15 Th01, 2021
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    H2ODeliriousH2ODeliriousTháng trước
    • Hi Delirious

      Dylan WinzarDylan WinzarTháng trước
    • You should play more roblox often..

      Matthew WellonsMatthew WellonsTháng trước
    • Lol

      my name is fbmy name is fbTháng trước
    • Delirious it was so nice of you to try and play matchmaker between Kyle and Jihi

      EchelonEchelonTháng trước
    • Is the team 6 together?

      Leland ROssLeland ROssTháng trước
  • Delirious:What happened here Also delirious:Kills seven people in a stack in one room

    we see themwe see them11 giờ trước
  • i think delilrous should edit out the times he was ejected

    Aiden CangemiAiden Cangemi3 ngày trước
  • Vents, vents everywhere

    Aleksandar LukićAleksandar Lukić5 ngày trước
  • There are too many vents so a Imposter could be in one of them

    David YcazaDavid Ycaza5 ngày trước
  • Lol “jihi...I think it’s delirious” Jihi: “And so you must be silenced.”

  • 1:06 TIMME

    Pansa DrawsPansa Draws20 ngày trước
  • Aming US 3 boss

    Mrs kusumadewiMrs kusumadewi22 ngày trước
  • Oh it's delirious and chrono then! what the hell chosen you just going to point fingers?!

    PJ_Playz745PJ_Playz74523 ngày trước
  • Delirious double killing in admin, then going "omg what happened?" just gives off a "Who killed Hannibal...?" vibe

    Kurai ValentineKurai Valentine24 ngày trước
  • Does Jihi have her own page? I can't find her and I love her personality.

    Amanda LeLoupAmanda LeLoup25 ngày trước
  • Funny moment 6:22

    Lifeisgood 555Lifeisgood 55526 ngày trước
  • Hahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!! So funny

    Edcyl MalupengEdcyl Malupeng26 ngày trước
  • You could say... "Vents are among us"?

    Purple PsycoPurple Psyco26 ngày trước
  • 5:12 - 5:30 LMAO

    fufufuarufufufuaru28 ngày trước
  • Lol he just acting like he is not innocent 😂😂

    gaming tvgaming tv28 ngày trước
  • where do you download this mod?

    loftyDloftyD28 ngày trước
  • I like being crewmate too cause I like fixing ship

    Smael CaelSmael CaelTháng trước
  • Lol

    JaxtopiaJaxtopiaTháng trước
    • Lol

      JaxtopiaJaxtopiaTháng trước
  • lol

    JaxtopiaJaxtopiaTháng trước
    • Lol

      JaxtopiaJaxtopiaTháng trước
  • Where can i get this mod? Plis it's SOOOO GOOO.

    Samuel MaciasSamuel MaciasTháng trước
  • Chrono and Rocky is Rono or Cocky

    ToxicrosecherryToxicrosecherryTháng trước
  • Poor Kyle. Lol

    Katherine BonkowskiKatherine BonkowskiTháng trước
  • 3,2,1...kill Cartoons. Lol

    Katherine BonkowskiKatherine BonkowskiTháng trước
  • Someone said : he eats ass Delirious: suddenly calls for jihi. I bet jihi were soo embarrassed

    Zaki Naby ZadaZaki Naby ZadaTháng trước
  • crewmates gonna win crewmates gpnna win

    Adam BaseAdam BaseTháng trước
  • I like the little animations when you guys are talking it’s cool

    Chris WasonoredjoChris WasonoredjoTháng trước

    chris aftőn- shadow freddychris aftőn- shadow freddyTháng trước

    chris aftőn- shadow freddychris aftőn- shadow freddyTháng trước
  • Hahahaha vents go bbrrrrrrrrr

  • In the first round squirrel literally was walking away from the vent you should’ve ran then

    Galaxy -Galaxy -Tháng trước
  • Hi Delirious

    Dylan WinzarDylan WinzarTháng trước
  • I love how everyone’s sussing rocky when squirrel saw delirious vent

    Andre The GreatAndre The GreatTháng trước
  • Are Kyle and jihi dating? 5:14

    CyberiousCyberiousTháng trước
  • 8:40

    CJ MadinoCJ MadinoTháng trước
  • i like the animation among us that delirious push rilla hahahahhai like it.....I LIKE CUT G

    Sky GirlSky GirlTháng trước
  • The clock he used at around 1:30 is my alarm clock

    EchoEchoTháng trước
  • The intro tho😂😂😂😂

    Leaner ScottLeaner ScottTháng trước
  • I for melasia

    Qarliff AqraQarliff AqraTháng trước
  • imposters with their kill cooldown be like Ow I hurt myself while pulling the trigger of the gun I'm gonna have to wait to kill again

    Daniel BrubakerDaniel BrubakerTháng trước
  • 5:15 is funny

    Jose Luna CabreraJose Luna CabreraTháng trước
  • My first time watching one of his videos. Had to subscribe.

    TopazTopazTháng trước
  • Spiderman

    Smashed PotatoesSmashed PotatoesTháng trước
  • "It's H2O not H20 because delirious isn't a zero, he's a herO." -Da Queen Potatoe 2021

    Da Queen PotatoeDa Queen PotatoeTháng trước
  • "I just saw someone talking to Jihi" "Who was talking to Jihi?" "It was Timmac" -AD POPS OUT OF NOWHERE- ▪In the background▪ Me: Wtf?

    Mac AroonMac AroonTháng trước
  • This was the most greatest video ever

    Aaron RevillAaron RevillTháng trước
  • Jihi: “wait who vote me, WHO VOTE ME!!”

    Alec YangAlec YangTháng trước
  • Delirious: gets a double kill Also delirious: oh my God what happened in this room

    little nightmares sixlittle nightmares sixTháng trước
  • 18:06 Cartoons:you ain’t even see a cow Jihi:stop making fun of my hat, STOP MAKING FUN OF MY HAT!!!!!!! Cartoon get killed by Jihi Victory:Delirious, Jihi

    Cyclotron 2.0Cyclotron 2.0Tháng trước
  • This is by far; the funniest Among Us video of all time.

    Austin HollandAustin HollandTháng trước
  • Delirious whenever he got the imposter : "what are u talking about?!"

    Afiqah NabilahAfiqah NabilahTháng trước
  • Someone help me it’s 12 and I have school tomorrow. Plz someone help. Edit: I also wake up at 5 am

    Lightlad XDLightlad XDTháng trước
  • Cartoons just doesn’t take among us seriously anymore 🤣🤣

    Kai JordanKai JordanTháng trước

    zxyneezxyneeTháng trước
  • es que ya no puedo ya no pue... 1:52

    josue gutierrezjosue gutierrezTháng trước
  • One of these moments Kyle will get the imposter and either no one will suspect it or they will vote him out right away

    samster101229samster101229Tháng trước
  • I don't the mask right now but I do have a Jason mask

    Alana RogersAlana RogersTháng trước
  • Delirious your the funniest VIworldr I know you crack me up keep up the good work

    Jennifer LoudinJennifer LoudinTháng trước
  • "omg what happen in this room"- delirious 2021

    •Insert Epic intro••Insert Epic intro•Tháng trước
  • Jihi is my favorite

    King PepeKing PepeTháng trước
  • 14:56 “silly-willy”. The cutest thing I’ve ever heard~

    Natalia NievesNatalia NievesTháng trước
  • Wait does cartoonz say "masked sin-G-er"?

    Guysight ProdGuysight ProdTháng trước
  • "F**K" crono 2021

    Llamas 4 lifeLlamas 4 lifeTháng trước
  • love the court room animations

    BelladonnaHarkerBelladonnaHarkerTháng trước
  • Why didn't Kyle call you out :o

    TurpoChargedGamingTurpoChargedGamingTháng trước
  • “Cause I’m kinky” LMFAOOO

    Snails Are the bestSnails Are the bestTháng trước
  • don't make fun of the hat, or you get capped.

    Joeyfield0Joeyfield0Tháng trước
  • Soooooooooo I subscribed Edit:and turned on notifications

    Minette van StadenMinette van StadenTháng trước
  • Hahahaha

    Arum ApriliyanaArum ApriliyanaTháng trước
  • We all went in there wut u mean - dog woof

    Louisa HerandezLouisa HerandezTháng trước
    • Thw hell

      Louisa HerandezLouisa HerandezTháng trước
  • Moral of the story: *NEVER make fun of Jihi's hat*

    KingYTKingYTTháng trước
  • bro what is that photoshopped dog clip

    Dad EeeDad EeeTháng trước
  • Can you play Minecraft Again

    William MarquandWilliam MarquandTháng trước
  • Did you know the letter “A” doesn’t appear in a written number until you reach One Thousand.

    Paul McGuinnessPaul McGuinnessTháng trước
  • Jihi: STOP MAKING FUN OF MY HAT! Me: don't mess with pepe/jihi

    Cyan HearneCyan HearneTháng trước
  • It so funny to me that you poop out vents

    Ericka WalkerEricka WalkerTháng trước
  • "YOU DAMN LITTLE MUNCHKIN!!!" - H2O Delirious, 202 Lol that is the funniest quote I ever heard from Delirious in all of the videos he has already uploaded this year XD

    Jay SchumacherJay SchumacherTháng trước
  • OH yesssssssss

    Lord TRexLord TRexTháng trước
  • Wheres om

    Riley LentoorRiley LentoorTháng trước
  • Delirious good luck with hitman and how is babylirious and Lizz

    call of duty mobile playzcall of duty mobile playzTháng trước
  • 18:54

    Leo LilleyLeo LilleyTháng trước
  • No rude words pls

    elliott807 YouTubeelliott807 YouTubeTháng trước
  • I don’t know why but i rly want kyle to br my friend

    SodaSaidDalicousSodaSaidDalicousTháng trước
  • Oh my fish crew is so bad at this game

    Irradiated IceIrradiated IceTháng trước
  • can you do the mod where it's black and white with no colours again?

    Amy DawsonAmy DawsonTháng trước
  • By the way I like the animation it's so cute and funny at the at time 🤣

    CharmingSaffyCharmingSaffyTháng trước
  • This is just beautiful every VIworlds join together

    CharmingSaffyCharmingSaffyTháng trước
  • Bro the glowing is cool but the other edits were so much better where is the court room

    Coiled LemurCoiled LemurTháng trước
  • Y’all should do a MOD where the imposters don’t know who the other imposter is and have to figure out who the other imposter is to be able to kill safely. Like this so delirious can see this and create this mod pwsss 😇

    Sekou BarrySekou BarryTháng trước
  • I wanana try this mod for among us

    medaziz chebbimedaziz chebbiTháng trước
  • Yeet

    CrayCray MoseCrayCray MoseTháng trước
  • That little bit at the beginning made me think how funny it'd be to have someone properly RP as someone with multiple personalities. Then I realized a neat mod to have, like, musical chairs but after the time goes up, you randomly change either positions with another player or you trade out "profiles". The location swap would probably be a lot more technically doable, while also not immediately telling people who the imposters are...

    Draconic DuelistDraconic DuelistTháng trước
  • Thinking about it... you can see vents in other rooms, even if you can't see anything else there. So you would possibly see it, if someone places a vent. So you could, like, camp somewhere and wait until a vent pops up, then run in the room and see who it was.

    Skysong ArtSkysong ArtTháng trước
  • Chrono- I has to be rolla Delirious- why'd u yell "f****"? What was the "f****" for?

    Daylen MontgomeryDaylen MontgomeryTháng trước
  • How did I just realized that squirrel is in the thumbnail-

    Moon LightzMoon LightzTháng trước
  • “Why you got straps on” “BC IM KINKY”

    Melina AguileraMelina AguileraTháng trước
  • Don’t be killing Jihi early!!!

  • Fun mod. Not really much to say about anything in particular this time. Thanks for the video Delirious and crew!

    vladspellbindervladspellbinderTháng trước
  • 💙💙💙💙

    Zoey MZoey MTháng trước

    Gecole VelezGecole VelezTháng trước