Why Kingdom Hearts 3 Is a Disappointing Game For Me (Part 1)

12 Th08, 2019
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KH3 has been a game hyped up for 10 years but after all this wait, to see the Xehanort Saga go out on such a disappointing note is just sad.
Disclaimer: The following is just my personal opinion and if you enjoy this game then I"m glad you did.
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  • I agree but I still have hope it might recover in the next game but it's pretty small.

    mark Gearsmark GearsNăm trước
    • this is exactly the line of thinking that resulted in 9+ cash grab games putting band aids on top of band aids... the only retcon that could redeem this pile of shit is another one of Nomura’s infamous plot twist revelations that it was all a dream and never happened and sora didnt somehow age 5 years between kh1 & kh2 and become a total weebo

      Joe AmodeoJoe AmodeoTháng trước
    • @Obito xshinobi this comment is years old. I know kingdom hearts Is dead.

      mark Gearsmark Gears7 tháng trước
    • Did somebody say *RHYTHM GAME!?*

      MrMasterJDMrMasterJD10 tháng trước
    • Sure, if they start the next arc off from scratch.

      Darius BrownDarius BrownNăm trước
    • The Killer Critic EXACTLY. Low key, they might as well have come back if they’re just gonna be irrelevent in the next saga.

      Jedi HeartsJedi HeartsNăm trước
  • Can see why you have 200 subs

    unstable_45_degree_angleunstable_45_degree_angle2 ngày trước
  • Re: mind changed many things, with critical mode severely nerfing ur mp and hp u just can't smash attack to win Also sora's combat actually felt fine, now that we can cancel out of most of them it's so much more fun(however thst is if u do a NG+ cause first time players can't have those cool combos) i also wish a few keyblades in kh3 also have different combo sets without activating. Kh3 had wayyyyyyyy too much dinsey in it(considering it's end of xehanorth saga), i even enabled the pro codes to disable attraction flows. During epic fights with epic music these fucking atraction flows come with this horrible music that ruins the scenario. The keyblade graveyard playable aqua, riku, kairi and roxas also sucked so much U die so randomly during roxas fights because when u guard with him and get hit, he superarmors and won't get staggered. Aqua and ven vs vanitas and nort also sucked, ventus completly dies and both vanitas and terra-nort start to group rape u. I was so angry that i exploited aquas shotlock, kairi was decent. All of them had extremely shitty airslide except. Aside that i still love kh3, but it could've been better. Also gummi missions are godlike in this game, they are great in kh2, they are stellar in kh3

    GrapefulGrapeful27 ngày trước
  • Cutting final fantasy characters from a main kingdom hearts game was a fucking bone head move.

    Rugger pro GavLarRugger pro GavLarTháng trước
  • Okay seriously why the fuck was Frozen even in Kingdom hearts 3.

    Lighting DragonLighting DragonTháng trước
    • disney demanded it, I guess

      Hyperfairy777Hyperfairy77712 ngày trước
  • I'm fucking pissed off that we didn't get a Nightmare Before Christmas level. It was always my favorite level.

    Lighting DragonLighting DragonTháng trước
  • 😍i loved this . Funny

    Broom GuyBroom Guy2 tháng trước
  • 100% Agreed

    SerKikoSmoreSerKikoSmore2 tháng trước
  • the Disney worlds now in kh3 are nothing but exposition. Kingdom hearts 1 and Kingdom hearts 2 had a reason, also yet I did get remind when it got cheap. I have yet to play it since I just beaten Final Fantasy XV after a total of four fucking years, yet I'm serious! . I will give kingdom hearts 3, the very least its not a complete let-down, Like yet it is, but its more of a missed opportunity. Final Fantasy XV is a complete disappointment! The thing about kingdom hearts 3, is that it was nothing more but a huge Tech Demo. There I said it, you know its true. The reason why its a complete Disney based game was soul was that! As for remind, i have yet to play it. I just restarted the game with critical mode, and yet it gives you the option to make the game a literal dark souls game. (I still think it makes it clunky)

    Lazy BoiLazy Boi2 tháng trước
  • The tangled keyblade was fairly strong too, not to mention the element form attached to it. Cure converter caused it to flow into an infinite loop. Kh3 didn’t have trinity limit, sadly, it had trinity guard and sled.

    DemiTrusdale3DemiTrusdale32 tháng trước
  • Waited like 15 years for a 12 hour game!

    Noah OceanicNoah Oceanic3 tháng trước
    • Don't have high expectations next time bro

      Brianna ChildersBrianna Childers16 ngày trước
  • re com honestly became nearly as good as kh1 and 2 to me once i mastered the game. it took me 3 seperate attempts to actually get into the game and i was shocked by how amazing it actually is. there is a lot of customization and a ton of different moves you can do. for example i often have 3 cloud cards in my deck, and you can do 3 separate moves with cloud, and i'm assuming it's the same with nearly every summon card, and there are a lot of them. on top of that you have a huge number of sleights, it probably has more possible different attacks than any other kh game. i was also shocked by how amazing the story and voice acting are in re com. the story kept me hooked the entire game just as much as 2, and far more than 3 that never once got me interested. even the voice acting in re chain is drastically superior to 3, i just don't get how any kh fan can hate on re chain but like 3. 3 is one of the most boring games i've ever played in my life, but re com kept me hooked the entire game.

    Jack MJack M5 tháng trước
  • I agree, 30fps makes no sense. As for the Disney world's being mostly retellings of the movies and often not telling new stories...the same could be said for many of the Disney Worlds of the Kingdom Hearts series, like the first two games (KH and KHII). Hell, if you extend past just the Disney retellings...Chain of Memories was basically a retelling of the entire first game, in a manner of speaking.

    Chris RidgewayChris Ridgeway5 tháng trước
  • Completely agree with everything here in this video and the killer critics other 3 videos on this topic, now I eagerly await Re:mind being ripped apart, and MoM too ((though MoM had great gameplay, the story angered me more than KH3, Re:mind and union combined))

    Hyperfairy777Hyperfairy7775 tháng trước
  • Man this game was amazing I had a blast playing this game fuck off

    DragneelDrago5000DragneelDrago50006 tháng trước
    • What an intelligent reply. All that time watching that video and that's the best response you can think of...

      The Killer CriticThe Killer Critic6 tháng trước
  • Boring levels and no Disney bosses besides a very small few.

    Dragzilla 66Dragzilla 668 tháng trước
  • KH3 made me go back to see how ridiculous the whole story of Kingdom Hearts is even 1 CoM and 2. And even though 1 CoM and 2's story was also kinda questionable at least i guess it was kinda simple to follow, although i won't lie that DDD was a mess.

    Isaiah RiversIsaiah Rivers8 tháng trước
  • I also want to point out how you have to pay another 30 BUCKS just to have any of the Guardians of Light interact

    Jedi HeartsJedi Hearts8 tháng trước
    • @Jedi Hearts Indeed so, I don't know how the killer critic will react to MoM, but I do think there's some things in there he won't take well, given how he reacted to charicters being sidelined in KH3 ((that's all I can say without spoilers))

      Hyperfairy777Hyperfairy7775 tháng trước
    • @Hyperfairy777 What’s WORSE is that MoM, a f*cking RHYTHM game, has better gameplay and story than KH3. And its cutscenes are a literal retread of the other games

      Jedi HeartsJedi Hearts5 tháng trước
    • Also, Melody of memory may need a killer critic reviews

      Hyperfairy777Hyperfairy7775 tháng trước
    • Indeed, Re:mind also deserves to be ripped apart by the killer critic as well in my opinion

      Hyperfairy777Hyperfairy7778 tháng trước
  • This game to me, is a fan-service game. And after beating the game, when i had my car fucking robbed. I was completely let down. Did i hate it, no, did i expected more? Absolutely. It took me more then fifteen years to realized, we had kingdom hearts 3 all along. Its called kingdom hearts 2: Final Mix HD I will go deep into why it sucks, its biggest reason was Disney Meddling into the affairs of the development team. While also during development, the Osaka team was experiencing their own in studio controversy with sexual harassment. www.reddit.com/r/gamingnews/comments/aixffu/square_enix_fires_kingdom_hearts_3_dev_for_being/ Should've picked up DMCV instead.

    Lazy BoiLazy Boi9 tháng trước
    • @Jack M Its pretty sad that kingdom hearts fans are complete suckers.

      Lazy BoiLazy Boi2 tháng trước
    • If u count kh re:com as 2, then kh 2fm is kh 3 🤔

      Baria NoariaBaria Noaria2 tháng trước
    • yeah, this is one of the worst day one purchases i ever made. i barely forced myself to beat it then immediately sold it. after that i played kh2 for like the 7th time and had so much more fun than i did with 3. i will never play a game made by this team again. the sad part is this team will continue to release sucky kh games and they will still be successful.

      Jack MJack M5 tháng trước
  • You know it's serious when Rachet and Clank music is being used😂😂 12:01

    BarexBarex11 tháng trước
  • I just want to point out Roxas and Xion have zero dialogue together despite the last time they saw each other Xion died in his arms. And that was the base game. Remind doesn't even have three lines between the two of them.

    Adverse ResolveAdverse Resolve11 tháng trước
  • I'll never understand why they didn't just make Sora a Keyblade Master in Dream Drop Distance. He is the strongest character in the franchise at this point.

    Darius BrownDarius BrownNăm trước
    • actually riku was the strongest in ddd, at least mentally. i liked sora in kh1, re com, and kh2, but they ruined his character after 2. i mean kh3 pretty much ruined everyone's characters. kairi toughened up at the end of 2 and axel becomes a keyblade wielder and it was all for nothing because in 3 they decide to make everyone but sora entirely useless. i will never play a game made by this team again, kh3 ruined the series for me and as far as i'm concerned it doesn't even exist, the series ends with 2.

      Jack MJack M5 tháng trước
    • @Tatiana A Dude fanboy? Really!? And I'm sorry, I stopped giving a shit about Canon is this franchise after 2. So I have no interest in reading a wall of text that relates to Nomara's writing habits. And I'm sorry, but please leave me alone. I don't consider myself a fan boy of anything Kingdom Hearts outside of gameplay.

      Darius BrownDarius Brown10 tháng trước
    • False, he's the weakest and most stupid character in the series, full with plot armor and incapable of doing something on his own, he does shit JUST because is the main character, NO OTHER REASON, he's weak, dumb and bland, not a master for sure, all the praise he gets is all a brainwashing from the game and by nerfing others; did you forget how many times his friends had to save him? Did you forget that he never fights on his own? Did you forget that he defeated Xemnas THANK to Riku? Did you forget that he fell to darkness so easily in DDD and RIKU had to save him (while Aqua remained in the ROD and even WITHOUT a keyblade was able to get up in the dark margin ON HER OWN)? Did you forget that AT THE END of KH3 he wasn't even able to fight a demon tide on his own in the ROL (while Aqua did in the ROD on HER OWN)? Did you forget that he was KILLED by xehanort? the only reason why he defeated him was because of Donald and Goofy; All the other character were nerfed to the ground to make him shine, IT'S SO OBVIOUS, do you really think that Riku and Mickey gets defeated by a single demon tower, when Riku defeated Ansem, young Xehanort and also save sora in DDD? Do you really think that Aqua is so weak that is not capable of doing anything, when she survived in her own in the ROD for more than 10 years and fights many enemies on HER OWN? Dod you remember how she was in BBS? This is not Aqua, this is just a puppet being used to make Sora shine, the REAL Aqua is powerful, ferocious, aggressive, determinated, noble, sensitive and yet very flawed making her human. I could keep going, but i have no time to discuss with some stupid and blind Sora fanboy who cannot see that their favorite character is the weakest and dumb shit in the entire gaming history.

      Tatiana ATatiana A10 tháng trước
  • Proud Mode was easy save for the final boss

    Bus Driver IanBus Driver IanNăm trước
  • My opinion: where the hell is the story?????????

    Bus Driver IanBus Driver IanNăm trước
  • If i have one piece of advice: drink some water and take your time while talking. Its sometimes hard to make out words you say. Its chill i do that shit all the time but if youre recordring take your time my dude. Well watch your videos even if you slow down.

    Oh-not-the-beesOh-not-the-beesNăm trước
  • If Kingdom Hearts 3 disappointed you, that's you're own fault. Don't spend 10 years hyping something up like it was going to be the greatest thing ever made.

    TheLast NerdTheLast NerdNăm trước
    • @Metaknightkirby2 which ps2 game?

      DevanplaysDevanplays9 ngày trước
    • It is honestly sad that some people have this settle-for- anything- mediocre mentality. This is why many video games, movies and tv series are seriously flopping in terms of content, creativity, originality and time

      SailorMermaidix 24SailorMermaidix 245 tháng trước
    • Imagine defending a game that fails to beat out a ps2 game that's over 10 years old.

      Metaknightkirby2Metaknightkirby26 tháng trước
    • It wasnt hype, I just wanted something that was as good as kh2

      Vin GuyVin Guy11 tháng trước
    • It's almost like people expected a game in development for 6 years and hyped for 10 to take massive steps to the formula it has created.

      Darius BrownDarius BrownNăm trước
  • Long comment. Just letting you know. 3:41: I honestly remembered that even a 11 year old me didn't find the game that hard, compared to KH1. It changed when I played the Final Mix version, but I don't know if it was me sucking more at the game now or if the Final Mix version is harder than the OG version. 8:31: I remembered thinking that Olympus was a pretty good introduction to the game when 1st playing, but as I progressed through the game, I ended up noticing that major plot problems in that world's story ended up coming back with a vengeance in the later worlds. Why did Hades just stand around and let the Titans fight Sora and the gang with Hercules when he knew that both Sora and Hercules are major pains for him at that point? In the movie, he made sure that Hercules wouldn't sabotage his plan with the Titans by having his powers drained. Where was that Hades in this game? 8:50: Honestly, Riku and Mickey's whole journey into the Realm of Darkness could've given us a sneak peak into it early in the game and then later turn into the whole 2nd Act. Having them come back to Yen Sid because they forgot to get stronger keyblades like they're freaking replaceable tires and then go back the realm is really stupid. 9:21: They honestly could've just calibrated the boss's stats and A.I. to match with the level you're in for the other characters. 9:41: You pretty much summarized everything wrong with having real Keyblades be randomly breakable 9 games into this franchise. If Tetsuya wanted to have them breakable, it should've been considered way earlier. 10:39: I just call the Power of Waking the Power of Padding. 11:28: To be frank, I never liked the way the Replica Program was used in 3, which hampered my enjoyment of the Toy Story world's plot. 13:41: While playing a dating sim with Sora and Rapunzel was interesting, it really messes with her chemistry with Flynn in this game. You probably could've just axed him and have Sora replace him, though he and Rapunzel can't obviously a couple for obvious reasons. 16:38: I loved the Monsters Inc world, but God, that Vanitas scene was terrible, as it really defanged him as a threat. 17:55: The Game Theory video for the Frozen world actually makes the world even worse than it already was. 19:55: The whole bit with Kairi and Axel training and being in Radiant Garden could've served as the tutorial and be its own section of the game, with Kairi and Axel doing stuff with Leon and the gang and then 1 more fight with each other to prep them for the final battle. 20:19: the whole Winnie the Pooh world felt really pointless in this one, and the whole bit with Aqua felt completely mishandled, which extends to the secret ending in BBS. Yeah, the "mystery" girl plot did not need so much focus and should've mostly been in the DLC and next games.

    TimeTellsNoLies90TimeTellsNoLies90Năm trước
  • Kingdom hearts 2 Was One Of The Best Video Games EVER MADE. When I Bought Kingdom hearts 3 I Was Hoping I Would Have That Same Magical Experience I Had When I First Played KH2 But It Juat Wasnt The Same. KH3 Is Still Good. But It Didn't Live Up To What I Had Hoped For.😥

    Chance PurvisChance PurvisNăm trước
    • @Michael Lopez No it doesn't lmao. Kh3 has way more options to use than kh2. In kh3 you can actually block while in the air instead of just awkwardly waiting in the air to land. Kh3 gave each keyblade it's own unique forms and the ultima is actually the ultima weapon. The ultima weapon in kh2 is trash. Also you can disable the attraction commands with an ability that would give you more form changes.

      DevanplaysDevanplays9 ngày trước
    • @Devanplays Lol whatever dude, the combat literally focuses on those stupid attractions.

      Michael LopezMichael Lopez9 ngày trước
    • @Michael Lopez I understand if you didn't like it but some of your points doesn't make sense. You say the combat was weak yet you would replay kh1? The only problem I see with kh3 combat is how floaty its was but besides that the combat was better than kh2 for me.

      DevanplaysDevanplays9 ngày trước
    • @Devanplays Dude I have you all my reasons, if you like the game that’s good for you, but I was so bored, I could easily replay KH1 and 2 but 3 couldn’t keep my attention and it’s combat was weak to me.

      Michael LopezMichael Lopez9 ngày trước
    • @Michael Lopez 1. Boring how? 2. Same thing could be said about kh2 before the final mix version came out. 3. I don't see why you would hate the attraction commands because they would help alot in critical mode to deal lots of damage and if you hate them you could always just equip an ability that would give you more form changes and za spells.What boring animation? You clearly don't know what your taking here. 4. Why are people so upset about no FF in base kh3? FF characters barely have any relevancy to the plot. 5. Kh1 and kh2 hubs were nothing special. Kh3 hubs are better in my opinion

      DevanplaysDevanplays9 ngày trước
  • Lol. I love the enthusiasm in the video. The game is just poorly mad for so many reasons and it’s one of many games that added up and made 2019 the year I stopped gaming. We waited like a decade and a half for a half-baked game.

    Mandela's CellmateMandela's CellmateNăm trước
    • @Kai Decadence yeah it is

      Lady DimitrescuLady Dimitrescu11 tháng trước
    • Isn't that a little drastic? I get that KH3 may feel like it was never worth the hype (which I agree, 13 years and for what?) but quit gaming as a whole? There aren't any other game series you like?

      Kai DecadenceKai DecadenceNăm trước
  • They better fix all these issues in KH4.

    Vick KnewZeusVick KnewZeusNăm trước
  • They built this game up for to long with to many spin offs and it did not pay off.

    Xlen OmegaXlen OmegaNăm trước
  • A very good review ! I'd wish they had done more with the Black Box. They could have made the black box have requirements to unlock it, and each part they need was found in a different Disney World. This could create tension where Sora needs to stop the organisation members and Pete/Maleficent from retrieving all the items, otherwise the black box would unlock. Instead of forcing it into KH4, this box set up a potential great plot point for KH3, but unfortunately was squandered.

    Snufflepus PenguinsSnufflepus PenguinsNăm trước
  • The reason kh3 combat was so floaty was because it was a different studio team. I wish they had used a better team for the combat.

    ken kanekiken kanekiNăm trước
    • @Cronostatis I'm pretty sure it's because they were already working on other games like FF7 remake.

      yung muneyyung muney5 tháng trước
    • @Cronostatis they've already ruined the series for me. as far as i'm concerned the series consists of the amazing trilogy of kh1, re chain, and kh2, with bbs and 358 days being decent side stories. if the original team came back for the next game, i'd give it a chance, but i'm fairly certain they're sticking with this shit team and i will never play a game made by them again. even if they gave it to me for free i wouldn't play it. even if the combat in 3 were just like kh2, it would still be a huge disappointment because the story is complete crap 2. the first time i played re com i was shocked to find it had such a compelling story, somehow the story of a gba game completely blows away a main entry in the series on ps4. re com gets so much hate but to me it is superior to 3 in every possible way, except maybe visuals but honestly i don't even like the visual style in 3, i definitely prefer the visuals im 2 and even 1 over 3.

      Jack MJack M5 tháng trước
    • The Killer Critic Square Enix.....honestly, what were they thinking? “Hey, let’s choose a team that makes poorly designed combat over a team that made many people love KH in the first place!” Like, really? Very stupid business tactic. They probably wanted to give Osaka Team a chance, but they obviously blew it. So hopefully this means we won’t see them often after this.

      CronostatisCronostatisNăm trước
    • Aka: Tokyo Team. The guys who made KH1 and 2 amazing.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
  • I feel making the worlds larger was a waste considering you don't get to go back for a second visit like you do in Kingdom Hearts 2, all of that open space could have easily been used for two visits. Kingdom Hearts 2 worlds is much smaller yet we still got to go back twice and do different scenarios. Toy Story world was wasted and could have been much better. The first visit should have started as it does in the actual game being in Andy's room then once you actually make it outside fighting the heartless they should have had us explore Sid's house. Their should have been a section where humans are walking around and true to the film you should have had to sneak around without the humans noticing you since your a toy. A boss battle should have obviously been Emperor Zurg, I don't know how they missed that. We should have visited the day care center from Toy Story 3 and battled Lotso for a boss and also went to pizza planet. All that could have happened during the first visit to the toy box world then the second visit could have played exactly as it already does going to galaxy toys and that would have been 2 enjoyable visits to the toy box world. I was glad Frozen made it into Kingdom Hearts 3 but the world didn't play like I hoped it would because I wanted Elsa to join my party and use her ice powers during combat.

    DragonSpirit9000DragonSpirit9000Năm trước
    • Revisiting worlds and seeing how your actions changed things for the characters was one of the most interested parts in the series and its a shame they didnt capitalise the hell out of it here.

      Oh-not-the-beesOh-not-the-beesNăm trước
    • I agree and they should have let us play as ventus or aqua or Mickey for a while.

      I Am awesomeI Am awesomeNăm trước
  • Kh3 made me feel dead inside I really wanted to enjoy it the dlc is nothing more than damage control whats in the dlc should've been in the game day 1 along with critical mode

    GamesGamesNăm trước
    • Don't forget that the dlc and melody of memory both were pricey AF for each game... Talking about milking hmm (looks at Ffxv)

      rmwuarmwua3 tháng trước
  • I liked hearing your thoughts

    yeahthatsright33yeahthatsright33Năm trước
  • ...sorry, but you rather disqualify yourself with praising 358/2 Days in terms of story... The only decent points are Riku's new keyblade and the game being too easy. But given that you refer to your Thirteen Year old self when watching initial trailers, I do assume you may not remember the fact that the much lauded Kingdom Hearts 2 came with the exact same problem: Proud mode was still pretty easy with the exception maybe of a few organization bosses if you so far had not really warmed up to reaction commands, a pure atrocity of gameplay which thankfully, all sequels did away with. ...because nothing spells fun combat like triggering prescripted cinematic moves that work only for the enemies they are designed for. And let us not forget that similar to KH 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting Critical added in, through free DLC actually, unlike KH 2 where you had to wait many years until they finally deigned to give us Final Mix versions in the west. So, let us go to 30 FPS since that seemed an argument that rather sticks out... You know what also ran on 30 FPS? Darksouls 3 and Bloodborne. Yes, I would LOVE both games to have a steady 60 FPS, yes, it would be great if all action games ran on 60 FPS. But they don't. And if games like Dark Souls, which rely a lot more on very quick combat, work with 30 FPS, then, no, I do not think it is a killer argument against Kingdom Hearts 3. Also, you seriously equate Trinity Guard, a command that, unless I remember wrong, was available pretty early on, to Trinity limit, which you have to fight an optional boss for? The key issue seems to be that you somehow expected Kingdom Hearts 3 to be something none of the previous games were and then get disappointed that it was another Kingdom Hearts. Disney plots that did not contribute enough? Yeah, that was the big complaint with Kingdom Hearts 2 and even Kingdom Hearts 1 had Atlantica, Wonderland, Olympus and Halloween Town which all are skippable if you just want to see the main plot advance. Unlike Kingdom Hearts 2, where you spend half of the time with Maleficent's plots, all of which amount to more or less nothing, Kingdom Hearts 3 at least gives every world an encounter with one of the new organization. Yes, I would have liked to see all worlds contributing to Sora gaining the power of Waking and yes, I would have loved more playable Riku, but hey, at least I do not have the first world being Mulan's where nothing but the Disney plot happens at all. We also do not have the entire bifurcation of visiting the worlds twice with the second time being very lackluster for most worlds. We also actually get the interesting "council of villains" worked into the game, unlike Kingdom Hearts II, where they later patched in all those scenes showing the organization talk among themselves, which was a huge let down after Chain of Memory, where they used such scenes to great effect to drive the plot. In short, maybe take of the nostalgia glasses and enjoy the game as a sequel to Kingdom Hearts and not as an idealized version. ...after all, we all know how idealized hopes based on Trailers worked out with FF XV. And unlike that utter and complete mess, Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually pretty good.

    MalusMalusNăm trước
    • @Malus You sound like you just want to argue with people just because and no matter how many points people make you just keep going "no". Like, you can't accept facts because you're so into your own opinions.

      King Nexus MOCsKing Nexus MOCsTháng trước
    • @Malus Complete mess? That seems like an excuse no to respond to my other points. Also did you forget that Xion also changed sides, regardless if she was norted or not she was their 13th. Btw what do you mean by "instead of basing things on what we have in the game"? This isn't an stand alone game so Idk what you're on about, and I already brought up things from this game alone like the power scaling, Sora is apparently the weakest but ends up saving everyone and I'm pretty sure he would've been able to save aqua at the beginning of the game. And everyone that was competent became stupid and bad at fighting, dodging or blocking, not to mention nerfed beyond belief just so Sora have come and save everyone The power of waking is something that wasn't explained to him at all so he ends up meandering through worlds asking Donald and goofy why they're in said world, and in the end he didn't even need it to save Aqua.

      Gps1337Gps13379 tháng trước
    • @Gps1337 ...if you want to make an argument, it would seriously help if you at least spent the time reading you own sentences and not just writing a complete mess. So let me pick one thing out which at least seems worth pointing out: There is no indication that beyond being made nobodies again, any of the "auxiliary members" actually have a part of Xehanort in them. And they are conveniently the ones who do the betraying. Given that the game does go with the key outcome being the clash bringing forth the keyblade, wich does work, it is a bit of a moot point either way. I mean, sure, it is a "head I win, tail you loose" kind of scenario, but that is at least in favor of Xehanort as a planner, not against him. Sora's intended spot seems to be eventually filled by Xion, none of the others seem to have been more than an emergency contingency. And getting Sora, one of the most troublesome figures on the opposing side, would definitely be a very sensible move. WIthout Sora, the party would just have lost and then Xehanort would have been very much at leisure to finish things without serious opposition. You end up bringing in your own conclusions instead of actually basing things on what we have in the game. Sorry, but there is not really any use arguing with that.

      MalusMalus9 tháng trước
    • @Malus The characters everyone here out of character to complete extreme, kh2's retcon added more characters to the story but kh3's retcons completely changed the personality of everyone, Ansem SoD didn't seem like completely different person, asking for some girl we never heard of, that girl also seeped into Axel and Saix's story which ruins Saix's character because I'm pretty sure everyone thought Saix changed and became more cold towards axel because of 1 being a nobody and 2 being norted, not a stupid jealousy thing considering he was like that before Roxas came into the picture, Vexen did a 180 at the end of the game, Aqua didn't do anything useful and gave up way to easily, Riku couldn't defeat a single demon tower, and Kairi and Xehanort are a complete mess. The Xigbar being Luxu thing makes no sense, first in the secret he said he passed his keyblade down like he was supposed do since that was his only role along with the godforsaken box, but then he said he went *keybladeless* to other worlds monitoring his keyblade from afar going from body to body, excuse me but that's strike number 1 how did he changed bodies? You have to have a keyblade in order to release your own heart which he did not, and fine he acted like a fool to fool Xehanort but that goes out the window when he willingly got norted, unwillingly got turn into a nobody and dissapeared after his battle with Sora without knowing what would happen which is strike 2 and strike 3 is that Xehanort never saw through it considering how he is or was in bbs and ddd And lastly because this is getting pretty lengthy and I don't have another 3 hours to go into my other complaints: the power levels, I can start from the beginning of kh3 but like I already stated I don't have that kind of time so I'm only keeping this to the keyblade graveyard, first Terranort alone curb stomps every single guardian of light plus others twice, then guardians fail to defeat a shadow storm, (sidenote Sora's scream felt and still feels undeserved) after struggling with Terranort and Repliku, suddently everyone just become push overs because Sora and Riku effortlessly take out Repliku and Xigbar, Sora, Ven and Aqua effortlessly take out Vanitas and Terranort, Sora takes out Luxord, Larxene and Marluxia by himself then helps Roxas defeat Saix then goes and defeats Ansem Xemnas and YX basically by himself. For someone who was struggling with just 1 member and bunch of shadows he sure did most of the work defeating everyone mostly on his own, not only that he then goes and fights all 12 members again alone at the same time followed by Xehanort without getting tired at all, that is completely rtarded. Are you really gonna discussing now when you were the one who started this conversation, if you think we're wrong then respond to the very valid points we have instead of running away at the last minute.

      Gps1337Gps13379 tháng trước
    • @Malus I'm sorry but Idk how you can defend the retcons in kh3, kh2 had some retcons yes but is sorta excusable since if you look at the Ansem reports and Ansem himself at the end of kh1 it's like looking at 2 different people, and unlike kh3 everyone in kh2 have the same character and personality, an also kh2 doesn't completely destroys the plot of the previous game like kh3 did to ddd. And since you seem to be stubborn about this I'm gonna explain this much as possible to see if I can get this through your head, first yes I know every kh game have retcons but the story at least have been somewhat coherent, or at least coherent enough for me figured out Saix was norted before ddd and Aqua wasn't before kh3 came out. But most of the story and characters in kh3 make no sense. First let's start with the organization, in ddd Xemnas said because weaknesses of body, will and *trust* *most* of the org members chosen were inadequate, Xigbar said Xehanort can see into minds, and it's further hinted that their minds connected at the en when Xehanort had Saix attack Axel, not to mention Xigbar also said they were gonna have the same heart and mind, even the entire point of the game was to nort Sora. But in kh3 most organization members are back even the traitors, they say they still need the 13th member but there's like 15 members already going around the place, every member either didn't care about what they were doing or betrayed Xehanort which completely destroys the point in norting people if they're gonna do whatever the hell they want, and the point of norting Sora if he can do whatever he wants at the end of the day, I mean even Ansem SoD betrayed Xehanort to an extent which really baffles the mind, Xehanort the man with a million contingency plans only lost because the people he supposedly controls and should be controlling betrayed him which brings me to my next point.

      Gps1337Gps13379 tháng trước
  • I completely agree with all of this.

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonNăm trước
  • 1:26 forget about the keyblade. I want her to be a full-fledged *character* first. still waiting, nomura.... 13:31 meh. I personally give next to zero shits about the disney worlds. same with FF. their relevance has been questionable since CoM. 17:28 not really. fights are situational. do you honestly expect vanitas to outclass a hulking guy like sully in pure, physical strength? vanitas likely can beat him in a fight, but escaping from that hold is another story.

    Dreq the DreckDreq the DreckNăm trước
    • @Dreq the Dreck Well then you're gonna like my how to fix KH3 story videos with how I handle Roxas, Ventus, Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Mickey, Axel, and Xion. Especially with Roxas.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
    • @The Killer Critic okay. so it's less "what happened" and more "how it happened". understandable. I for one liked it because it re-contextualized roxas vs ansem-riku. then again, I am a borderline roxas fanboy...

      Dreq the DreckDreq the DreckNăm trước
    • 13:31 But in KH3 their relevance is at an all time low and in a story that has to wrap up 10 different plotlines, there should have at least been a few KH original worlds to explore to offset that. 17:28 The problem with that is Vanitas who is skilled enough to fight Ventus, Terra, and even Aqua , but ends up being defeated in the most humiliating manner possible that ends up ruining much of the tension when he shows up again in the story and even within the lore he can and easily should just use a dark corridor to get back.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
  • I love kingdom hearts 3

    Jennifer CarterJennifer CarterNăm trước
    • Wish I could say the same

      Darius BrownDarius BrownNăm trước
    • I understand if you love it and I'm glad you can enjoy it.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
  • I honestly don't enjoy the bland open world side missions route,the world size in kingdom hearts 2 was fine rather then a bunch of stretched out barren huge ones.The artstyle and character presentation is even more childish then before which is strange cause it seems like they would need to be recently influenced by all the fortnite trash,doesn't make it look like a game which spend 6 years in development,more like 3 solid years.

    M.GreyM.GreyNăm trước
    • @M.Grey At this point, my trust for SE is at an all time low. If they can't finish their games, then I don't need to finish clicking the purchase button for buying their incomplete games.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
    • @The Killer Critic couldn't put it better myself,hopefully the ff7 remake doesn't meet the same fate.

      M.GreyM.GreyNăm trước
    • KH3: KH2 if it was painfully mediocre.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
  • My biggest issue was the fact it was wayyyyy to easy

    onebozo4uonebozo4uNăm trước
    • Remind did make the game balls hard, but the damaged is already done.

      Lazy BoiLazy BoiTháng trước
    • @Manuel Canovas Even that game didn't just hand abilities out like candy since Final Form was unlocked at the end and at random(though a bit strange) only has 3 drive gauges at base level, and required 5 drive bars to use and firega chews through drives like butter. Negative combo is something I agree is WAY too broken but at least is only unlocked after you beat the secret boss. The only true game breaker I can see being too powerful is the stitch summon which also used drive gauges and using magic didn't keep the summon going although stitch did give you unlimited MP. And none of the exploits work on Final Xemnas

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước
    • @The Killer Critic probaby you didnt play base Kh2, cause was way easier than Kh2 final mix

      Manuel CanovasManuel CanovasNăm trước
    • KH2 may have had some game breaker abilities but at least for the most part they weren't handed out like candy and at least with the final boss, you couldn't exploit him.

      The Killer CriticThe Killer CriticNăm trước