WORLD’S HARDEST Would You Rather Questions

27 Th02, 2021
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It's time to answer some of the world's hardest would you rather questions on!
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WORLD'S HARDEST QUESTIONS - Would You Rather Challenge
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    Xavier MccroaryXavier Mccroary3 giờ trước
  • Jesse you haven’t seen a hard would you rather until you watched the movie would you rather

    Mr MeatballMr Meatball22 ngày trước
  • JSR have you heard of the story of the Midas touch look it up

    Mr Heati75Mr Heati75Tháng trước
  • I wish I knew about his website earlier honestly

    Joey CroninJoey CroninTháng trước
  • Jesus Christ is king

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson68Tháng trước
  • Freind over family

    shane davillashane davillaTháng trước
  • Jason Bourne all the way!

    Kelton FitzjarraldKelton FitzjarraldTháng trước
  • I would Time travel to see how the dinasurs dies

    Evan HaackeEvan HaackeTháng trước
  • jesse said he would knock his opponent out immediately but nope he just sues his opponents.

    Brayden MoldovanBrayden MoldovanTháng trước
  • Zeus is the god of sky not earth

    Sag sagSag sagTháng trước
  • Who else watches jessers videos while tacking a sh**

    Colin OColin OTháng trước
  • Jesser says "I rather have no family." Then he says "I rather get sprayed by a skunk and have alone time."

    Max AbrewMax AbrewTháng trước
  • Show us the damn percentages

    RCT_34 -RCT_34 -Tháng trước
  • Amagin this all happens to him

    Pat WilkyPat WilkyTháng trước
  • Zeus is the king of the gods

    Jason DeanJason DeanTháng trước

    ZAYZAYTháng trước
  • Ladies and gentlemen new meme face pause at 7:53

    Joel FontanezJoel FontanezTháng trước
  • Good vid God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all have a blessed day

    Sports FanaticSports FanaticTháng trước
  • People picked James Bond b/c he gets all the ladies

    GunsmithGunsmithTháng trước
  • Pls take a break jesse

    double nutdouble nutTháng trước
  • Says he needs people or he's lonely but then says if a skunk sprays him he hates people anyway lol

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard WarriorTháng trước
  • Need to hop back on war zone my guy

    Benjamin KickbushBenjamin KickbushTháng trước
  • How did the creator of time know what time it was??

    David TedfordDavid TedfordTháng trước
  • My guy I would pick fly too cause if your drowning underwater just fly up 😂

    ZinxoZinxoTháng trước
  • Did this man say Zeus had the land

    Px8_Blakè Px8Px8_Blakè Px8Tháng trước
  • jesser lowkey dumb and rly lucky already lol

    Cole AhlstedtCole AhlstedtTháng trước
  • 2:31 R.I.P to the fans that met Jesse met..

    Kingsavage4ever IG ballerKingsavage4ever IG ballerTháng trước
  • Red lobster biscuits smack though

    Jaxson ButlerJaxson ButlerTháng trước
  • Would you rather have me on your team or my teammate James Harden...?

    Kevin DurantKevin DurantTháng trước
  • And I thought I was the only one who has had their eye superglued shut

    Crew ForsonCrew ForsonTháng trước
  • I don’t think Jesse knows that Zeus married his sister

    Patrick LampertPatrick LampertTháng trước
  • If you were invisible you could be naked and no one would know

    CanadianCatDog123CanadianCatDog123Tháng trước
  • Poseidon is so much better

    Enzo ReginelliEnzo ReginelliTháng trước
  • Yo play 2k

    Thestorm GamingThestorm GamingTháng trước
  • 1:54 (he said i will be straight for the day) so if he didn't have the tree bark he would be gay for the day

    Marlon LendeMarlon LendeTháng trước
  • If Jesser chose tree bark, MY STRANGE ADDICTION

    benji.benji.Tháng trước
  • I'm watching jesser 24 /7 in my day

    t1 footballt1 footballTháng trước
  • love your vid jess

  • Play Fortnite. Is what I would’ve said if I was a 9 yr old.

    Holden CaulfieldHolden CaulfieldTháng trước
  • Ain't red lobster biscuits unlimited lol

    Tristan ButlerTristan ButlerTháng trước
  • Ayo that crumb on his lip bothered me a bit. Keep up type of these vids tho Jesser

    Steven DelvaSteven DelvaTháng trước
  • So we just gonna speed pass Jessie saying under Patrick rock is a mansion 😂

    Demetric RobinsonDemetric RobinsonTháng trước
    • Ayo💀

      TheCapalotMindsetTheCapalotMindset13 ngày trước
  • Do colab with faze rug

    AJ 69AJ 69Tháng trước
  • How are you even supposed to drink 6 month old milk it would be solid

    Sean MillerSean MillerTháng trước
  • I was making my midnight snack u know cause I'm a thick boy and the milk was old

    Tejour CookeTejour CookeTháng trước
  • I would do resistant to heat and set myself on fire if I was in cold

    Drax521Drax521Tháng trước
  • Definitely Snow for me

    Ayden BishopAyden BishopTháng trước
  • 5:17 You have made us north carolinians mad.

    Abhishek AcharyaAbhishek AcharyaTháng trước
  • Patrick=Jason Change my mind

    Dylan ToshDylan ToshTháng trước
  • 2:50 had me CRYING 😭🤣😂

    Jack RudolphJack RudolphTháng trước
  • Hi

    Vedanth SenthilVedanth SenthilTháng trước
  • Bro

    Vedanth SenthilVedanth SenthilTháng trước
  • Jesser: I dont want to steal from anyone Also Jesser: steals mopi's Krispy Kream doughnuts

    P3YTONP3YTONTháng trước
    • Think u meant to say kris's cookies 🤣😂

      Zacheriah SemallieZacheriah SemallieTháng trước
  • Zeus is the god of the sky lol

    Donovan McCrayDonovan McCrayTháng trước
  • Sup

    Zachari FontenaultZachari FontenaultTháng trước
  • James: Jesse, I don’t feel so good

    Ayman KhanAyman KhanTháng trước
  • I will take the extra toe

    DKDKTháng trước
  • Jesse would u rather be wealthy with multiple diseases or healthy and poor

    AAidenAAidenTháng trước
  • Red lobster biscuits are also unlimited

    Shawn AckermanShawn AckermanTháng trước
  • why does jesser say eyeball so weird 3:56

    Andrew OwensAndrew OwensTháng trước
  • 7:10 we already know you steal we saw TD’s posters

    Elevator ElliotElevator ElliotTháng trước
  • Ds BTW I love you vids. Jezzer

    Bonnie RobinsonBonnie RobinsonTháng trước
  • 3:52 eyebaaaal

    Dakota RobinsonDakota RobinsonTháng trước
  • U should play gta5

    Willie GreenWillie GreenTháng trước
  • Jesser I need you to put chap stick on pls your my guy been watching you for a along time now and I need you to put it on pls

    A CreatorA CreatorTháng trước
  • Noice vid Jesse 😁😁

  • Who thinks Jesse should start streaming among us again

    Fareen KaziFareen KaziTháng trước
    • Nobody it’s a dead game

      BananaBananaTháng trước
  • He gave up his brother

    Braelyn AdamsBraelyn AdamsTháng trước
  • I’m the 200 comment

    Agent drew 69Agent drew 69Tháng trước
  • Dude no way I sent this in a form message!

    Joseph ChapmanJoseph ChapmanTháng trước
  • Jesser mom if she’s watching what the heck

  • If you don’t pick red lobster biscuits then idk what you’re doing

    Elijah WoodsElijah WoodsTháng trước
  • Rip Jessers eye 👁

    Armando ChavezArmando ChavezTháng trước
  • Jesse react to cp the doc’s latest 1v1, he’s an up and coming VIworldr

    FaDEz IFaDEz ITháng trước
  • Question: Jeopardy or wheel of fortune Me: Family Feud

    Jaxon RodriguezJaxon RodriguezTháng trước
    • @Cathy Daugherty no one asked you to comment

      Fliqs Takes Walls ツFliqs Takes Walls ツTháng trước
    • @Karan Punj literally NOT A SOUL SAID FOR U TO COMMENT BRO!

      Cathy DaughertyCathy DaughertyTháng trước
    • @Nicholas Sanchez no one asked you to comment

      Karan PunjKaran PunjTháng trước
    • @Karan Punj no one asked you to comment

      Nicholas SanchezNicholas SanchezTháng trước
    • No one asked, that’s not even the question

      Karan PunjKaran PunjTháng trước
  • did he actually lose the 100T chain?

    AaronAaronTháng trước
  • Jesus Saves Love God✝️

    cquick 3cquick 3Tháng trước
    • Bot

      JaydenJaydenTháng trước
  • straight for the rest of the day: pause

    Keith FougereKeith FougereTháng trước
  • jesse u gotta live life on the edge sometimes u can be the wrlds greatest thief and u said no 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Coochie ManCoochie ManTháng trước
  • Hey

    Ryels WelkerRyels WelkerTháng trước
  • these ain't hard at all

    Rowen JohnsonRowen JohnsonTháng trước
  • I Just looked at how big Jesser’s nose is and now I can’t unsee it

    ComixComixTháng trước
    • Now I can't watch properly damn

      Walter WhiteWalter WhiteTháng trước
    • Comix wtf

      Sean HunterSean HunterTháng trước
    • Bro wtf

      I don’t know what To name thisI don’t know what To name thisTháng trước
  • suicide is not a option 😂😂

    baller #11baller #11Tháng trước
  • Play 2k

    MrxNiigglesMrxNiigglesTháng trước
  • JSR Party People!!!

    Shooting Hoops With Noah SmithShooting Hoops With Noah SmithTháng trước
  • Golum over beetlejuice you trippin

    AntoineYTAntoineYTTháng trước
  • These videos never get old just classics

    Saad AminSaad AminTháng trước
  • banger!!!!!!!!!

    Rowen JohnsonRowen JohnsonTháng trước

    Totally InsaneTotally InsaneTháng trước
  • I fell so bad for James

    Yarii Go goatedYarii Go goatedTháng trước
  • Off topic of the vid but I just found a penny heads side up and I’m jw is that the lucky side?

    QTbraylonQTbraylonTháng trước
  • i’m already pretty and dumb

    emma memma mTháng trước
  • Love your vids have a good day

    Clint HilmesClint HilmesTháng trước
  • I already knew the story of his mom and his eye

    Abdiel PerezAbdiel PerezTháng trước
  • Hi

    Hoggg RidddaaaHoggg RidddaaaTháng trước
  • The 🐐

    Justin PerkinsJustin PerkinsTháng trước
  • bro what happened to my man...he's turned into dangmattsmith or reaction time wtf.

    simpleymikeysimpleymikeyTháng trước
  • Jessie’s fam watching this 👁👄👁

    Tratter ApoTratter ApoTháng trước

  • Jsrrrrr

    Peter PuckettPeter PuckettTháng trước