Why SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Works - A Scene-By-Scene Breakdown

22 Th09, 2020
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Film Crit Hulk goes deep into the thoughtful, funny, and structurally inventive writing behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
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  • Let us leave a comment once last time….what I love about this movie is it’s depth. It’s the ultimate story coupled with groundbreaking art, an amazing soundtrack, hilarious comedy, all wrapped in a spider-blanket we grew up with. This is a Spider-Man movie that will last long after the others have passed, because it is the Ultimate Spider-Man.

    Wild_Lee CoyoteWild_Lee Coyote17 ngày trước
  • Golden Age Spicey is the superhero we never knew we needed !

    jjstarrprodjjstarrprod18 ngày trước
  • Gonna be honest, I've never had a movie make me SOB as much as Spider-verse did

    Winter FluskaWinter Fluska22 ngày trước
  • Never forget... *GOLDEN AGE SPICEY*

    AppoLogic LanceAppoLogic Lance28 ngày trước
  • Golden age spicy 🤣🤪

    Koyuki KazehanaKoyuki KazehanaTháng trước
  • It took me like ten viewings of this movie to understand what's happening with Peni Parker in the climax. Yes her spider buddy survives, but there's actually another character there - the robot that her father created, and the robot does die. I'm sorry but I really wish they'd gotten rid of spider pig. Noir and Peni and Gwen deserved a little more screen time.

    Mor HilaiMor HilaiTháng trước
  • Well it's 12pm... Time to watch this!

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  • Not me taking notes for my own writing

    QuestemQuestem2 tháng trước
  • Another GREAT video, Hulk!! Insightful, thought provoking and genuinely funny! I get a kick when you make a mistake and you and the crew just go with it. Good stuff!! "Spicy!" Keep up the marvelous work!!

    Ralph WheatRalph Wheat2 tháng trước
  • Hey Hulk I'm an enormous fan of yours and am both impressed and intimidated by your understanding of filmmaking. One of the things that caught my eye in this video was the "storywheel" you show at 53:33. The idea of breaking a story apart like that has never occured to me and I just wanted to know if that style of outlining is a common technique, and if it is is there any chance you'd consider doing a video on this process?

    Gandalf the GreyGandalf the Grey2 tháng trước
  • i, too, was born in '91. i felt that clip so well & as for the video, it made me appreciate this masterpiece of a film so much more. i draw as a hobby & this film sparked an inspiration for me to start again, after not doing so for quite some time due to depression & things i'd rather not get into through a comment. i love SO many things about this film - but the fact that, it inspired me to start drawing again, really helped me & for that, it means that much more. i eventually would love to get into voice acting or something along those lines one day. maybe, just maybe, i'll see if i can't make that happen. for now, i want to thank you for such a stellar, fantastic video. you've gained a new subscriber & thanks for reading this, whoever does. remember, you're loved.

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  • This is the first time im watching this guy VIworld channel and now i cant stop imgining hulk talking so normal and smart 😂😂😂😂

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  • Why do you want Miles' dad to be a hip teenager? Like his uncle was? That'd be weird. He's already one of best dads ever.

    Daniel MorganDaniel Morgan2 tháng trước
  • Why does this not have 10M views? What sort of nonsense is this?

    Mary CarmanMary Carman2 tháng trước
  • When Aunt May comes into the story and I can't see the screen any more.

    Furore2323Furore23233 tháng trước
  • If you notice it’s not a direct representation of the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies as in this film Mary Jane is hanging upside down during their kiss rather than Spiderman and when the car is going to come through the window Peter punches it away rather than grabbing maryjane and spinning with her away from the collision. It’s almost like this representation is one or two universes away from ours. I love this video though I’ve probably seen your break down like five times

    Sarah Ann GonzalesSarah Ann Gonzales3 tháng trước
  • you sir made me cry 6 times

    Collin FarrarCollin Farrar3 tháng trước
  • I love your work. Please keep it up 👍

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  • the amazing spicey-man

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  • This video was amazing. Thank you.

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  • honestly the effectiveness of the "always get back up" theme really hit me when i got chills from just that snippet being played around the 4 minute mark i haven't seen the movie in months and it just slammed right back into me at full force

    Maple RockMaple Rock4 tháng trước
  • I completely disagree with pretty much everything you said about Miles' dad being a cop

    Noah BullockNoah Bullock4 tháng trước
  • I love this movie for many reasons, but the biggest one is Peter, B Parker, who I will refer to as Ben. And just to warn you, this tangent will be fairly long It's complicated but ill try to explain it as best I can. Comic fans, and movie fans know spiderman as two different people. To people who just watch the movies, spiderman is a fun, happy, young man who fights crime while making funny quips and jokes. But us comic fans... we know him as someone else If your familiar with "One More Day" than you know what I'm about to talk about. People who keep up with the comics, and the continuing universe therein, know spiderman more. Comic readers grew up with him as that same quirky, funny hero, but he's evolved since then. In the comics, spiderman has grown up, got a divorce, and lost his aunt may. And it's truly heartbreaking what happened to this once beloved character. In the movie, the Peter Parker from miles' dimension represents the one that most people know. He's funny, kind, and willing to give miles a chance. Ben Parker is the spiderman we grew up with. He's the spiderman who used to be witty and charming, but has been broken by the traumatic experiences he's gone through. The writers behind "Into the Spider-Verse" knew this when writing Ben Parker. Their goal was to take this character who we used to love, and redeem him. Take the character who had his life ruined by writers trying to be edgy and dark, and remind us of how we used to love him and want to succeed. And it genuinely made me cry the first time I watched this movie. To many people (myself included) the spiderman from the comics that we grew up with was dead to us. Spiderman had a job as a collage professor, a good marriage to the woman he loved, and two children. But when aunt may became fatally ill, he made a deal with mathysto to give up all of that to save her. This movie shows him regretting those decisions, and by the end of the movie, we are reminded of why we used to love him.

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  • This movie is amazing and I love it 🕷

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  • please do the voice

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  • This video made me cry in its beauty

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  • I love the name Golden Age Spicy

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  • keep up the great work.

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  • Fun fact: I first watched this movie in the theater opening week and when Uncle Aaron died I laughed. Not because I’m heartless or it was funny, it was a parallel to Uncle Ben dieing. It was because I didn’t see it coming and it was such a important thing and core thing to the Spider-person blueprint and is to important to making the Spider-person, and I didn’t see it coming. That made me outright laugh in the middle of a very emotional moment in a very pact theater that got me weird looks. Thought I should share that.

    Yazmin SanchezYazmin Sanchez4 tháng trước
  • The naming of Miles dad completely slipped Brian Michael Bindis’ mind 🙄🙄🙄. He knew he could’ve done better and didn’t try. He also had his dad be a shield agent in the comics which is... some choice. I’m glad the writers made do with the material they had.

    Z MorgZ Morg4 tháng trước
  • I would make the argument that not only is Into the Spiderverse THE best Spiderman movie, but it may well be the greatest superhero movie ever made.

    D SD S4 tháng trước
  • IN A WORLD ... where 90% of super hero movies are origin stories, where every new incarnation of a super hero on the silver screen starts with an origin story movie and rarely gets a sequel, in that world, origin stories are boring. And not just boring, they are frightening. They are something we don't want to see again (and again and again), but we very well know that there won't be a followup movie if we don't flock into the cinemas in great numbers. This is what makes the MCU so great. We are now free to skip an origin story movie if we're not interested. That won't kill that series only for a new origin story to come out 10 years later. And still SMITSV makes an origin story work. Many factors here; for one this is not just an origin story. Of the spider-people who have a major story arc in here, only one has an origin story. It is the overarching arc in the movie, but it doesn't stand alone. It comes at the heel of a "death of spiderman" story that breaks all the old moulds. There's no resurrection, no undoing. And it runs in lockstep with Peter B's redmption story. And it also isn't the same old story that has been told a thousand times. This movie would not have worked with another Peter instead of Miles. And then there's the promise that drew us into the cinema. Not one of an origin story, but one of a visual trip like we never saw before. And the bold move to do a story that many would call too complicated, too nerdy, etc. to be suitable for a general audience. "Multi-Verse? We don't do poetry." Mainstream is best served with "boy meets girl" stories every brain-dead monkey can understand---that is how movie studios have treated us for the longest time. Complicated concepts have only been McGuffins, with no expectation of the audience to understand them. A black box that only exists in on-screen explanations.

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  • You skipped over, "BAGEL!" It's one of the funniest Easter eggs in the movie.

    Jon StorchJon Storch4 tháng trước
  • 31:07 I just noticed on my THIRD viewing of this view (and after watching the movie three times) that the middle scientist sitting down is just SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT AHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • Great job!!!

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  • Jefferson (Miles dad) knows Kingpin is bad. In the comics he worked for him as a spy for SHIELD, but it's true that not everyone will notice this.

    Tomás DalmazzoTomás Dalmazzo4 tháng trước
  • Ok, I just noticed that Peter B steals a fry from Miles when he's looking at his phone. Love that

    fishy492fishy4924 tháng trước
  • Small Detail: If you pause at 47:57 you can notice how after he is ready to take The Leap Of Faith he ties his shoes to avoid any mishaps

    ArachnidAnimationsArachnidAnimations4 tháng trước
  • The burp...you had me until the burp....

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  • 19:00 “GoLend AgEd SpIcY” me: *laughs and cant stop when they start laughing* 😂

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  • Golden age spicy

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  • You’re voice is liquid gold

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  • hulk critic hulk critic

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    • sorry about this comment

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  • Im excited for when you make another video this was amazing

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  • I see this channel the first time, and I must say Film Crit Hulk is pretty smart and knowing, really interesting to hear him analyze

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  • Hi I watched two of your Video essays and they both are awful they both reminded me that “The last Airbender” actually exist. And I hate you for this. - Actually really like your videos keep it up

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  • 4:30 sums up perfectly why I hate deku from mha

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  • Seeing miles's left leg jittering while scrolling through his phone is so incredibly relatable its scary.

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  • All 3 of your videos have made me cry my god

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  • I only have one issue with this movie besides this it's perfect after Peter B Parker ties him up and Miles shocks his way out of the webs somehow he instantly is basically a full-fledged Spider-Man and knows how to do everything he starts swinging and doing tricks like a god but the last time we seen him swinging he was struggling and could barely even swing and then when we get to the climactic battle he knows how to climb walls and use his powers perfectly which we also seeing him struggling with in the previous scene it's just all so fast that he knows how to do everything instantly also how did he instantly learn how to fight like a god at the climactic Battle as well like this man went from a casual yeah I know how to throw a right hook left hook and maybe a little sidekick too full on Spider-Man mode with acrobatic Moves and just knowing how to fight and ending up beating Kingpin and how did he learn how to use his Venom power so fast it just feels like towards the end they were getting rushed and Miles became a God after that one scene.

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  • 38:44 He-he does? Did the people who wrote this question forget the entirety of the third act?

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  • Cool

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  • 8:38 Thank goodness I'm not the only one who has this problem. 18:33 Spicy-man, Spicy-man, does whatever a Spicy-man can. 25:29 And so begins Miles Morales's superhero- ...Not just yet! 27:01 I didn't quite catch onto that until I read about it a little bit ago. Neat! 38:44 Miles witnessed the death of his universe's Spiderman, destroyed a goober by accident while trying out his powers, and can't control his powers well yet. He can't just "man up" in a matter of milliseconds! That's a lot of things to process at once. 44:41 It's simultaneously hilarious and heartrending 47:07 CUE BEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE 54:20 D'awwww

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  • You sound like spider pig

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  • :)

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  • I don't know how true it is but I've heard that the narrative is even told through the animation itself. Apparently Miles has a lower frame rate at the beginning of the movie, but it increases as he gains confidence in himself. That's why things look so refreshing when he finally suits up.

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  • Never seen you before, checked your channel just now and surprised to see this many subs with literally only three videos, going back to a range that doesn't even surpass a single year. Each of those videos are very long though, and judging by what I'm seeing so far only literally a single minute into this video, I can see a lot of thought and passion went into each one. Huge props to you for putting this all together, and goodluck to your channel's future. This looks like the start of something I think I will enjoy experiencing.

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  • Don't bash the ideas of Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged without reading them. They're the opposite of what you imagine. Otherwise, very good work, keep it up.

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  • How do you edit without breaking your set up

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  • I have watched all your video essays and even read some of your essays on your patron and I have enjoyed all your work. I know you most likely will never see this, but could you please do a scene-by-scene breakdown of "Your Name"? I know you love the movie like I do because I read your essay and I would love if you made a video on it. Thank you if you read this and have a great rest of your day!

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  • “Spicyman spicyman does whatever a spicy can”

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  • The tart head unsurprisingly hover because robert multivariably telephone unto a important airbus. incredible, deserted grandmother

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  • I love that you pointed out that Miles not being a hard boiled badass that just "sucks it up" doesn't detract from his character but instead enhances it. It's not that he isn't scared, it's that he overcomes it and he doesn't lose his sensitivity and compassion along the way, like those traits are something negative to move past. Lovely work.

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  • 19:05

    //çøbrå\\//çøbrå\\5 tháng trước
  • 18:32

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  • 46:00 I never caught how he was saying that he didn’t have to say it back just like how he said he had to say it back, it made me cry

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  • 5:41 I love when people talk from behind the mic. 18:32 19:05 30:20

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  • Actually miles shoes are tied, after they caused him to fail he lets go off that little bit of freedom to not do that. He finds control in something else but you don’t notice it until he takes the leap and is in control.

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  • Bro, you've got to be one of my most favorite VIworld channels ever. I've watched all of your videos. Your voice is very soothing and you get the "video essay" format just right. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people get it totally wrong, with either their points being unclear, having a weak thesis, or not giving enough context. Please make more!

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  • Bro why does it sound like your crying lmao

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  • Ok I might be kinda late but why does he cry when he talks?

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  • If there’s one thing to take away from this video golden age spicy is the best spicy

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  • Thanks for this. I needed it. I really did...

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  • Peter B. :”You hear that Miles?” Miles: “hear what?” Peter B. : “The call...to adventure!” Miles:”Not today I don’t...”

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  • Spicey-Man! Spicey-Man! Does whatever a Spicey-Man can!

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  • I’m pretty sure Aunt May was referencing their marriage... or past marriage, happened in the comics, you can’t tell me otherwise

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  • The message at the end hits hard. I didnt know I had A D D until a few months ago, but it gave me hell in my life so far. Especially not knowing what's wrong with me, I always struggled to meet anyones expectations... and the moment I realized I had ADD/ADHD, it really changed my view on life. I still was/am a failure, but for the first time I knew what was wrong with me, and most importantly... I'm not alone... its like Miles struggling to learn and control his powers, similarly I desperately try to find help right now. I dont want my ADD gone, but I need help trying to control it, to lead a somewhat normal life, without the chaos and failures of my past. Not easy tho, considering the money and location... but I'm still in the middle of the movie thats my life, and I really hope it has a happy end, without all the wasted potential...

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  • this channel will be so bigger

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  • This is a phenominal video. Not often do you discover a youtube channel LIKE THIS! Wish you had more videos thought...

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  • 16:21 It's completely fine to use formulas if you want to.

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  • Absolutly amazing! Your analysis is so intristing! Now I just want to watch this film again.

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  • Way to many jokes for my liking. I couldn't get past 40 mins of the film. It constantly makes jokes and refuses to take itself serious so how can I? Hard to feel the emotional impact of certain events when it constantly wants to throw a lame joke in there. From him meeting the Spiderman's for the first time(which is pretty forgettable) to even Spiderman's death. And a lot of the jokes aren't even that funny. Not to mention their jokes are predictable or jokes you'll find in any other modern super hero films with the annoying constant self awareness everyone has to have nowadays.

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  • No one mentions the first time miles tries to jump the camera shows he trips on his untied shoelace it's easy to say it's a metaphor tripping over too many expectations as he's told through out the movie that his shoelace is untied only for him to reply it's a choice but I would say it's him tripping because he hasn't fully excepted the expectations, I say this because not only does everyone that mentions it pertain to him in that moment, schoolmate because he doesn't want to accepted that he is gifted and didn't get into that school through luck, Golden Age Spiderman after Miles gets his powers and Peter B Parker even though Miles thinks he is ready because he made a promise even though he's not ready Miles never trips when he's running away from Prowler because he hasn't taken on the mantle of Spiderman proper even though he had every chance to, MIles is clumsy but after donning his spider suit he's ready to take that leap of faith and show that he's ready for the responsibility

    Darian PantonDarian Panton5 tháng trước
  • Something I realized about the Miles vs. King Pin Scene: the reason why miles survived King Pin’s punch was because he only used one hand while in the scene where King Pin kills Peter Parker, he uses both.

    UberBoss227UberBoss2275 tháng trước
    • And Peter was in the verge of death. He got tired by the energy of the collider. Whereas Miles didn't take a beating at all, just a few hits. And Miles is the strongest Spicey(comics).

      DPkillerDPkiller5 tháng trước
  • Always cry when Peter B sees Aunt May

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  • Kingpin must spend a fortune on custom door frames!

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  • Me: New to this video : Expecting a continuous repetativness of stock film of the movie, looks away for two seconds, looks back and I see a hulk In deep thought and questioning and explaining everything about this movie Me in my head: Perfection, Subscribe.

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  • God, I NEED a sequel!

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  • That observation about the glass coming with Miles was AMAZING!!! I never knew how much I could enjoy a movie by looking deeper into it! Thank you!🤯🤯

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  • 38:15 he's trying to be like spiderman but he doesn't know what that is. He can't live up to these heros

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  • I’m just commenting here to make a short, concise comment about your review on TROS. Firstly, I respect your opinion. I’m not trying to change your opinion, just state my POV. I have many counters and discrepancies with your critique of TROS. Mainly they you state that JJ doesn’t ask the questions such as “What does the character want? What does the character need? How does the character learn this?”. JJ does ask these questions, at least for Rey and Kylo Ren, the two main characters. Rey wants to be a Jedi and stop the First Order. To do this, she must overcome her core belief of self worthlessness. Rey, unconsciously, believes she is worthless and not worthy of being a Jedi so, no matter how hard she wants and tries to be a Jedi, she can’t because of this mental block. TROS gets a bad wrap because of its terrible pacing. It DOES make the deeper and nuanced psychological arcs and depth of Rey and Kylo Ren feel rushed and, to many people, entirely invisible. This is true, the pacing of TROS is awful and the film should’ve been much longer or two films entirely but the depth is there. The truth is: JJ isn’t a hack. He isn’t some lazy, cheap loser who copies work of others and doesn’t care about character or substance. People only think this because his films are so action packed that they themselves are distracted from the actual depth that is there. Rey’s arc in TROS explores and completes some of the deepest psychological characterisation of a Star Wars character and the profound journey of overcoming such a deep set belief: “I am worthless.” but people don’t look into that because, when they watch the film, they get too distracted by the many, many action scenes and laser battles. Now yes, everything you said about Finn (ok, not everything but a lot) is true. He is somewhat sidelined in TROS and is kinda just there but, to me, that’s fine and makes sense. He isn’t the main character. Rey and Kylo Ren are the protagonists of the Sequels and their arcs, psychology, journeys, dynamic and story is the most important and most interesting part of the Sequels. One of the messages of TROS is that blood doesn’t matter and, in your review, you argue that this message gets reduced to “a bunch of trite aphorisms” and it doesn’t effect the character’s journeys, to which I say, “nahh”. That’s just untrue in many ways. I am not a fan of Rey being a Palpatine and prefered her to stay a nobody but to say that the theme of the film doesn’t work and is actually just “lip service” cannot be further from the truth. Rey denied her ancestry and “rightful” heir to the Sith because of Luke teaching her exactly this. Not only that but she eventually renounced the name entirely, taking on the Skywalker name, which has a whole host of depth and concepts to it that I won’t get into. However, this theme, to me, is the secondary theme of the film. The primary theme is that of self worth. As stated earlier, Rey’s arc is about this theme of self worth. Rey holds the psychological core belief “I am worthless”, which was born out of her childhood parental abandonment. Still, at the age of 20, Rey suffers from this belief. She overtly states that she doesn’t feel worthy of having Luke’s saber (“I will earn your brothers saber”), she says she fears herself (a common, real life issue for people who have no self worth, the idea that their biggest enemy is themselves and that they will mess everything up) and, in the end, the thing that allows her to win and defeat Palpatine (her want), is actually her finally breaking down this notion that she is worthless and creating a new belief, that she is worthful (yes, that is a word) and worthy of being a Jedi - hence the “I’m all the Jedi.” line being the defeat of Palpatine and the defeat of her toxic core belief. All’s I’m saying is, yes, TROS is a mess with its editing, may throw side characters even further to the side, may bring back Palpatine with no explanation and has a simple (but still fun) adventure/Indiana Jones plot but it also has depth, nuance, great completions of Rey and Kylo Ren’s arcs and, most importantly, heart. JJ put his heart and soul into TROS. Watching the behind the scenes movie about the writing, making and filming of TROS showed this clearly. He wanted everything to be perfect (to him, obviously, because film and story and character is 100% subjective in quality, meaning and content).

    Our One True EmperorOur One True Emperor5 tháng trước