Why Snyder Cut Worked where Josstice League Failed | One v One

25 Th03, 2021
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Zack Snyder's Justice League is finally here on HBO Max, and whether you think it's a good movie or a good DCEU or not, it is definitely better than 2017's Justice League directed by Avengers director Joss Whedon. To explore some core ways the Snyder Cut improved on Josstice League, let's revisit younger Filmento's videos to find those out -- "Justice League - Anatomy of a Failure" and "Why Infinity War worked and Justice League Failed". And now Warners let's make Justice League Part 2 and Justice League Part 3 with Darkseid and Anti life equation superman and knightmare and all that stuff. Ok.
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Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)
In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend zack snyder's justice league snyder cut honest trailer everything wrong with the snyder cut vs josstice league comparison watch zack snyder's justice league full movie online free 4k hd clip steppenwolf darkseid desaad darkseid scene evil superman dark suit superman superman vs steppenwolf Zack Snyder's Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max batman joker scene Justice League Snyder Cut ALL CHANGES Explained! that which has held them back, snyder cut reaction steppenwolf death scene wonder woman flash differences good movie knightmare scene jared leto snyder cut opening snyder cut best moments action scenes differences darkseid explained reaction review cinemasins flash speed force scene flash turns back time flash runs scene dark superman martian manhunter allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented snyder cut spoiler discussion Zack Snyder's Justice League - Angry Review league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Zack Snyder's Justice League Justice is gray edition and The Flash (Ezra Miller) why is the snyder cut better than justice league snyder cut or justice league may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
Avengers: Endgame (2019)
After the events of Infinity War leaves half of the universe in ruins, the remaining Avengers must work together to recruit old and new allies, and muster all of their remaining strength and resources to defeat the mad titan Thanos Captain Marvel cinemasins everything wrong with captain marvel why captain marvel sucks honest trailer captain marvel watch captain marvel online full movie captain marvel clip ending fight scene and bring their friends back from the brink of oblivion. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and stars an ensemble cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and major stars from previous Marvel films.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) clash over differing philosophies about what kind of heroism is needed to protect the world, while the public they're defending is becoming increasingly mindful of the damage that superheroes and masked vigilantes cause. However, the duo are soon forced to confront an even greater threat created by nefarious billionaire Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also co-stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred the butler, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

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    FilmentoFilmentoTháng trước
    • I personally didn't mind when every DC film failed. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but I think I can phrase it well enough. Excluding animated DC stuff, which was the best from TAS to JLU, DC wants to be taken seriously, too much. It adds in drama where I'd rather watch a pie in the face. It chastises anyone that wants to have a fun time by being that pretentious "I'm not actually good at anything but reading books and then recalling what happens in them" intellectual in the room. When I see a comic book superhero, I was to see action and comedy with sprinkles of feeling and serious tones. As in, hey I'm Spiderman and I'm going to crack jokes for 90 minutes. But then I'm going to throw in the scene in where I try to save Gwen Stacy and end up breaking her neck by accident. Everyone knows what's going to happen, they get to enjoy the movie, and then get kicked in the balls. They don't have to sit through endless dialogue of stupid shit trying to explain a comic universe that no one really cares about because "Batman and Superman". Who the fuck gives a shit or knows anything about any other character on the DC side in the mass public? And if that wasn't true, why have those two characters been given the most attention over the years? I mean, Marvel is pretty much dead now after Endgame and Stan Lee kicking the bucket. But that's neither here nor there. They managed to make Iron Man the cornerstone of their MCU. Who the fuck ever heard of Iron Man outside of the 90's cartoon and bunched up with The Avengers? Every movie they came out with built his lore on the MCU, and had nothing to do with the comic. They hired the right actor, they put his character through the ringer, and by the end Iron Man 1, he's the biggest superhero in the world. Same thing would go for Guardians of the Galaxy. Like seriously, they pulled these random assortment of everchanging cast nobodies out of their ass and made them stars. Again Chris Pratt, hiring the right guy. Not trying to make you feel guilty about laughing at a fucking movie. Especially that "my mom has cancer" part. That was hilarious. And at the end, people are eating up Baby Groot like no other "cute" character had ever existed in any other movie. Maybe the main issue is the audience. And I'm 100% against Drama existing as even an idea. So of course I'm not gonna like crybabies on a movie screen trying to give me their "why I hit people for justice" stories. Be funny or die. But if a different audience likes that crap, then it's just an easy way to tell whose lives I'm going to devalue as opposed to those that I might bother to piss on if they were on fire. All in all, right now movies are worthless anyway. I'm not paying for HBO, nor am I going to go out to try enjoy myself with a fucking mask on for 2 hours acting like old people are even there and if they were like I care if they die from SARS the sequel or not.

      CodeguruXCodeguruX22 ngày trước
    • I love you, but fuck you

      MilosMilos25 ngày trước
    • Infinity War 2.0

      SOMEBODY TOUCHA moms spaghettiSOMEBODY TOUCHA moms spaghetti29 ngày trước
    • One thing I liked was the line where Batman stuttered with I didn’t not like you at the end it was semi good spot for humor

      Jayce SmithJayce SmithTháng trước
    • Anyone else bet that execs are planning their own WandaVision and have no plans for anything else in the Snyderverse? Snyder couldn't build a following for cinematic releases. Now he's put out a piece of streaming content that isn't succeeding in that medium either. I don't know anyone who's signed up to pay for a subscription to watch it, and I'm seeing more random online content about Zemo, a third rate villain no one liked, than Justice League! This was at best a token gesture to the Snyder fanbase to keep them onside for future DCEU properties, and drum up some subscribers. I can't imagine that barely doing better than a Disney+ TV show premier is going to convince anyone that Snyder needs another chance.

      cupguincupguinTháng trước
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Zach’s Justice League was broken. You open up on a part where flash himself established if you Effed with time crazy stuff happens 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 and he did, twice. No wonder it got cut!! Zach butchered his DC universe!!

    Silent SymphonySilent Symphony6 giờ trước
  • despite 4 hours the pacing was great although i didnt like how the icelandic women sang for like an entire minute.

    Justin Neri PanotesJustin Neri Panotes14 giờ trước
  • Why is everyone thinking the Synder Cut was good? To be real it isnt. But it is defently better then the version before

    BartaGAME _BartaGAME _16 giờ trước
  • #releasethefilmentocut ???

    Lucas SantosLucas Santos22 giờ trước
    • I would like to see that

      Lucas SantosLucas Santos22 giờ trước
  • Epic. Jesus loves you btw

    Mr. DoggoMr. DoggoNgày trước
  • *mother’s calling*

    Lochrine -8Lochrine -8Ngày trước
  • Maybe Joss made his version of the movie terrible to undermine the DC cinematic universe

    Lochrine -8Lochrine -8Ngày trước
  • This movie was so good that I pirated first and afterwards went to watch it in theaters during a fcking pandemic.

    RealengoRealengoNgày trước
  • Yay.. A dislike for Baiting me to that stupid sponsor.. Else the Video was good until the 18th Minute

    Yeshasvi SinghYeshasvi SinghNgày trước

    Elijah GanzElijah Ganz2 ngày trước
  • Also is it just me or is it damn annoying everytime wonder woman comes into frame her song starts playing along with a slow motion scene.

    Oda ChOda Ch2 ngày trước
  • I love the flash!!!!!

    Owlowl AkaashiOwlowl Akaashi2 ngày trước
  • 0:53 "OH SHIT! A BAT!"

    Floofy KirbyFloofy Kirby2 ngày trước
  • Maybe it isn't so much the fault of Joss Whedon (because I think he does know ho to direct movies) but the studio cutting down the movie to 2 hours instead of - just like the Avengers finale - splitting up in two movies.

    Marco not on facebookMarco not on facebook3 ngày trước
  • 300 Baby

    PAINPAIN3 ngày trước
  • The brunch shit was ass

    Cj RomeroCj Romero3 ngày trước
  • Eeeehhhh why did i never find this

    GlitchMeisterZGlitchMeisterZ3 ngày trước
  • Josstice league

    Drtwiz100Drtwiz1004 ngày trước
  • Luke 22:52-53 Then Jesus said to the chief priests and officers of the temple and elders, who had come out against Him, "Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs? When I was with you day after day in the temple, you did not lay hands on Me. But this is your hour, and the power of darkness."

    Sitcom ChristianSitcom Christian4 ngày trước
  • Even though this is probably the best movie dc has made I feel like cyborgs dads death was kinda forced. He literally could have just stepped out the murder box and been alive. Not like staying in the box would help him. :/

    Akshar zzstu DesaiAkshar zzstu Desai4 ngày trước
    • @Strangerq21 Z 😂 you don't get the emotional weight this film has if it's badly written

      Daniel MillwardDaniel MillwardNgày trước
    • The entire plan is stupid. You want to keep the boxes from the bad guys not heat them up. Heating is stupid way of marking something. Heat is easily conducted away. Unlike higher frequency forms of radiation which have a long half-life. Also why not aim the laser at the bad guy. And how hot is it if the laser can still be grabbed anyway like some warm biscuits. Also why do you need to track the enemy when he's building a giant energy dome you can see from space? He's gathering all his parademons there. This scene is really just meant to kill Silas because the film has no more need for his character. The entire film is just badly written. Worse, substantially than almost any other comic book movie.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • Jostice league : Flash falls on Wonder woman bubs Justice League: Stephen wolf hesitates to pickup weapon Infront of Wonder woman That's how you show respect or care for the characters

    Aditya SaiAditya Sai4 ngày trước
  • in the first place why would you let a marvel director to direct a DC movie?

    Foxy PirataFoxy Pirata4 ngày trước
    • James Gunn. Cough ahem.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • After watching ZSJL I understood why the actor who plays Cyborg was so happy it released and is quitting the DCEU

    Zahabia PanchaZahabia Pancha4 ngày trước
  • Who's the meme guy at the beginning of this video who says "WHAT THE FUCK"? I wanna know.

    VivliforiaVivliforia4 ngày trước
    • Jontron

      AYzazzAYzazz4 ngày trước
  • Just realize isn't cyborg dad the same guy that sacrifice himself so John N Sarah conner can get away in terminator 2,its funny cuz i got a dajavu watching him blow up twice

    Kym ChiKym Chi5 ngày trước
  • I still wish aquaman sitting on wonderwomans lasso scene was still in the Snyder version

    Kym ChiKym Chi5 ngày trước
  • Its better, but if you have that much extra time to play around with and you still never gave Cyborg and Flash their own movies, of course its going to feel more meaningful in the end if you actually spent more time with them. That and the removal of MOST of the cringey humor makes for a slightly better movie tonally. But I just feel like if you had to edit this down to a theatrical release length, you would run in to some of the same problems and the actual gap in quality between these two cuts shrinks even closer. Many of the core issues I had with the theatrical cut are still present. A long with an extra layer of weird music choices, overuse of slo mo and indulgent scenes to the point of confusion like sweater sniffing, reacharounds ect. I know the narrative online is to hate joss and love snyder, but I think these are both pretty average in terms of super hero stories that are closer than some people are willing to admit, because of the meta spectacle of this cuts release, and or a complete overinvestment and identification with the movement to make it happen.

    R0B1NG5R0B1NG55 ngày trước
    • Sweater sniffing, reacharounds, and hot dog death porn. Really so much of Snyder Cut is objectively garbage. This video isn't honest about it.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • The Snyder's cut was so dope.

    Ahambrahmasmi OmAhambrahmasmi Om6 ngày trước
  • I would go so far as to say Snyder's cut was one the most great superhero movie of this decade

    Ahambrahmasmi OmAhambrahmasmi Om6 ngày trước
    • @Strangerq21 Z 😂

      Daniel MillwardDaniel MillwardNgày trước
    • It's a scam. The film is awful.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • Unfortunately #restorethesnyderverse will never happen, WB will and can never admit they're wrong.

    Brock Van WagonerBrock Van Wagoner6 ngày trước
  • One of the reasons Zack: Stepphen Wolf Joss: Uncle Stephen

    Rabu BoyRabu Boy6 ngày trước
    • Differences between the two are superficial. Both are forgettable one dimensional CG villains.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • I saw someone else comment that these two films will be compared to each-other in a literature class for young writers. 100% agree.

    DaleDale7 ngày trước
    • Definitely this will be discussed in film classes.

      not impressed chihuahuanot impressed chihuahua7 ngày trước
  • Thank you for showing exactly what I had been saying from day one of the Josstice League.... Emotions are important to a story, if there is no emotion, just going from one bit to another, then the story gets lost, and there is no real impact to what happens on the screen. Where as the Snyder Cut of Justice League, I was emotionally connected to the movie, and that to me is a HUGE thing, even in "just another comic book movie" as a friend of mine would say. I mean, hell, Deadpool 2 managed to make me feel emotional! Where as Josstice League, I felt nothing except... I wanted that time of my life back. I have now watched the Snyder Cut 3 times...... and it STILL made me emotionally connected, each, time. I am so, so very glad that Snyder was able to get his version out, and connect so beautifully back into Man of Steel, and Batman vs Superman.

    Carstuff111Carstuff1117 ngày trước
  • Joss Whedon is a blastord sobitch

    Suprabh PranjalSuprabh Pranjal7 ngày trước
  • #restorethesnyderverse

    Suprabh PranjalSuprabh Pranjal7 ngày trước
  • What I like about this film is that it made people appreciate Zack synder because before he was hated a lot for his DC movies now people love him for making this movie and its a good thing it shows he can make a good DC movie when hes allowed to do whatever he wants I really hope he does well after this movie and has found happiness after his daughters death

    TheRedStone1TheRedStone17 ngày trước
    • re: "was hated a lot for his DC movies now people love him " His cult does. He isn't loved by any 'the people' - that's like something Joker would say right before completely losing his mind and going on a killing spree.

      Strangerq21 ZStrangerq21 ZNgày trước
  • Its justice league btw

    ThomasThomas7 ngày trước
    • Read the title again

      A.R.M.Y MOA ENGENEA.R.M.Y MOA ENGENE7 ngày trước
  • I liked the "save one person" line

    Marco ToninoMarco Tonino7 ngày trước
  • 01:27 Tom yelling 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Steve NaveedSteve Naveed7 ngày trước
  • That was actually a good point about how Joss wrote Batman the same way in and out of his suit because the MCU doesn't have secret identities I never thought about it like that

    Athena JaxonAthena Jaxon7 ngày trước
  • it´s still not good, yes, they fixed the main flaws but the movie itself is still flawed

    Omega RugalOmega Rugal7 ngày trước
  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

    dave spiessdave spiess8 ngày trước
  • Nobody was shocked more than me that the Snyder cut was good. I hated Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman.

    Charles ShellCharles Shell8 ngày trước
  • Okay sorry everybody I tried, but I didn't really like the Snyder Cut all that much, although it is still leagues (pun intendet) better than Josstice League. But nonetheless, I found a lot of things dumb (most notibly Wonder Women incinirating a bankrobber and thereby destroying an entire bankwall with potential for cop/civilian injury), the endless character drama got so overused to the point of boredom (Lois especially, I know she's sad, I get it, but it took out any momentum the movie was building) and talking about momentum it was just, it felt like a book was filmed step by step; long, repeated character introductions, being slow (which is okay) but then after 20ish minutes you start picking pace, things happen and happen and happen and.. o, we're back to slow. Flash's time reversal was cool but I found it to be to quickly after the initial defeat and the endless voiceovers and throwbacks from something 2 hours, making you forget where the throwback comes from. Same with Superman's preflight sequence, it made it feel uncalm and rushed in a otherwise slow "builduping" movie. And then the "epiloque", the 20 minute epilogue! It could have been saved with a bit less stuff happening and getting to the dream a bit faster (which was great was it not for how bad it fitted in), 'cause now me and my *MoThErrrrrRr* kept making jokes like : ‘is it the end? Is it the end? Nooo another 20 minutes, but maybe this WILL be the last one, I ain't betting on it though’. This is really what I noticed, most thing that happen I like, but together it doesn't quite fit for some reason and so the entirety falls apart, making you complain about other stuff even quicker. I don't know, maybe I need to watch it again to appreciate its potential.

    XIHIXXIHIX8 ngày trước
  • Sorry, it's still one massive turd, he just varnished it allowing him to do the impossible! Polish it.

    Nick DexterNick Dexter8 ngày trước
  • A mother box is an iPhone on ACID. Don't ya read those comics?

    DexterDexter8 ngày trước
  • Lmao 10:10 that look like The Office

    vinh nguyenvinh nguyen9 ngày trước
  • Honestly, Whedon couldn't make the urge of what's going to happen next in me which Snyder perfectly delivered. The ending with Darkseid made us wait for the next sequel.

    Nazmus SakibNazmus Sakib9 ngày trước
  • Josstice

    Ethan Alexander Pena JimenezEthan Alexander Pena Jimenez9 ngày trước
  • Zack Snyder cut was leagues better than joss whedons.

    Lorenzo MartinezLorenzo Martinez10 ngày trước
  • I may not have my finger on the pulse but did anyone really give a shit about Batmans dreams? Not to mention it was all a Tony Stark ripoff. I liked Snyder Cut better than whedon and it had some really amazing stuff in it but the dream stuff was dumb. Superman is the 1 thing that should've stayed the same as in Whedon, you keep saying "maybe", maybe some of you can grasp that while not everything has to be sunshine and jokes, it also doesn't have to be grey and depressed, Superman should've been that "brightness" that gives the offset to the gloom.

    Matt StormMatt Storm10 ngày trước
    • @Matt Storm It was executed differently. A FALLOUT esque wasteland but this time, one of the League is behind this

      AYzazzAYzazz6 ngày trước
    • @Mega Mask I said the dream stuff was a complete copy paste of Iron Mans dreams, how can you say it's not? All heroes dead, big, mean, bad dude lurking with Earth being a wasteland. Not sure what you mean Whedon did Batman similar to Iron Man? Most of the film Whedon put out was Snyders footage.

      Matt StormMatt Storm8 ngày trước
    • The concept of having “prophetic dreams” is not a marvel only concept or something exclusive to Tony Stark. Many works use that. That’s a lot of reaching just to say they just did Stark when Whedon is the one that did Batman similar to Iron Man.

      Mega MaskMega Mask8 ngày trước
  • We all know why the Snyder cut succeeded, and it’s because of the time travel scene

    YF21_SepticYF21_Septic10 ngày trước
  • So where do we get to see the better one

    ZakkiyahZakkiyah10 ngày trước
    • Google Play Movies.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
  • If you scroll to the comment section for an answer about why Snyders film was so much more successful than the original I will tell you in one word context it’s that simple the 2017 version had no context to any of the scenes that carried meaning at all Zack Snyder gives depth to his story and he actually has a story it’s not just a bunch of scenes thrown together in a horrifying mess of a worthless movie #ExpandTheSnyderVerse

    Tony's WorldTony's World10 ngày trước
  • SUB!🙌 I now have a better and more deeper understanding of a story should and not go thanks to your channel, it'll help me in the future so thank you

    Justin MathabaJustin Mathaba10 ngày trước
  • Josstice league

    Nebrew The proNebrew The pro10 ngày trước
  • MOTHER tell ur children not to walk my waaaayyyy

    Max SoapMax Soap11 ngày trước
  • Apparently in both versions of the film, Jeremy Irons is great.

    LegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTLLegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTL11 ngày trước
  • Dragged out scenes overuse of slow motion. ZSJL failed just as hard as 2017 JL. Whedon knows how to cut to the case & not waste screen time overly explaining shit, basically holding the audience's hand throughout the entire film. I don't need to see crap like Bruce's long ass journey to meet up with Arthur. Nobody is surprised by WB's decision end the Snyderverse & move forward far far away from it. ZSJL worst CBM of all time.

    Crystal LakeCrystal Lake11 ngày trước
    • @Crystal Lake obviously you won't read it, because I asked you to do a simple Google search that will expose your lies which is obviously bad for your soul. Suicide Squad is getting a reboot not a sequel. Imagine I had to take all the effort only to educate someone who spams emojis.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy8 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy yeah Im not going to read that lmao. The fact that you have to work so hard to defend the massive failure that is ZSJL says it all. Sorry but SS did get mixed reviews hence why there's not only a sequel to SS but Margot Robbie gets to repriase her role as Harley Quinn for a 3rd time. Sounds like youre jealous of Suicide Squad success 🤣😂 every DCEU film already got & is getting a sequel but ZSJL 😂🤣😂😅😅😅 go & support Black Superman & Matt Reeves Batman & stop crying. Also lying is bad for the soul...you should stop doing that aswell.

      Crystal LakeCrystal Lake9 ngày trước
    • @Crystal Lake first of all, Suicide Squad didn't get mixed reviews. It got negative reviews. Secondly ZSJL didn't get mixed reviews. It got positive reviews. Its user score on Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and even Google Play Movies is higher than most superhero movies. And it IS getting a sequel. Just because WB doesn't want it doesn't mean it's not getting one. HBO Max wants it, Warner Media wants it and AT&T wants it. Either the parent company will be listened to in which case it will be Warner Media and thus it will be made, or it will be the company directly managing which will be HBO Max and thus it will be made. I don't know who told you it's not being made. A simple Google search can tell only WB doesn't want it, and ego isn't the only reason. The other reason being that it's HBO Max which will be earning not WB. The other reason being, as you yourself said, WB didn't even know how Joss Whedon treated the crew. That's irresponsibility on many levels. If it was just Ray Fisher then YOUR lame and bullshit excuse could have worked, but it has been said by literally everyone including the producers. We want a fully restored Snyderverse and we aren't compromising at all. The whole point behind showing Snyder Cut was to say "Look this is what you have been fighting for. Was it worth it?" and now since the answer has become yes, they weren't expecting this kind of response. Also the Snyder Cut was released for HBO Max with no involvement of Warner Bros. That's why they don't even care about the Snyderverse at this point except for the fact that its existence will prove their irresponsibility. So obviously they will not want it to happen.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy it's about how many people watched it not how many a minority watched it. The numbers were low. 1/3 of people didn't even finished watching it. WW84, GvK & Mortal Kombat even Judas & the black Messiah was viewed way more than ZSJL. Lol 🤡

      Crystal LakeCrystal Lake9 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy Just like the first Suicide Squad , ZSJL has mixed reviews. It was a flop hence why it's never getting a sequel. Only successful films gets sequels. It has nothing to do with WB's "ego" or any other lame bullshit excuse . It wasn't successful plain & simple. Accept it & move on. . you got the film you wanted. Be grateful.

      Crystal LakeCrystal Lake9 ngày trước
  • Let’s be honest, Snyder cut was fucking trash as well, it just feels good because josstice league was even worse

    SimonUserSimonUser11 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy I guess

      SimonUserSimonUser9 ngày trước
    • @SimonUser I liked it more than all those movies. Each to their opinion.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy it’s just so bland and uncompelling. Compare it to for example Thor in avengers infinity war, Iron man in endgame, also non superhero movies, the characters from the Pixar animated movie soul for example. You really understand what change they go trough, in Snyder cut it just feels as a vague idea of why they are doing things, while in soul, it’s what makes it a good movie.

      SimonUserSimonUser9 ngày trước
    • @SimonUser that's literally what good character development means. I haven't seen anyone else complain about this.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy but come on kid, that’s really not good character development, it’s bland and vague and really really really bad storytelling.

      SimonUserSimonUser9 ngày trước
  • I actually have a good memory of josstice league My mom had just bought the movie on dvd and me and my brother where watching it when my sister entered the room she said she hadn’t seen justice league yet. So I pointed at the old hobo with the sign that said “I tried” and I looked her dead in the eyes and said “that’s Batman”

    Camyboy 10833 IdeCamyboy 10833 Ide11 ngày trước
  • They both failed……Snyder cut was the same exact movie and story. Snyder changed Stepponwolf armor, gave a different opening, edited the battle of Themyscira, removed the weird family, threw on 2 hours of bloat (40 mins was unnecessary slow-no) and extended the dark future 🤷🏾‍♂️.

    Long Beach In NYCLong Beach In NYC12 ngày trước
    • Of course Zack would cut those Whedon scenes cuz he didn't even shoot them Whedon did

      Juan M.Juan M.11 ngày trước
  • Se están dando los resultados del partido

    anaelena2912anaelena291212 ngày trước
  • Weedon should be arrested and charged with treason

    Tevin ArchuletaTevin Archuleta12 ngày trước
    • @Puroo Roy issa joke

      Tevin ArchuletaTevin Archuleta9 ngày trước
    • Dude that's too extreme. He got his comeuppance, and that's enough.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
  • It's not Marvel vs DC anymore It's DC vs DC

    SONYASONYA12 ngày trước
  • AI think Joss wants to sabotage DC

    Georno GeornoGeorno Georno12 ngày trước
  • they did batman dirty he look like a bodybuilder that cant reach his back his biggest counter is antman on his back tf

    Le MonkeLe Monke12 ngày trước
  • For Darkseid

    Sameer KhanSameer Khan12 ngày trước
  • I am impressed with The Flash scene too. If time heist concept really happen in 2016 JL, MCU will get a bit difficult to use time heist concept in 2019 for Endgame..

    Bientoro Hadi WibowoBientoro Hadi Wibowo12 ngày trước
  • Let's face it, the answer for 90% of the improvement is having up to 2 hours more time, and most of the rest of the 10% is a studio who stepped back and wanted to look better after all the interference they did for the first film. The Snyder version that would have been released originally would have needed 1.5-2 hours of cuts, and extensive reshoots for the direction the studio decided it wanted to go which was different. And it would have been absolutely as "bad" as the Whedon version. It shows how easily people are misled from marketing, when people actually think this version is what they missed out on

    wyterabittwyterabitt12 ngày trước
  • I work for Alfred too

    Yash KaliaYash Kalia12 ngày trước
  • 16:29 wait I thought trashing josstice league was why you made this video that's why I was watching this video in the first place lol

    Yash KaliaYash Kalia12 ngày trước
  • Hei filmento, i watched this snyder cut because of your review. But i didnt watch the original justice league cut, and after 4 hour, for me it still dissappointing, although i dont know why, but the ending pretty boring ang unexciting for me. Just to be honest

    Raizo PopoRaizo Popo12 ngày trước
    • @Raizo Popo that explains a lot.

      Juan M.Juan M.11 ngày trước
    • @Juan M. well im not regular movie goer,

      Raizo PopoRaizo Popo11 ngày trước
    • Of course you watched this video before the movie duh

      Juan M.Juan M.11 ngày trước
  • Josstice league put more story into a russian family than cyborgs origin story. I think this fact can show you one of the hundreds of reasons why josstice league sucked

    Davy JonesDavy Jones12 ngày trước
  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse​

    Денис ВыморковДенис Выморков13 ngày trước

    Rich SpeirsRich Speirs13 ngày trước
  • Only 39% of people that start watching this train wreck finish it. That is a true statistic.

    Drew Needs more sleepDrew Needs more sleep13 ngày trước
    • First of all, it was not a train wreck. It was given 4 hours so that it doesn't become a train wreck. Secondly it's a 4 hour long movie. Most people don't have time to watch the whole movie in one sitting. And thirdly that's only USA's statistic, where the movie released on a streaming service. People had the luxury to leave the movie at any point they wanted without the fear of it expiring within 48 hours. The rest of the world purchased the movie from Play Movies or other such alternatives.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
  • Did it really work though

    Yourself GamingYourself Gaming13 ngày trước
    • Yes

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
  • This video made me love josstice league. Not as a DC movie.. *But as a comedy movie.*

    Enchantment TableEnchantment Table13 ngày trước
  • Being a 4 hour movie I was surprised that I was not bored of it at all

    dragonsshield gamingdragonsshield gaming13 ngày trước
  • Snyder's cut wasn't exactly perfect in every way, but it was by far the best DCU movie ever produced. I really thank him for bringing the characters justice. Good thing Joss is now probably out of the industry. Thanks for the interesting and amazing video.

    제규형제규형13 ngày trước

    ItsmicahItsmicah14 ngày trước
    • That excuse could have worked if the Martian Manhunter scene wasn't shown. Ben Affleck has become a lot slimmer and older since the movie was shot. You could actually see that those scenes are old.

      Puroo RoyPuroo Roy9 ngày trước
  • I think this is the first time I can say a sponsorship setup was good

    AquaMidgetAquaMidget14 ngày trước
  • This movie gets to much praise for being better then the original, this movie really isnt all that good

    Mr.FMr.F14 ngày trước
  • "Be sure to stay till the end to see the Filmento Cut of this video with extra never before seen footage" So that was a lie...

    mitch-bittensmitch-bittens14 ngày trước
  • I disliked your video because your "never before seen footage" was a raid shadow legends ad.

    Riddell WilsonRiddell Wilson14 ngày trước
  • That "Filmento Cam" reaction to Flashs scene is so perfect, and I think reflects everyones reaction.

    Christian ValenzuelaChristian Valenzuela14 ngày trước
  • I still think that Steppenwolf would have rocked a badass beard.

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer15 ngày trước
  • Am i the only one who is sad that these movies doesn't get a finale? I am somewhat invested in this version of the DC universe (now) and would like to see snyders vision of the fight aganst darkseid. Maybe cut back on the slow motion, but aside from that i would really like to see more.

    ViralInfekTViralInfekT15 ngày trước
  • Will there be another movie following the Zynder cut or is DC not ready for any sequels?

    Kailas NarayanKailas Narayan15 ngày trước
  • We wouldn't have had the snyder cut if we didn't have the josstice league, so let's thank whedon for his blunderbuss and the fans for the support

    anoni mitianoni miti15 ngày trước
  • Go check Mauler review. And decide which is better. Which director got more time, support freedom and what they came out with it

    AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
    • Now you know, Joss came in the last minute, with permission of 2hrs movie time and less time towork over someone(JS) trash and he came out with that and JS got all the time he needed and 2nd chance to do over and he still came out with not that much better that Joss version.

      AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
    • Snyder cut might not be what you really think it is.

      AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
    • Go watch Mauler review Snyder cut. Then come back and decide

      AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
    • Go......

      AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
    • GoooooooNowwwwwww

      AirHeadAirHead15 ngày trước
  • imagine doomsday clock directed by snyder

    Mooning ManMooning Man15 ngày trước
  • dude, I've watched the synder cut three times !! each time having same feeling about the movie of how great it were ! but I will disagree with only 1 thing, there wont be any JL 2 or JL 3. They already confirmed though. ;-)

    Olivier POlivier P15 ngày trước
  • I cannot blame joss whedon because joss whedon I not like justice league director like he is like a 8 year old movie direction

    Aleyamma BabyAleyamma Baby15 ngày trước
  • Comment

    Mr KalmiopsisMr Kalmiopsis15 ngày trước
  • Borrowing from Pitch meeting logic, if flash can do time travel then he can end all of the future conflicts. thats the biggest drawback with this unless they nerf him for ridiculous reasons.

    XanxusXanxus15 ngày trước
    • That's the entire point of flash point to show why he can't just do that

      Daniel MillwardDaniel MillwardNgày trước
  • "josstice league"

    lawlaw16 ngày trước
  • I still think Sucker Punch is his greatest work. Fight me.

    SnagabottSnagabott16 ngày trước