Web extra: International Space Station tour

22 Th04, 2021
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In this extended video, NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins and Victor (Ike) Glover offer “Sunday Morning” viewers a tour of the International Space Station - from maneuvering through the complex in a weightless state, to exploring the crew quarters, EVA airlock, laboratory, kitchen, exercise room, toilet, and observation port (the Cupola).

  • Its gonna be a sad day when the ISS burns up in the atmosphere.

    TheDragonaf1TheDragonaf115 giờ trước
  • This was an amazing tour. Thank you

    Kimberly CareyKimberly Carey20 giờ trước
  • Show me a satellite going past ?? Show me a plane traveling on earth ?? Show me the moon ??

    M ACM AC21 giờ trước
  • viworld.info/rock/video/2KiZx3_ZvJl82Gw.html

    adix3000adix3000Ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer fool

      adix3000adix30004 giờ trước
    • Shove off Troll

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer9 giờ trước
  • astroclowns

    adix3000adix3000Ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer fool

      adix3000adix30004 giờ trước
    • Trollish Dim Wit.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer9 giờ trước
  • Impossible for anyone to live in conditions like that . Super fake . Not know which way is up or down and living in a cluttered capsule with a grown man for an extended period . It’s torture. Anyone would go insane after 1 day

    Midnight QuestMidnight QuestNgày trước
    • WARNING ALERT ! Incoming willfully ignorant comments by the adherents of the Flat Earth & Magical Dome Cult, and other nincompoops of the Lunatic Fringe. That’d include International Space Station deniers.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo SkyfacerNgày trước
  • Victor is such a beautiful middle aged gentleman. Love him

    RadwarRadwarNgày trước
  • I’ve wanted to be an astronaut since watching Ed White’s ‘spacewalk’ at age 7 but the idea of drinking water that has been ‘recycled’ thru every human on ISS for 20 years sort of weirds me out.

    Jeannine BuckenmyerJeannine BuckenmyerNgày trước
  • I wish Ike would elaborate on the ‘special’ water they put in the spacesuits. Is it heavy water, distilled water or special ‘space’ water? Also Mike sleeping in the Dragon by himself kind of sounds like the ‘time out’ room.

    Jeannine BuckenmyerJeannine BuckenmyerNgày trước
  • Interesting... 1. Can recycle urine into a drinking water 2. ISS is segmented into US, Japan, Russia and Europe 3. Really tight, too much stuffs to fit in 4. The earth is not flat

    spicyandsoursinigangspicyandsoursinigangNgày trước
  • Am i the only one or do you all see the little dots on the screen & I’m wondering if the Camera Lens has been damaged by some type of particles in Space or sun rays ?

    Alex TorresAlex Torres2 ngày trước
  • WARNING ALERT ! Incoming willfully ignorant comments by the adherents of the Flat Earth & Magical Dome Cult, and other nincompoops of the Lunatic Fringe. That’d include International Space Station deniers.

    Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • Technically just look like your sitting most of the time.cant believe people still fall for this b s its clear in front of you common sense.but whatever they stopped fooling me long time ago.

    Kathy RocaKathy Roca3 ngày trước
    • You stay right there in your alternative reality world Kathy. I'm sure you're quite happy existing there.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • What are the dots on the skren

    Dantdm kolton KoltonDantdm kolton Kolton3 ngày trước
    • Read some of the comments below

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • I wonder what ahnal shex is like up in space. I bet these guys mount each other at least twice a week

    Dan RustleDan Rustle3 ngày trước
    • Indulging in a bit of projection are we ?

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • I really hope people can visit space soon in the future! It may be expensive, but I'll find a way to get cash! :]

    Roy Hoy!Roy Hoy!3 ngày trước
  • Witch craft liars

    Healthy EarthHealthy Earth3 ngày trước
    • 'Brain dead' Troll

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • The hotspots on the camera sensor are insane

    Julian KurtJulian Kurt3 ngày trước
  • What a great presentation video of the ISS. Every crew member seems genuinely happy and compassionate about what they’re doing in space.

    Jana HammerJana Hammer3 ngày trước
  • You are Brave people.

    Shri PawarShri Pawar3 ngày trước
  • worse cable management ever seen

    evanevan3 ngày trước
    • Trolling again I see.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • So they drink each other's recycled pee?

    VOIDContentVOIDContent3 ngày trước
  • What "Hollywood " movie set they film this at?😂🤣😂🤣😂🤭

    Easy LingualEasy Lingual3 ngày trước
    • What reality denier 'school' did you graduate from ?

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • I wonder what it smells like in there

    Dylan ForrealDylan Forreal3 ngày trước
  • 🙃

    booflamekookbooflamekook3 ngày trước
  • That was really cool

    cowslane1cowslane13 ngày trước
  • genuine questions. why do the cosmonauts have so many cameras? lol

    Nazar SorokaNazar Soroka3 ngày trước
  • I listened to this while playing mission iss in vr and it was great

    Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
  • Moth proves these people are liars and not in the so called vacuum of space viworld.info/rock/video/rJClln_WvJRlnKc.html

    party packparty pack3 ngày trước
    • Ah yes, The incredible invisible 'space moth' Dam* You flattards are a constant source of entertainment. But I suppose it's not nice laughing at people with me*ntal health issues.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • The one thing I want to spend my money on is a month in space

    Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
  • Do you get to drink in space like a glass of wine or a beer?

    Alex ChristianAlex Christian4 ngày trước
  • Ive decided that I don’t want to go to the ISS anymore. I would spend too much time tidying up. And every single monitor is wonky. My brain would explode with that much clutter!!

    MikeMike4 ngày trước
  • How amazing! I can only imagine how the experience of working at a space station must be! Both the astronauts seem so happy to be there. I enjoyed the mealtime demonstration and I have a million questions in my head! Haha. Science is awesome!

    Ingrid Ollintzihuatl MoctezumaIngrid Ollintzihuatl Moctezuma4 ngày trước
  • What a joke. The ISS looks like garbage station. They can’t even show the real shape and size of the earth. I challenge you fraud to go outside the ISS take a selfie with the earth. I will bet my life you can’t do that. LOL

    King-inang HITLERKing-inang HITLER4 ngày trước
    • "You will bet your life" you say ? Do you have a life ? A meaningful one that is. You apparently have no more intelligence between your ears than a bag of rocks !

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
    • They literally stream that on VIworld try a 2 second google search next time big brain

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
  • My wife’s Father worked on designing portions of the Skylab in the early 70’s. As his career progressed he was leader of different teams once the initial design phases of ISS began. He retired in 2004. But he was contracted to help with the issues they would run into as time went on because the latest Engineers were not familiar with the older technology used on ISS and basically needed help. He has since passed away. His passion was space. As we progress be it ever so slowly to get back to the Moon and eventually Mars. I hate that he will miss those kinds of new milestones for NASA and space exploration. I know the desire to fund NASA has certainly lost its momentum it’s research we need!

    Billy RayBilly Ray4 ngày trước
    • @In Rem Easy to be an assclown on the internet isn’t? Go troll someone else that will have feelings to hurt by your goofy posts.

      Billy RayBilly Ray3 ngày trước
    • yeah well my wifes uncles aunts step sisters half brothers cousin told me its FAF

      In RemIn Rem3 ngày trước
  • Victor is adorable!

    MoroMoroMoroMoro4 ngày trước
  • 21:04 😂😂😂😂

    Guga do Wagyu eye roundGuga do Wagyu eye round4 ngày trước
  • can they cooked in the space

    Canon C.Canon C.4 ngày trước
  • Everything needs to be touch screen there's a hole lot going oN on those walls.

    Mohammed RaheemMohammed Raheem4 ngày trước
  • The one thing I notice when people are in space? NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. We are all Humans. We are all from the same material people. Get over this earthly view that we consider race. IT DOESNT MATTER. WE ARE ALL MADE OF THE SAME THINGS

    DarkSKY FilesDarkSKY Files4 ngày trước
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  • Is Vic married?? Hahaha.....

    vayasaberlo8vayasaberlo84 ngày trước
  • Thank you for your impression ! From Japanese.

    Man RifleMan Rifle4 ngày trước
  • Like swimming. . . wonderful!

    vayasaberlo8vayasaberlo84 ngày trước
  • He stops right at the russian side not allowed to film there?

    Matt McCaughenMatt McCaughen4 ngày trước
  • Что не делает человек в космосе.? Ответьте на вопрос!!! Спасибо!

    Jastre XachJastre Xach5 ngày trước
  • Were is the crew, what were the russian d oung?

    abvmoose87abvmoose875 ngày trước
  • 宇宙人💛

    NAOKONAOKO5 ngày trước
  • Only when I got up to the food part did I realize their names are Mike and Ike

    David PackouzDavid Packouz5 ngày trước
  • I would like to know if it smells in there? Sweat, farts etc how are they ventilated

    COOKIE-NZLCOOKIE-NZL5 ngày trước
  • I can only imagine how more tidy and futuristic the space station would be if it was designed by SpaceX. Their suits and cockpits are so sexy

    COOKIE-NZLCOOKIE-NZL5 ngày trước
  • You can see the back harness on his back. I cannot believe people think this is real.

    Dead Cat BounceDead Cat Bounce5 ngày trước
    • @Dead Cat Bounce but your argument is that they didn’t edit it so which is it

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
    • @Dead Cat Bounce Then why didn't they "edit" this "back harness" that you're thinking you see.

      E. RoseE. Rose4 ngày trước
    • @E. Rose it’s called editing Genius. I can’t help you little IQ libtards.

      Dead Cat BounceDead Cat Bounce4 ngày trước
    • _You can see the back harness on his back._ There's no harness in existence that would allow them to freely spin on three axis.

      Jan StrzeleckiJan Strzelecki4 ngày trước
    • You think you see a "harness" which means there must be "wires" attached to said harness, right? So where is the other end of these "wires"? Watch from 5:00-6:10. How could he do that with "wires" attached to him?

      E. RoseE. Rose4 ngày trước
  • The space station looks like it could be featured in an episode of "hoarders" lol.

    Gustavo A.Gustavo A.5 ngày trước
    • The British one.?

      Charlie WilliamsCharlie Williams3 ngày trước
  • That is a big ole mess lol looks like a junkyard.

    Pieces of April RosePieces of April Rose5 ngày trước
  • This is just awesome!!!

    Nova i love youNova i love you5 ngày trước
  • Urine is recycled in space as drinking water😬

    Fumi AlataFumi Alata5 ngày trước
  • When they are talking about their POV and orientation @ about the the 4 minute mark. I'm curious if that sensation of always being "upright" to their own POV provides an overall sense of comfort in zero-G that people generally do not have in normal gravity.

    Sean InnessSean Inness5 ngày trước
  • Is it me or does victor sound like kermit the frog?

    simone heartsbyyousimone heartsbyyou5 ngày trước
  • I noticed white spots, different sizes, on the camera lens just like when lasers ruin cameras. Usually I see green spots where it was blasted (Stupid question time) is that Caused by radiation partials flying through? Or was that a dumb one? If not they could also be using lasers on board for work that was filmed. Just curious for a solid answer.

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson5 ngày trước
  • I wonder what a mess at the station.

    31 June31 June5 ngày trước
  • More hooey from the "space lairs". I'm actually blown away by the CGI technology used to hornswoggle the gullible audience

    h.thomas ackermannh.thomas ackermann5 ngày trước
    • @E. Rose it’s almost like actually going to space is easier then covering it up for...... some reason I assume probably is racist or anti semitic or insane

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
    • @h.thomas ackermann Do you have any idea how long it would take just to make this 30 minute video with CGI? It took four and a half YEARS to make the movie Gravity which is 90 minutes. One video posted by ESA titled "Grand Tour of the International Space Station with Drew and Luca" is over an hour long and done in one take with no cuts. Think about it.

      E. RoseE. Rose4 ngày trước
    • @h.thomas ackermann Modern History is what it is, not what they would like or believe it to be. Here is what Real History looks like. THE REALITY OF THE SIX MOON LANDINGS It has been 52 years since the first Apollo Moon landing followed by FIVE more ! It was a momentous time in modern history when the entire world stopped. watched and listened in amazement. Many of us didn't think they'd pull off such a dangerous enterprise which for all practical purposes was a daring 'stunt' to beat the USSR there. It all could have ended in total tragedy with dead human bodies on the surface of the Moon or orbiting somewhere forever in space. As it was, three of those brave astronauts lost their lives in a ground-based testing session and an entire crew almost perished out there. The first Moon landings (Apollo 11 12 14 15 ) were crewed by military men but the last two (Apollo 16 and 17 ) had non-military men with those crews. Including a fully qualified scientist ( Geologist and Mineralogist) on the Apollo 17 mission. Even today there are many who find it impossible to believe that these events actually happen. It was an incredible adventurous accomplishment brought about by something like 400.000 people worldwide who were, directly and indirectly, involved in making it a complete success. Most 'deniers'. as they're referred to nowadays didn't even exist back then. I was 24 and clearly remember where I was and what I was doing. The entire world stopped and watched in amazement at the incredible achievement. As things turned out the Government of the USA decided to bring the Apollo Moon Program to an end because of the astronomical (pun intended) cost and also apparently they began to lose their collective nerve and no longer wanted to tempt fate. The last thing they wanted was for some tragedy to happen and such an awful event would have eclipsed the achievements. So President Nixon cancelled the last three of the Apollo Missions. These were Apollo 18 / 19 and 20.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer5 ngày trước
    • @h.thomas ackermann Sorry about this, but a Reality Check is coming your way. Here it is. THE REASONS WHY WE DIDN’T GO BACK TO MOON. Once again Curious Droid has produced an excellent video viworld.info/rock/video/tH6euYaZtGCZsIU.html explaining in easy to understand terms why NASA abandoned the Apollo Moon Program. There are several important facts detailed here that I didn't even know about.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer5 ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer Sorry to rain on your parade young skyfarcer. Time for you to return to your imaginary moon base..oh, and why haven't your nasa buddies joined you there for over 50 years?

      h.thomas ackermannh.thomas ackermann5 ngày trước
  • bit ominous how the tour stopped when the reached the entrance to the russian crew module with the flag hanging there. :D like an embasssy haha

    JonJon5 ngày trước
  • I’ve always wondered where the other astronauts are while they’re doing videos like these. 🧐

    Smajy ManSmajy Man5 ngày trước
    • Making faces behind the camera!

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
  • Liars! This ISS is totally fake! Green-screens, harnesses, and they use 0-G planes for simulation of weightlessness

    RealZanziRealZanzi5 ngày trước
    • Oh my god..... you’re crazy

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
    • @RealZanzi What _is_ your evidence, then? "It's all totally impossible!" is not evidence. At all.

      Jan StrzeleckiJan Strzelecki4 ngày trước
    • @RealZanzi Looks like my previous comment was right on the 'button' Your 'mindset' actually belongs in the medieval era (middle ages) Your opinions are in line with the Flat Earth and Magical Dome Cult. The mentality of that is straight out of the middle ages.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer4 ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer And your belief is of that of the free mason cult. Do u wanna become an astronot? First u got to become a free mason and worship lucifer. The era of revelation has arrived. At some point nasa has to admit that they are faking space, the evidence is just too overwhelming and its increasing as we speak

      RealZanziRealZanzi4 ngày trước
    • @RealZanzi Your 'mindset' actually belongs in the medieval era (middle ages) Your opinions are in line with the Flat Earth and Magical Dome Cult. The mentality of that is straight out of the middle ages.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer4 ngày trước
  • I'm dizzy...

    GMVGMV5 ngày trước
  • God is a mess in your room guys ... you really need someone to tide up there

    GMVGMV5 ngày trước
  • lool they should play among us

    survivalsurvival5 ngày trước
  • 26:37 there's a face in the cloud coverage.

    Xavier WilliamsXavier Williams6 ngày trước
    • So, you've got an imagination.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer5 ngày trước
  • These guys don't use Mac? I can only see PC

    Eleet GeekEleet Geek6 ngày trước
  • mike and ike in space

    Life of SchmidtyLife of Schmidty6 ngày trước
  • Place looks like my kids room what a mess

    Neal J.Neal J.6 ngày trước
  • In awe..!

    Thania AnaribaThania Anariba6 ngày trước
  • Really lived the knowledge we want more videos on your life out there in iss👍

    Parth RajpalParth Rajpal6 ngày trước
  • American Heroes.

    BAY 8THBAY 8TH6 ngày trước
  • These guys are so big and strong.

    ZenclicksZenclicks6 ngày trước
  • No one sees the cgi there?

    MarkiiiMarkiii6 ngày trước
    • @Apocalips gold man gold, also markii get dunked on you dip

      Luca HermanLuca Herman3 ngày trước
    • Only the sun icon thing in the corner is cgi

      Mudkip909Mudkip9095 ngày trước
    • only you Complete Gigantic Idiot .... CGI... get it ?

      ApocalipsApocalips6 ngày trước
  • damn, they should send marie kondo up there

    danosdotnldanosdotnl6 ngày trước
  • Love how they call each other mike and ike, you can tell they're good friends

    P40GamingP40Gaming6 ngày trước
  • this is the fakest thing ive ever seen lmao

    Drew OttDrew Ott6 ngày trước
    • if you don't like the view in the mirror turn away...

      ApocalipsApocalips6 ngày trước
  • Hopefully we can make contact w you in very near future via Ham Radio...CqCqCq.....CqCQCq

    Zelda ZeldaZelda Zelda6 ngày trước
  • Looks like a big mess up there. The ISS will be decommissioned soon, right?

    remedyteeremedytee6 ngày trước
  • * note the 'sun' logo.

    Hugh Joel CaulkHugh Joel Caulk6 ngày trước
  • Que lindo el astronauta moreno 😙

    Adriana DiazAdriana Diaz6 ngày trước
  • we got a black man apart of this, this is true unity

    hahaha 00hahaha 006 ngày trước
  • 7❤☆

    Chief Crazybull-Jones Rosebud SDChief Crazybull-Jones Rosebud SD6 ngày trước
  • Awesome guys great work keep it up. 👍

    Chief Crazybull-Jones Rosebud SDChief Crazybull-Jones Rosebud SD6 ngày trước
  • They do not mention laundry

    hjbassonhjbasson6 ngày trước
  • Yeah they JUST thought about the 'foot rails' thing hahah. what a joke. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! NASA = LIES!!!

    WahturBugWahturBug6 ngày trước
    • @WahturBug If you say so Mr Triggered.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer haha what? What are you talking about?! Do you even know? Expecting to be called out?? Panties in a bunch?? If there are any panties in a bunch they clearly belong to you Mr. Skypilot!! Face it, NASA is nothing more than a cash-cow subsidiary of Disney Corp. Fact.

      WahturBugWahturBug3 ngày trước
    • @WahturBug Well, you come here typing willfully ignorant drivel, expect to be 'called out' on it. Don't get your panties in a knot over it Dim Wit.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
    • @Apollo Skyfacer I provide evidence, you go straight to name-calling. What a shocker.

      WahturBugWahturBug3 ngày trước
    • @WahturBug Why should I review your links. They're are always the same tiresome codswallop and nincompoopery. Videos that are created by those who are busily fashioning an alternative reality for themselves. Meanwhile, in the real world, no one cares who you are, or what you think or believe in. Except those like me who are constantly being entertained by the willful ignorance of reality deniers such as yourself. .

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer3 ngày trước
  • This is prime content!

    BB6 ngày trước
  • Spin around 10 times??

    mongol shonnymongol shonny6 ngày trước
  • 29min show...but could only get segments in different areas of space station....Just enough for a neg flight parabola...ISS same scale to 737?

    Vikki WilkinVikki Wilkin6 ngày trước
  • Ahhh....thats why we've developed Human Monkey Hybrid...makes sense with the blue rails, just like Star Trek: Always right way up?

    Vikki WilkinVikki Wilkin6 ngày trước
  • Is anybody gonna acknowledge how incredibly attractive these two men are? Also, those arms ❤️❤️❤️

    Brandon ReidBrandon Reid6 ngày trước
  • The next time your in space... Me well never lol!

    foxy foxyfoxy foxy6 ngày trước
  • I would go outside the ship with my space suit 🧑🏻‍🚀🥍and my butterfly net to scoop up as many floating space rocks as I can 🥍🪨🪨🪨🪨

    Victor MazzariVictor Mazzari6 ngày trước
  • The extent these men go to get away from their wives is incredible.

    drevisceratordreviscerator6 ngày trước
  • 👍👌😂😂

    Oakfish DanielOakfish Daniel6 ngày trước
  • Harnesses looks good. That is so fake. The earth is flat those guys are ASTRO nots

    PeterPeter6 ngày trước
    • Yet another brain-dead comment by an adherent of the Flat Earth and Magical Dome Cult. Pure codswallop and nincompoopery.

      Apollo SkyfacerApollo Skyfacer5 ngày trước
    • Time stamp?

      Mudkip909Mudkip9095 ngày trước
    • Which harnesses??

      Somant HeeralallSomant Heeralall6 ngày trước
  • Its a mess in there

    Nyush SnrNyush Snr6 ngày trước
  • What a mess! Must the ISS have the interior design of a hoarder's apartment? Really, it could use some tidying up and better decoration.

    videandovideando6 ngày trước
    • @videando i think they could make it even tidier and organized, but maybe there's no time to do that at the time they record that video, but anyway they know their best.

      NevadaNevada6 ngày trước
    • @Nevada yes, I understand the purpose, but wouldn't you say that a tidier and better looking environment should be better for morale and the psychological wellbeing of the astronauts? Also, take a look at the new Tianhe space station. It's neat.

      videandovideando6 ngày trước
    • it's for maximize utilities not for good looking interior 😂

      NevadaNevada6 ngày trước