!"

    Porter WakePorter Wake12 ngày trước
  • i do remember watching this show, and stopping right after they introduced the S.H.I.E.L.D. counterpart: "S.W.O.R.D." ...i lost complete interest in the entire series after that.

    Cynical AnonCynical Anon12 ngày trước
  • 1:06 eww is that real?

    Azaria BrontonAzaria Bronton12 ngày trước
  • Why is Hayward going to prison?

    CT- 117CT- 11712 ngày trước
  • I think the show was setting up what you're suspecting, it's unknown if Wanda is now a force for good, or evil, or out for herself. I got the sense they were wanting you to question her motives all the time. But the overall point to the show is how she becomes the Scarlet Witch. She's apparently one of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe, who also awakens some super powerful being in the process of gaining her full powers. Guessing that's the overall purpose of the show, and to setup the new phase?

    Benson RussellBenson Russell12 ngày trước
  • It started out weak, got stronger as it went along, then ended sort of meh. That about sums up my experience.

    Prince ProcrastinatePrince Procrastinate12 ngày trước
  • Still better than TFAWS

    Sagar VisheSagar Vishe13 ngày trước
  • I definitely seem to be in the minority of people who liked it. Maybe I liked it because I compared it to Falcon and the Winter Soldier which I thought was horrible.

    RTRRTR13 ngày trước
  • To me, the most important aspect of this series was it turned Wanda into the Scarlett Witch, finally. I've been waiting for this since Age of Ultron, I never really felt like she was really the Scarlett Witch before. I also liked the witches storyline and even Agatha. She is your typical witch villain, but I can't complain about certain tropes. Honestly, I love the battle and explosions from the finale. Sure, it is your typical super hero movie sequence, but I like it. Wouldnt feel right without a little bit of it. And it served the purpose of revealing the Scarlett Witch. The ending was also very emotional and character focused, which was very good. The tone kind of let Wanda off the hook at the end, but she went into hiding and is now an outlaw, which I feel is enough, for now.

    daryslashdaryslash13 ngày trước
  • What was the point?? None, that's the recipe... Feige told us from the beginning, why didn't we believe him??? Nothing important will happen outside the theater movies so most of these series will end up exactly where they began. Now of course, the story could be good but it will feel pointless. So Wanda is more powerful and a little crazy because of pain... yeah, did we need 9 episodes for that? 1 minute in a future movie would have been enough. Sam is now Captain America?? I thought it was a given after the last Avengers...

    Vlad CirusVlad Cirus13 ngày trước
  • “They will never know what you sacrificed for them” When you think about, Wanda was able to come to a closure thanks to them. She was able to create new memories with Vision and her kids. Those people let her heal her wounds and form a new identity for herself. And, there is now even a new White Vision. But Monica and Wanda will never know what those poor Westville people sacrificed for Wanda.

    Andrew MarcusAndrew Marcus13 ngày trước
    • Given that she was doing multiple rewinds whenever things got inconvenient for her and she ejected Monica after "the twin" comment, she just didn't want to face reality and had a guilty consciousness. I understand she was in pain. She made a mistake. But, it is not on the Westville to understand what Wanda went through. Don't blame the victims. Comparing them to Monica who made the choice to enter the Westville is completely misguided.

      Andrew MarcusAndrew Marcus13 ngày trước
    • She didn't create the hex and the fake reality intentionally though and how much control does she even have over herself?

      Amal PushparajAmal Pushparaj13 ngày trước
  • I was kind of hoping that the series with going to end with the opposite of “No more mutants”, with Wanda altering reality in such a way where mutants would come into existence, paving the way for X-Men (aka the only thing that would get me interested in the MCU again). I haven’t watched either Marvel series, but the impression I’m getting from these reviews is that they’re largely the equivalent to an anime filler arc. By that, I mean that things happen, but not in any major way that would alter the status quo in any way that would confuse people who only watch the movies.

    taterboobtaterboob13 ngày trước
  • DundeeVision 😂eeeeeeeyaaahhhhh

    Sarah PhyllisSarah Phyllis13 ngày trước
  • I tried to like this show, but just did not . I never cared for Wanda either i felt there were better Mutant charcters that they could have used, in the comics and in the mcu films.

    leaiplussizeleaiplussize14 ngày trước
  • more garbage from the left

    RightPushBackRightPushBack14 ngày trước
  • Good review! Just FYI, I am waiting with baited breath for you Falcon and Winter Soldier review...so many thoughts on that!

    JeremyJeremy15 ngày trước
  • Re-processed meat. Thats a new one for me. Never thought of it like that. Thanks, I hate it.

    Alex TatkinAlex Tatkin15 ngày trước
  • I hated the 4th episode, where they just sat you down and explained every single thing that happened. The episode added nothing to the story and to me made it lose all it's charm. In my opinion they should've kept the reveal of what's really happening to the last episode before the finale. I loved the little bits and pieces that showed how there was something foul at play in Westview, without being too blatant about it. It's like they had a creative and clever premise, but then thought that their audience was too stupid to figure it out themselves.

    ghost lobsterghost lobster15 ngày trước
  • You hate everything. You need a lobotomy.

    jaymtl79jaymtl7915 ngày trước
    • You've never watched his ''The Drinker Recommends'' segment.

      Alexandre GagneAlexandre Gagne13 ngày trước
  • Also, am I the only one looking at this list of shows and movies and seeing nothing about Iron Lad even after they showed Harley again in Endgame? There's not even a whisper of New Avengers even though they have Harley, they're introducing Kate, and they resurrected Vision. They're already halfway to a NA team of sorts (similar to how the team at the end of Ultron vaguely resembled the West Coast Avengers).

    Stephen SchaeferStephen Schaefer15 ngày trước
  • There were several things I liked about the direction they took people. First off, Kathryn Hahn got a great intro into the MCU. Both before and after her reveal, she gets to chew the everliving fork out of some scenery. Second, it looks like it was a one off gag, unless they use Multiverse to bring him in later, but subbing in Evan Peters as Pietro was next level meta. So Wanda had long been one of the most powerful Avengers (though on any given day, I guess you could say that about any of them except Natasha and Clint), and struggled to manage her powers in a way that helped more people than it hurt. She literally kicked off the Sokovia Accords. So you take her, put her in a situation where her grief enslaves an entire town, then allow her to learn how her powers work AND increase them by an order of magnitude? Not only is a heel turn a fair likelihood, but although you're sympathetic to her grief, we saw what she did, and with SWORD already divided over his to handle her and and entire town ready to tell the world how awful she is, I don't think she's going to be well loved anytime soon. I also like the idea that they're setting Monica up for Secret Invasion. Her powers feel a little more earned than Danvers', even though neither one expected to be mutated by their actions. At least she acquired them trying to help Wanda and manifested them to save the twins. Plus she has way more humanity and personality than Danvers; we actually see her struggle and try to cope with loss. Honestly, if the second movie end up in a showdown and she takes down Danvers and ascends the throne of Captain Marvel, I'd be a lot happier with the lineup. As it stands right now I'm interested in Spidey 3, Strange 2 and Guardians 3 and not much else of Phase 4, but I'd watch a lot more of Monica in Captain Marvel or the Avengers than I would Danvers.

    Stephen SchaeferStephen Schaefer15 ngày trước
  • 4:31 is that the legendary "Boob Shield" ? Known to be far more fascinating... I mean credible than Aegis itself ? And the way her eyes react... I mean she seems half scary (crazy) half lost from some X videos... Amazing...

    KaruokoKaruoko15 ngày trước
  • She did seem evil in the end credit scene.

    Jasper van HaasterJasper van Haaster15 ngày trước
  • Wanda didn't intentionally do any of it though. She got caught up in her grief and subconsciously created the "hex" and it's Agatha that was prodding things along. I mean, she did keep them around after realizing this fact, and did kinda try to avoid acknowledging their suffering. But she didn't just decide to kidnap the town and do all of that with full awareness and intent.

    Captain DracoCaptain Draco16 ngày trước
    • That doesnt hold up either...when she kicks out Monica from the hex she clearly states that shes trespassing. Then when she goes out of the hex and threatens sword she even says thats she wants to be left alone. These two scenes pretty much assure to the viewer that shes the one in control. And I think during the finale we all had some feeling that it possibly isnt all Wanda but then it turns out it was "all Wanda and so what?! It was her...but shes still a hero!!" What wouldve worked was having her do a heal turn. On the scene where Monica awakens her powers and briefly challenges Wanda. I felt like things were getting really good. Then the fight was interrupted and then came the agatha reveal ,other reveals , and the final encounter. Which by that time I stopped caring.

      León AzulLeón Azul8 ngày trước
  • Elizabeth Olsen isn't a terrible actress. She just has a terrible fake ass accent. She can actually act when she's not bogged down shit like that. I think the show was fine but I agree I don't really see a point to it being made at all.

    Robert LewisRobert Lewis16 ngày trước
  • I just wanted to say that Jesus loves you very much and died on the cross of Calvary for you can you connect a PS as your savior anytime you want. As the old saying goes he's only a prayer away. St Peter.

    Pete the Christian TerroristPete the Christian Terrorist16 ngày trước
  • I found this essay from a Jewish point of view very worth reading. Although I agree the CGI-magic battle that the show culminated in was underwhelming, season one was a very potent study of coping with grief and how it can trap us in a deep cycle of dysfunction. Wanda indeed wasn't the 'good guy' in this series as she literally enslaved the town to her grief, but she also wasn't evil. www.tabletmag.com/sections/belief/articles/wandavision-coping-with-loss

    Brian ConsidineBrian Considine16 ngày trước
  • I respectfully disagree.

    Kirsten BrogdonKirsten Brogdon17 ngày trước
  • How many times has Wanda gone unchecked? This shit would have ended a lot quicker if Tony had been around.

    Firebolt incFirebolt inc17 ngày trước
    • @Amal Pushparaj true, but he still would have had better ideas on the matter. Stark cared about Vision too..

      Firebolt incFirebolt inc13 ngày trước
    • Tony won't be able to do shit. The only hope is Dr. Strange or someone like him.

      Amal PushparajAmal Pushparaj13 ngày trước
  • Writers: We want to end this with a profound statement about grief and the complex implications of being human. Marvel and Disney: Skybeam it is.

    DanielDaniel18 ngày trước
  • Fun fact: Vision lost in a fight against Thanos’ minion and he got killed twice within 10 minutes.

    AlexpickupsAlexpickups18 ngày trước
  • Shes a reality warper. Has always been. Her powers are consistent. Besides that you nailed it again

    Master CricketMaster Cricket18 ngày trước
  • I think Agatha wasn't an actual witch but a regular person who's still trapped under Vanda's control.

    hamobuhamobu19 ngày trước
  • This show was horrendous. It’s as if Marvel intentionally sabotaged Scarlet Witch, doing things that would make the audience hate her. I can’t help but feel like this is a conspiracy since she was so much more well-liked than Captain Marvel.

    istrumguitarsistrumguitars19 ngày trước
  • I would like to know how the rebuild Vision was able to have the Powers he did, when the POWER Stone Gave Him those Powers and was taken from him. Specially Flight????

    ravenloransravenlorans19 ngày trước
  • At this point I've stopped caring and I just hate literally everything related to Marvel in any capacity. I haven't watched "Endgame" and I don't feel like I missed anything either. These characters suck, the stories suck, everything about the entire franchise is garbage and isn't worth even wasting 2 hours to watch.

    AName AnotherNameAName AnotherName19 ngày trước
  • Her powers came from the mind stone. Not the reality stone. And the entire show is her bending reality. I wish I could say I was lost, but at this point I don't even know if I'm going anywhere.

    HyaphireHyaphire19 ngày trước
    • That's something that always bothered me about her and Pietro, how did the mind gave him super speed, and her reality warping powers? (I know the series say that she always was a witch, but the Pietro point still remains)

      XistoXisto13 ngày trước
  • I really wish I could work for Disney to keep them from ruining shows like this. I'd do it for next to nothing, $80,000 a year is a steal when I could make them millions.

    Nope NopeNope Nope19 ngày trước
  • You must tell me why I agree every fucking word with You! :D I think that the show has been mutilated so much that many things and many scenes didn't make at the final cut, even if You watch the trailers you will see a couple of scenes that have ben cutted out. This leads to all the nonsense of the final product. Hope that we will si a Wandacut also for this one. The arc of Wanda was going to be all different, after the death of Vision she desperately seeks for peace but couldn't find. A couple of dark sorcerers, alias Agatha and Mephisto leave her a strange letter on her car, leading her to think Vision was going to build and house and live with her. This makes her explode in sadness, making the plan of the two work. Even that white man tried to provoke her in the Vision scene but he didn't succeed... Now you see that Agata gives her the rabbit to Wanda before getting pregnant, these 2 kids were, in fact, promoted by Mephisto. We heard some kind of bullshit about the end about becoming a monster, but for sure the rabbit was going to become the villain of the new Phase. Eating the fly is a symbol of his demonic powers. Probably Mephisto was going to get the children and Agatha was going to drain her powers, and I have a 100% clue that Mephisto was going to be portrayed by Mark Hamill himself (there is some test video also in SW8, showing Hamil darksided). Since that ending/cameo would be redundand with the Mandalorian, and since all this was going to make some kind of mess in the upcoming movies and since MEPHISTO WAS PREDICTED BY FANS they edited it out and we will see all in Multiverse of Madness, leaving all the fans with a boHner.

    Fabio PancaldiFabio Pancaldi19 ngày trước
  • Yeah the show kinda poops itself when it decided to become more about servicing the mcu than telling it's own story. Previously the mcu was the gold standard for this kind of thing. But here you can tell that the main nut of the show was bringing back dead characters, finally making wanda the scarlet witch... Like way late in the game. Establishing her as a sort of supreme power. Introing other characters for later unrelated projects in very clunky fashion. I like the casting choice for Monica and liked the character in the comics but her story here gives her too much screen time not enough character development.

    J KJ K19 ngày trước
  • Well i disagree majorly. It was a great show

    Robert CarrRobert Carr19 ngày trước
  • I totally love Wandavision. However there are after credit scenes only in last three episodes and I found out after I checked last episode. So incoming of White Vision was very out of nowhere for me.

    DinoCopRulezTheWORLDDinoCopRulezTheWORLD20 ngày trước
  • I was also a little confused......did she resurrect Vision or not??? I thought she did but then it turns out the Vision in her world was purely her creation....

    Brandon TackettBrandon Tackett21 ngày trước
  • To be honest I didn't really take it as her being a hero.....I interpreted it as her being the protagonist, but she's done horrible things and the ending hinted at more possible horrible things to come (the scene of her reading the Darkhold)

    Brandon TackettBrandon Tackett21 ngày trước
  • Well scarlet witch...was ALWAYS witch but they couldnt do much with her because of how they changed her powers in the MCU....so they had to sorta recon her powers in this show to allow them to make more stories following the comics (like this one...but without professor X helping her....I was hoping this was how they would introduce the X-Men into the MCU)

    Lener LinkLener Link21 ngày trước
  • So idk if you are watching Falcon and Winter Solider... I’m only 2 episodes in and yeah it’s pretty much formulaic, also that girl from Solo leading those pirates is pretty much playing the same exact role.

    Chad MChad M21 ngày trước
  • The mcu is done in my opinion after dr strange and black panther its over identity politics will be the end of the mcu.

    James NnabezeJames Nnabeze21 ngày trước
  • Seems like a metaphor for the destruction of Western civilization. Evil must tell you its plans...

    8ight 8ight8ight 8ight21 ngày trước
  • Dear Critical Drinker, I wonder if you`ve watched "Legion" and I would really appreciate your oppinion on it. Best regards from a fellow drinker.

    orso35orso3521 ngày trước
  • They should have called her Monica Ramboe: “the HIPSter”

    A HA H21 ngày trước
  • Never heard of WandVision, looks stupid AF!

    Xray T4 20 ́Xray T4 20 ́21 ngày trước
  • Do you think you'll review Loki?

    Patrick HarrisPatrick Harris21 ngày trước
  • I agree. It was great at first. But the last few episodes killed the show.

    jack wrightjack wright21 ngày trước
  • Wanda in this seems like an echo of the remade Maleficent.

    Free GolemFree Golem21 ngày trước
  • From what you said it seems you only have a problem with the finale episode so 9/10.

    BJLBWBJLBW22 ngày trước
  • Somebody shared a thought with me that the line "They'll never know what you've sacrificed for them" was a reference to Wanda killing Vision but the writers relied too much on viewer's ability to correctly interpret ambigious lines that are more likely to refer to something that happens within the show and not in one of the previous movies.

    ChadfleanthonyChadfleanthony22 ngày trước
  • "They'll never know what you sacrificed for them". Doesn't one of the characters, when coming out of the trance, say that it's the most pain he's ever been in in his life and it's constant? lol

    Mike SmithMike Smith22 ngày trước
  • my review of the show: ep1-3 10/10 all the others: 2/10.

    KrimselKrimsel24 ngày trước
  • u almost commited a mini genocide !! but muh feelings okay oaky, lets pin it on the white guy

    McDonald TrumpMcDonald Trump24 ngày trước
  • Frankly, I'd have killed for a season each for the first two incarnations of the 'show' within the anomaly, I got a thing for old TV~ it was cool and all, but its like the writer in charge of the cool intrigue stuff had to leave a little after midway thru the season, and they panicked. But that very first episode was total fun.

    Nickel The WiseNickel The Wise25 ngày trước
  • Diversity is killing cinema

    Vivian MuliiraVivian Muliira26 ngày trước
  • Diversity is killing cinema

    Vivian MuliiraVivian Muliira26 ngày trước
  • whispers: 'No more mutants', that's from the House of M arc [I think] where wanda's mind snaps, just like in the tv show but just cooler

    patrick wheelerpatrick wheeler26 ngày trước
  • "captain marvel 2"? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GBP4EVRGBP4EVR26 ngày trước
  • i just watch this channel instead of any mcu media. i get more entertainment and waste less time.

    cymbolic_spacecymbolic_space26 ngày trước
  • Garbage show

    Not a troll ;-Not a troll ;-26 ngày trước
  • My biggest question of this show was, "What's the time frame of this series? Three months? One week? Four days? How long this she kept the townspeople trapped for?

    Payne ToniPayne Toni26 ngày trước
    • One or Two months I think

      Pickle RickPickle Rick24 ngày trước
  • Family Ties instead of Growing Pains, but a fantastic critique

    Joe VJoe V27 ngày trước
  • The problem with a lot of streaming shows that tell a single story is that the conclusion is never as satisfying as the set up. It makes sense. With a movie, you have only sixty or ninety minutes of set up, so it's easy for a conclusion to deliver. A streaming show has six or eight hours of set up. It's lopsided, and is rarely satisfying.

    thundercron77thundercron7727 ngày trước
  • *Wands tortures thousands of people cuz she's a weak minded child and we are suppose to view her as the hero. typical social justice warrior garbage, kids these days can be killed with words.*

    Vegeta VegetaVegeta Vegeta27 ngày trước
    • Where was she being shown as a hero? The show was exploring her dark side most of the time and clearly showing she didn't create the hex intentionally. She is a grey character at best.

      Amal PushparajAmal Pushparaj21 ngày trước