Why Is Dragon Ball BETTER Than Dragon Ball Z?

28 Th01, 2020
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KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION!!! Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are two of the greatest anime shows of all time. Their influence on Western and Japanese culture cannot be understated. Yet, I feel that DBZ overshadows much of the original's success. And in many ways, I feel that Dragon Ball is superior to Z. But why? Well, only one way to find out...
0:00 - Introduction
5:24 - Style & Dragonballs
7:56 - Martial Arts & Training
12:00 - Narrative Escalation & Plot
17:30 - Power Levels & Fight Scenes
24:19 Characters & Relevancy
28:00 - Conclusion
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    The Act ManThe Act ManNăm trước
    • @Erde Wut?

      TatsukiTatsuki2 ngày trước
    • @ThisisKyle Nope. An opinion can't be right or wrong. And, opinions can't be factual. Opinions are subjective, not objective.

      TatsukiTatsuki2 ngày trước
    • Well your opinion is complete dogshit so why the fuck should I respect it?

      BillMarsBillMars26 ngày trước
    • *Brazil

      VeniX ???VeniX ???Tháng trước
    • I mean ya it's your opinion but man z got the moves

      King ShadowKing ShadowTháng trước
  • One thing I hate about Z is that for every new arc, more characters become overshadowed and become irrelevant later on. It's power creep at it's most annoying.

    SummerSolstice MimikyuSummerSolstice Mimikyu2 ngày trước
  • I have been making the same points for years.

    Samuel De la CruzSamuel De la Cruz3 ngày trước
    • Yup. Both good IMO.

      TatsukiTatsuki2 ngày trước
  • All of this is fine and dandy since in Latin america we actually got the original DB before Z, as it should be, with none of the censorship, but everything that you said here applies to GT!!! Don't watch the english DUB of GT DAMMIT!! it was atrocious, GT has a lot going for but not the fights, but story and character are there, the heart is there but it also carry over the problems of Z, all that I am saying is give GT a fair chance and no, don't watch the fucking awful English dub.

    Raul RojasRaul Rojas4 ngày trước
    • I watched the English dub and I think that it's good. Especially the voice for Baby. GT is good too.

      TatsukiTatsuki2 ngày trước
  • Dragon Ball Goku : Wow I'm over 500! so cool DBZ Goku : Must go over 16 million to defeat Freiza DBS Goku : lul zeroes go brrrr

    -_--_-4 ngày trước
  • Finally somebody shares my opinion

    Immortally Annoying GamerImmortally Annoying Gamer5 ngày trước
  • you should watch one piece

    Tony AragonTony Aragon5 ngày trước
  • Cause its where he started.

    Bonkai !Bonkai !6 ngày trước
  • Fair enough dragon bal z dragon ball super these 2 were good but dragon ball had its own charm

    pizza delivery springtrappizza delivery springtrap8 ngày trước
  • 15:00 saiyan saga 15:02 namek saga 15:03 android saga 15:05 cell saga 15:08 buu saga

    MUIX5000 _YTMUIX5000 _YT9 ngày trước
  • Very well told. I'm inclined to agree.

    IxapterIxapter9 ngày trước
  • "in the same way star wars has" back up there bud....

    One TwoOne Two11 ngày trước
  • Let's change the topic for a bit a just realize how just little of a kid Goku was. Now apparently go to DBS and man has god power. If you think about it you'll understand what I mean.

    Imade_anotheraccountImade_anotheraccount12 ngày trước
  • Act man wouldn’t like super then

    MonkeyGamersSempai TboiMonkeyGamersSempai Tboi14 ngày trước
  • Super was the best hands down

    TJ RageTJ Rage15 ngày trước
  • Original Dragon ball has the best moments of the dragon ball franchise

    Dragon Bit Z VideosDragon Bit Z Videos17 ngày trước
  • i dont think you understood drangon ball z

    DabsonDabson18 ngày trước
    • I think he does, he just enjoys the original series more

      WesleyWesley17 ngày trước
  • literally never met anyone that felt otherwise everyone prefers dragon ball

    IxKILLxZ0MBIESIxKILLxZ0MBIES22 ngày trước
  • i love the ad for crunchyroll for a series thats mostly not even on crunchyroll XD and its not even dragonball or dragonball z its super or gt if i remember

    WolfAssassin238WolfAssassin23824 ngày trước
  • I like dragon ball for the same reason for why I like gt the soul of the story feels more alive and it's about the adventure were there could be powerful antagonists to be the obstical but it's the adventure to get the dragon balls and the soul of the story that is being told is what makes it so enjoyable to watch.

    mayo jarmayo jar25 ngày trước
  • I think they can remedy this by colliding all the universes into one and introduce some reason, for the power levels to drop very low for good. They need something to make us feel like the stakes are really high if they screw up. And yes Mr Act Man, I agree with you, DB is better than DBZ in my opinion also, but I love both nonetheless

    Adrian UrsacheAdrian Ursache26 ngày trước
  • They're both my favourite shows ever made. However, Super and GT are not cannon to me.

    Cool RobotCool Robot26 ngày trước
  • I've never even finished Dragon Ball and I know its a better show than DBZ. Far more story, character development, and growth.

    Ian RiceIan Rice26 ngày trước
  • I Think up until the Frieza saga, DBZ basically picks up were Dragon Ball left up and it has the same appeal. DBZ is still good after this

    Fletcher CleeveFletcher Cleeve27 ngày trước
  • I wish you talked about Super's anime vs manga

    DSDS28 ngày trước
  • I fucking love dragon ball the sense of adventure and the tournament sagas it’s so god dam good

    Trey CookTrey Cook29 ngày trước
  • I'm so happy I read the Dragon Ball Mangas before I actually got into Z. I was only 15 back then and it was the coolest thing on earth.

    Christopher ClarkChristopher ClarkTháng trước
  • As a wise group of dragon ball fans once said "POWER LEVELS ARE BULLSHIT!"

    Yes 'Yes 'Tháng trước
  • Best Anime in my Opinion is: Hunter X Hunter Well written and wholesome story. Plausible plot and interactions. Surprises around every corner. Cannot recommend it enough. I grew up watching Dragon Ball on TV and kept going until the Cell Saga. They changed it to a private channel soon and I couldn't keep watching anyway. DB has great Story writing as you mentioned and I agree with your assessments about DB and DBZ. I just couldn't get through DBZ when I was revisiting... Rewatching Dragen Ball was a blast because it really makes you care about it all. Great Videos I just found them ^^

    Silence ScreamsSilence ScreamsTháng trước
    • @DBZ District I love Hunter x Hunter so I can only say definitely watch it it is well worth it, but might take 2 or 3 episodes to get into. (but which anime doesn’t take a bit getting used to...) the 2012 version is much better quality. (The old one is still 4:3 and the audio is grainy). Dub or sub is kinda dependent on someone’s preference. I watched it in dub because I didn’t want to read the first time I watched andmiss the action. Also the voice- actors are doing a good job so I can’t complain. I think I will revisite it subbed sometime to get the true feel while having no trouble following the story. Hope you like it it has so many unexpected things happening and great arcs. I am getting super hyped just writing about it

      Silence ScreamsSilence Screams23 ngày trước
    • Should i watch hunter x hunter? Of so explain why, the 2012 version or the original and sub or dub cause in actually trying to watch other anime

      DBZ DistrictDBZ District27 ngày trước
  • Spitting facts

    Collt091Collt091Tháng trước
  • It would be nice to see other martial arts like wrestling (toppo and 16 is quite close), wing chun, etc.

    Fr0CkFr0CkTháng trước
  • 1-dragon ball z 2-og dragon ball 3-dragon ball gt = dragon ball super 4-super dragon ball heroes that one is so shit

    Mr PopoMr PopoTháng trước
    • I think they’re all great!

      WesleyWesley17 ngày trước
  • YES ! 100% agree. Dragon Ball is better than Z

    Ray3DRay3DTháng trước
  • Totally agree!

    Delix.Delix.Tháng trước
  • yes to this, i will say that super is the most mentally challenged son though. Z was good, GT was good, db was GREAT dbs is garbage

    Tyler RosalTyler RosalTháng trước
  • Dragon Ball Super manga is way better than the anime in certain parts, Master Roshi has a badass battle with Jiren and only because of that goku goes Ultra Instinct, Vegeta masters Super Saiyan God before Zamasu Saga and it's way more tragic since it shows how much Vegeta loves Bulma, etc. They have a lot to work with, specially since Namekians are broken, there are more mental work than the anime, Goku and Vegeta got to the limit of their bodies so they have to train in other ways, there is still hope

    Álvaro Ignacio Roa LlanosÁlvaro Ignacio Roa LlanosTháng trước
  • I remember watching dragonball on VIworld growing up I dunno I really liked seeing a kid with nothing, grow up and make friends. It's so nice seeing this adventure

    SmokeyOwOsSmokeyOwOsTháng trước
  • I have not heard anyone say it but I’m sure everyone knows db is better than dbz a little or more

    anime_world668anime_world668Tháng trước
    • What I made a comment a mouth ago ether I’m stuck in a loop hole or fate wants me to watch this again

      anime_world668anime_world668Tháng trước
  • Dragon Ball = Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z = Sci Fi, Dragon Ball Super = A combination of both.

    Strange WorldStrange WorldTháng trước
  • i like it a bit more too, i like that it was more adventurous as you said and i also disliked how Z basically removed some of the best characters but well im just repeating what you said but this redundant comment will hopefully help you with the algorithm so it's ok i guess

    xxalex423xxxxalex423xxTháng trước
  • I concur. Original dragonball was so much more fun and less drug out.

    Aiden ArkhamAiden ArkhamTháng trước
  • I'm almost 34 year old. I've just watched first Dragon Ball series (in original and without censorship) after 21 years. I was afraid that it would have been too childish but luckily I was so wrong about this. I'm glad I did it. So many good memories from my childhood were refreshed during watching. I can remember that I've always loved DB 1 for the adventures, humor and marvelous martial art techniques. What I've discovered now is that DB has its depth and philosophy which all brings too honesty, friendship, honor, humbleness and most of all life adoration. That last thing escpecially in Goku's performence. I love watching him enjoying life, he's so positive attitude can be very inspiring to others. I lost my job last month. I live alone in a big city.There is pandemic state. I've been fighting with depression for 18 years. I should be down in the dumps now but instead I feel ... better than before for sure. I can see my situation more in silver linings. I am glad that what I still have and I appreciate my phisical condition; that I can run run as fast as I can again and f..k all restrictions and just enjoy the life. Like the words of DB say "live life to the fullest". Sory for my english, I'm Pole.

    Johnny MnemonicJohnny MnemonicTháng trước
    • ur good man, i hope u are doin well, dragon ball is def a comfort show, def better than dbz

      Son Kun StudiosSon Kun StudiosTháng trước
  • Nah dbz is better

    David VjdjDavid VjdjTháng trước
    • have u even seen the original dragon ball?

      Son Kun StudiosSon Kun StudiosTháng trước
  • Dragon Ball - best storytelling and friends, Kid Goku over Adult Goku any day Dragon Ball Z - best villains. Frieza, Cell, and Buu are fucking awesome. The movie villains are also pretty cool. Broly, Cooler, and Others. I also liked Vegeta, especially during Namek. Goten is great because I miss Kid Goku and Gohan is also great. Dragon Ball GT - worst storytelling of them all, but I like Omega Shenron and Baby Vegeta Dragon Ball Super - Beerus and Whis are great, I liked Zamasu but not Goku Black. Tournament of Power was the shit!

    Elite Killa367Elite Killa367Tháng trước
  • I always felt this way, although I couldn't quite articulate why db appealed to me more than dbz. So we'll put, thanks for giving solidity to my formerly nebulous feelings!

    James CrozierJames CrozierTháng trước
  • I knew I wasn't the only one 😅

    J.J.J.J.Tháng trước
  • But for real, DBS made me utterly hate Goku. They made him so damn incompetent, so fucking idiotic, SO UTTERLY RETARDED, that it completely just discarded his character development in DBZ. It also discarded Vegeta's character development. And, the thing is, GT, I feel, is almost like a return to classic dragon ball. The hunt for the black dragon balls, how everyone wanted them, and tried to stop goku and the gang. Though I do think it should have just been pan and trunks going on the adventure instead of Goku tagging along.

    Tristan DickersonTristan DickersonTháng trước
    • Well, I say that GT was a return to form, but it was really just the first few episode

      Tristan DickersonTristan DickersonTháng trước
  • GT is the best dragon ball series, besides OG DB. Change my mind.

    Tristan DickersonTristan DickersonTháng trước
  • Because there was no major power escalation, goku did get stronger but it wasn't by a rediculous amount I feel like super saiyan should have been the final evelution in a saiyans power any more than that just seems unnecessary and dumb

    Nova DanteNova DanteTháng trước
  • For smart battles there is Naruto.

    Historia de la CienciaHistoria de la Ciencia2 tháng trước
  • dragon ball super: *takes both series' flaws and merges them together while kicking out the good stuff* manga is good tho imo

    escervoescervo2 tháng trước
  • Dragon ball is better than dragon ball Z plus the Martial arts aspect is epic and love Goku he’s so cute when he was little.

    Shaiane O HaraShaiane O Hara2 tháng trước
  • DB > DBS > DBZ > DBGT fight me

    LavaCreeperPeopleLavaCreeperPeople2 tháng trước
    • Dbs is utterly trash with the storyline, character development, they made goku dumb af, made me hate bulma and chi chi, its always goku and vegeta, nonsense power levels, and more Thats my opinion Z on the other side has character development, most heart warming moments of the franchise, goku is actually smart like average smart while still having those characteristics of goku in db, much more entertaining sagas while the buu saga isnt that good its average

      MonkE CODMMonkE CODMTháng trước
    • My list DB>DBZ>DBGT=DBS

      MonkE CODMMonkE CODMTháng trước
    • @Elite Killa367 :D

      LavaCreeperPeopleLavaCreeperPeopleTháng trước
    • I agree wholeheartedly I actually like Super more because its a lot less shorter than Z, and it brought back some of the comedy that Dragon Ball had.

      Elite Killa367Elite Killa367Tháng trước
  • I've rewatched DragonBall more than Z or any beyond that. It def has deeper feel to it than Z, and it isnt always *big bad guy wants to destroy the world fight blah blah* its more *adventure who will pop up next , martial arts tournament beginnings , krillin vs roshi etc n so on. Man.

    He8myBabyHe8myBaby2 tháng trước
  • A watch it again and I have to agree

    Sym RiotSym Riot2 tháng trước
  • 14:11 those are not sagas.most of those are just arcs

    Simon-peter WilliamsonSimon-peter Williamson2 tháng trước
  • Just gonna say at the very beginning not yamcha no yamcha

    Dice MaceDice Mace2 tháng trước
  • I said make a stalker review! Don’t stand there!!!!

    Russian ArmyRussian Army2 tháng trước
  • Agreed

    RTRT2 tháng trước
  • With this video now in mind, I want to see your take on dbs, what you think of it and how you think it can improve.

    Scorpion CoxScorpion Cox2 tháng trước
  • And also the original dragonball had much more adult humor than the Z

    Midnite KreapaMidnite Kreapa2 tháng trước
  • I am one of the few in America that actually started watching DragonBall original before Z... And till this day right now, I much prefer the original over the Z.... Thank you for this video. The original was so adventurous and had so much build up. And all the characters had memorable moments

    Midnite KreapaMidnite Kreapa2 tháng trước
  • Funimation Needs to Make Dragon Ball 5 Seasons & 4 Movie's in Blu-rays & Dragon DVD Boxes like Z had

    LA DODGERSLA DODGERS2 tháng trước
  • I Like Both of DB & DBZ

    LA DODGERSLA DODGERS2 tháng trước
  • Dragon Ball has Better more Storyline than DBZ Dragon Ball Z has Better more Action then Dragon Ball

    LA DODGERSLA DODGERS2 tháng trước
  • Same! people get so upset when you say that you like dragon ball more than z. Z drags on really hard core. Dragon ball is more pure.

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson2 tháng trước
  • Respected the hell out of Act Man for his opinions on Star Wars but to know he’s a DBZ fan too is to much. OG DB is better than Z in my opinion as well

    Joe KerJoe Ker2 tháng trước
  • This is life changing. It made a lot of sense. Yeah, DB is a more watchable/relatable show compared to DBZ.

    Loren ChristopherLoren Christopher2 tháng trước
  • No it really isn’t and also your pfp is filthy

    Shady SpiritShady Spirit2 tháng trước
  • 10:03 the one million special is all I think about when I see this

    StinkyStinky2 tháng trước
  • Dragon Ball is all about the story line. DBZ is all about the action. They're both awesome but different.

    Petes TreatsPetes Treats2 tháng trước
  • Honestly i agree Dragonball is better than Not just Dragonball Z but Dragonball Super as well. Although Dragon Ball ZTeam Fourstar's Dub makes Dragonball Z way better than the original Dragonball Z.

    Mark CiccolellaMark Ciccolella2 tháng trước
  • How was Vegetable edgy?

    DJHartDJHart2 tháng trước
  • I haven’t watched Dragon Ball yet but I remember a friend a few years ago basically telling me to watch Dragon ball but skip to Z, I only recently started watching Dragon Ball and I started with Z but that’s mostly because I for some reason couldn’t find the original Dragon Ball as a box set for some reason. I may not have watched Dragon Ball but even after watching some of Z so far and even a bit of Super I find it sucks that characters from Original Dragon ball like Tien and Yamcha felt balanced out and had purpose while in Z both these characters are pretty much left in the background. DBZ I think is good and more so drops off around the Majin saga to an extent, I more so think the problem with Dragon Ball as a whole after the original Dragon Ball is because the focus is heavily on Goku and somewhat Vegeta as well especially with Super and GT for Goku

    Excalibur ZXExcalibur ZX2 tháng trước
  • yes my favorite anime of time since i was just a little kid

    Doomer99Doomer992 tháng trước
  • What app did you use to get a English dub

    devin renteriadevin renteria3 tháng trước
  • I would pay so much money for arc system works to make an avatar the last airbender fighting game

    Brometheus The first broBrometheus The first bro3 tháng trước
  • Well, DBZ is better with the Team Four Star's Abridged version. :) "-Lord Freza, Vegeta's really giving us a pounding! -I'm coming, Zarbon! Quick, grab my balls!" :D

    Péter RingPéter Ring3 tháng trước
  • DB > DBZ > DBGT > DBS

    A. ÑekoA. Ñeko3 tháng trước
  • I understand where you are coming from and can respect it in regards to dragonball vs Z. However Dragon Ball Super is fucking garbage...

    Dio BrandoDio Brando3 tháng trước
    • I personally think that Dbs isn’t THAT bad

      Apple JuiceApple Juice2 tháng trước
  • I feel like the android's could have been so much better if a few changes to the story were made. Like, how is earth metal hundreds of times stronger than the emperor of the universe? He could have taken advantage of the fact that they're robots and just made their minds upload to a copy on their defeat.

    just another schmuckjust another schmuck3 tháng trước
  • Well I think dB is wayyyyyy better than dbz

    anime_world668anime_world6683 tháng trước
  • Watch gungrave, its a short series thats simply perfect

    Hayden EdgmonHayden Edgmon3 tháng trước
  • Dragon Ball is a Better story than DBZ but DBZ has Better in Action

    LA DODGERSLA DODGERS3 tháng trước
  • Ppl who say dragon ball is better than a just want to be different the orginal dragon ball is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies and nothing is explained toriyama really learned from the original and put it all in Z, none of your points I can even take seriously like what are you talking about, z is better than the orginal in every way the og is just a repetitive sitcom lol

    Ma1qMa1q3 tháng trước
  • DB is superior because Lunch actually got screen time

    peckron3peckron33 tháng trước
  • No, its actually ki not chee

    SheikahTechSheikahTech3 tháng trước
  • Me a manga elitist "What's DragonBall Z?"

    麻倉Tom麻倉Tom3 tháng trước
  • why u are so right with everythinhg u sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy been saying this for years and all i got is yeah but its sooooo ollllllllld and the aniiiiiiiiimationSSSSSSSSS

    Weed SillaWeed Silla3 tháng trước
  • This may be a steaming take but DBZ should of ended after the namek saga it was after this saga ever character not named Gohan had their development just plateau or we're just forgotten about

    Sean CSean C3 tháng trước
  • You made me picture Bacterium screaming and powering up

    Sean CSean C3 tháng trước
    • Then his aura is brown

      VeniX ???VeniX ???Tháng trước
  • Dragon ball z demonstrates the principal of diminishing returns

    Sean CSean C3 tháng trước
  • OG Dragon ball's writing felt so much better and much more grounded than Z's. I feel like Z struggled in developing itself properly and each saga more of it's flaws became more noticeable. I felt like passed the Sayian saga the only character who had any significant character development was Gohan. Z had the more spectacular fights when they weren't being dragged out arbitrarily

    Sean CSean C3 tháng trước
    • Vegeta had development too. Same with Piccolo.

      TatsukiTatsuki12 ngày trước
  • power levels are same bs as midihlorians is star wars, and dragon ball was more edgy than dbz

    ochucki 5ochucki 53 tháng trước
  • This video needs to go viral

    Roberto SotoRoberto Soto3 tháng trước
  • hey man, i never like dbz

    Afiq FaridAfiq Farid3 tháng trước
  • I prefer Z, but Dragonball is so good because it's before all the crazy power ups that seem to have no end. That's why Super is pretty much trash. Every 15 episodes there is a new power up without even getting to have development with the previous power, and the story is just all over the place and not cohesive until the ToP

    Joey PiedmonteJoey Piedmonte3 tháng trước
  • This is a true patrician take, I remember DBZ wasn't on Hulu and only DB was, so I watched the OG Dragon Ball on the way to school and back everyday on my phone. I was like "how come nobody watches this? I like this more than DBZ". The music is so good I even got the original Dragon Ball Music Collection, it's just so masterfully done and beautiful, it fits the theme of being an action-packed mystical adventure to a T. And who can forget "SORUJA RED RI-BON"

    Cameron PuttCameron Putt3 tháng trước
  • Jaxblade insta?

    Jason NievesJason Nieves3 tháng trước
  • I love how even after all this time Bulma, Goku and Krillin are still best of friends.

    EpicShelter StudioEpicShelter Studio3 tháng trước