YMS: The Visit

13 Th06, 2018
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The Sixth Sense blu-ray featurette
The Last Airbender (2010)
Paranormal Activity (2007)
The Village (2004)
The Visit blu-ray featurette
The Blair Witch Project (1999)
[Rec] (2007)
[Rec] 2 (2009)
V/H/S (2012)
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  • I like what whoever told the kid to say “They’re throwing shade” Didn’t know what that actually meant. They clearly thought it had something to do with being “shady”

    NerdlingNerdling8 giờ trước
  • What normal person owns a human sized oven anyway.

    T. GorbachT. Gorbach21 giờ trước
  • MNS... or Menses... wrote those god. damned. wack. ass. raps.

    GOD For RealGOD For RealNgày trước
  • Isn't this whole story a rip-off of a Stephen King short story? One all about "sundowning"? But then again, what isn't a Stephen King short story rip-off at this point?

    Stacey AnnStacey AnnNgày trước
  • the rapping physically hurt me

    Daniel CorichDaniel CorichNgày trước
  • I'm nervous that the fnaf movie will suck because it's under the blumhouse production aaaaaahhhh

    tinymissbellstinymissbells3 ngày trước
  • 20:08 Theory : grandma is a fucking camel

    Scotty BoiScotty Boi3 ngày trước
  • I WAS IN TEARS! LOL. THank u!

    Nomadic ColoursNomadic Colours4 ngày trước
  • Please stop encouraging 15 yr old white boys to attend jazz poetry slams

    Jgads 86Jgads 864 ngày trước
  • I'm gonna need the soundclip of you saying "I hope you like jumpscares" inserted in every movie that contains jumpscares so I can watch them. Thank you.

    B SheepB Sheep4 ngày trước
    • lol

      MR. a DOESMR. a DOES4 ngày trước
  • I literally laughed at the parts of this movie that were supposed to be scary

    HaydenHayden5 ngày trước
  • The movie was only worth the watch to hear you talk about it.

  • 26:39The police aren't answering? Must have dialed them after normal business hours

    Enzo JamesEnzo James5 ngày trước
  • A 15 year old in charge of a house for a week? Are you insane?

    christdolphin69christdolphin696 ngày trước
  • I make found movie with zoom in on teeth plaque and nose hairs. Hehe. I am better than shamalam

    kristian guillermokristian guillermo7 ngày trước
  • A user suggested on here that the film would have been better if the kids were the villains. It focuses more on the grandparents and their struggle to deal with the fact that their grand kids are horrible people. Also, it would have covered up the plot hole of the mom not showing her kids what their grandparents look like.

    hunter mooneyhunter mooney7 ngày trước
  • I just tested the going round to the front-of-camera thing, and how do they not break their backs contorting in such a weird way? and why not just flip the camera around instead like a normal person. I think the kids might be the monsters in this film.

    BarnesofthenorthBarnesofthenorth8 ngày trước
  • 36:29 what shitty advice. Yes as we all know the best filmmakers only became directors out of necessity, not because they genuinely cared about what they were making

    thatguygabethatguygabe8 ngày trước
  • Translator here: "you can't ask those questions!" = "how dare you point out plot holes in our amazingly perfect movie!"

    Alex KyteAlex Kyte9 ngày trước
  • I dont see why this movie got so much hate, the director choice his actors so well, i mean It was Agatha all along

    The Cosmo ChannelThe Cosmo Channel9 ngày trước
  • Was it Agatha all alone?

    Алексей РюминАлексей Рюмин11 ngày trước
  • the rap scenes cause me such a visceral reaction that it can only be described as turning inside out

    Sewer CreatureSewer Creature11 ngày trước
  • Old people are scaaaaaaary!

    PMcCul4486PMcCul448611 ngày trước
  • their mom is AGATHA ALL ALONG

    Random NerdsRandom Nerds11 ngày trước
  • Can relate. I haven’t taken a shower since 1960 because of Psycho

    Rebel PrincessRebel Princess11 ngày trước
  • THey tHroWiN shADE

    Peppermint Patty CamPeppermint Patty Cam12 ngày trước
  • this movie scared the emojis out of me

    MagneticAestheticMagneticAesthetic12 ngày trước
  • Diesel patches?

    John SteelJohn Steel13 ngày trước
  • It was Agatha all along

    Dirty GrimesDirty Grimes13 ngày trước
  • @yourmoviesucks I am now late for not one but two things today because of how funny this and the previous 2 videos have been. How dare you make me subscribe to something so obviously detrimental to my time management. This was so funny, it's unfair...

    Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams13 ngày trước
  • I’ll be honest despite these flaws I like this movie. Yeah those flaws exist but I liked it.

    Logan LaBachLogan LaBach14 ngày trước
  • 'Nitpicky and unimportant' you said it!!

    Sisteray 35Sisteray 3515 ngày trước
    • He said it right before explaining how stupid that argument is

      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge editionI'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition11 ngày trước
  • 19:26 is so damned funny but mean lol M Night seems like a nice bloke 🤣

    TarvuTarvu16 ngày trước
  • Kid looks like male Billie Eilish

    Dallas Trap LeagueDallas Trap League16 ngày trước
  • tbh the weirdest thing about the Big Reveal is that it doesn't really affect anything. Like... take it out and the kids are alone in a house with strange demented dangerous old people who ARE their grandparents... which is better somehow?

    Steve CheneySteve Cheney17 ngày trước
  • Btw. children and old people are only scary if you use them in combination with an uncanny valley effect. Suggesting that they are merley a mask used by something extremly powerful, that either choose a harmelss as possible exterior for deception or to indicate that whatever took their comparatively weak minds over, will at some point be strong enough to get to the progagonist. Another way, in which they can be used to induce a sense of fear is by indicating either that an extremly brutal kid, must have been adapted to some pretty brutal inviroment or that an old person that does extremely brutal stuff casually, must have done so for a long time, without any consequences to it. Meaning he is good enough at it, to get away with it, therefore ramping up the threat the protagonist finds himself in. None of these tropes where hit in this movie.

    Der Mann in der MengeDer Mann in der Menge17 ngày trước
  • Everyone I know loves this movie and I simply can not understand how! I actually liked many of M. Nights movies others hated but this movie was plain right boring. I totally hated the plot, the twist, the insufferable rapping scenes (and I dont even like regular rapping), the terrible writing and editing choices, the weird unfitting dialogue and sound effect choices and of course the acting that was bad beyond belief. I usually dont critisize child actors in movies, because, well, they are children after all and even though I went to theatre school I cant act myself so I think its wrong to say they act badly but damn these kids were bad. The girl was okay but due to everything else I cant say I liked anything she did either. I absolutely hate the plot, lets disect it: Mom wants to have some privsate time with her boyfriend so she allows her kids to meet people she knows are weird and stupid only to find out that she sent her children away to even more weird and also psychopathic people. Fist of all, yes old people can be very scary, once when my grandma visited me I walked down the stairs and just saw her standing there acting kinda sus and it scared the shit out of me but I was like ten years old! To make them scary you need to, actually show that they are evil and dangerous instead of just weird old guys. I think that if they would have followed through with the "these are their actual grandparents, they worship some demon or devil and the kids cant do anything because they are kids and the grandparents are respected people around town" idea, the film could have been actually terrifying. Having the Granny act weird may be scary the first time you see it but by the second time, I at ,east, laughrd my ass off. The Grandparents just aren't scary, they are weird and actually more sad than threatening. I mean in the end they are just demented people who need proper treatment but escaped out of the asylum and now act according to their mental disabilities and assuming that they are not actually married they even seem like a nice duo! Then, like it was stated in the review, the camera is just irritating as fuck. The quality seems way to good, but even if one were to accept that as it is much more pleasing to the eye the ways they carry it around and the reasons for them to do so is just wrong and absolutely mindboggeling. How can a crew of people who operate cameras for a living not tell this guy that this does not make sense? I mean, yeah sure she might be able to zoom in and out the way she does it but the way she holds the camera when she steps in front of it just seems so unnatural and actually quit hard to do! Believe me, when I tell you that I tried it with a similar camera and that it was actually really hard to pull that of the way she did. Why would they carry the camera always with them? If I am somewhere and want to go and get some food late at night I wouldnt turn my camera on and start filming and vlogging, I would just use my fucking mobiles flashlight and just walk to the damncookie jar and get some frickin cookies! If I would want to make a documentary in a small town like that I would choose a specific day and just film on that day, if I were to meet my grandparents for the first time I would have told them in advance that I will be filming when I arrive so that they wont be overwhelmed by the fact that they not only see their grandchild for the first time but also have to act a certain way for my documentary! These guys are just rude. The rapping was bad and absolutely insufferable but that at least was something a child of his age would do! The weird popstar name = curse word thing is just weird and unnatural. Then there is the elephant in the room - the twist. I have never seen a worse twist then that. I mean, yeah, most of the time you can see a twist coming and you wont be surprised by it, but thats it, with this movie it was just hurtfull to the plot. If these people are not their grandma and grandpa someone around town must have noticed earlier! Them being on the run doesnt make sense if they just casually try to steal someones identity they may be crazy but they sure aint stupid - or at least the movie wants us to believe that. I know, I'm rambeling on and on about how bad this movie is but it just annoys me that so many people I know actually enjoy this piece of shit and think this is a great horror movie! I mean - WTF is wrong with you guys?

    BAALSLEGION 07BAALSLEGION 0718 ngày trước
  • Wow, that doesn't look anything like found footage

    Code Man the 2ndCode Man the 2nd18 ngày trước
  • I don't know what it is, but I just really like M Night as a person. His movies might be crappy, but he himself seems so genuine and sincere. Like he's really trying but he also seems very self aware and even self deprecating at times. He knows he doesn't always hit the mark and he's humble enough to be able to admit that. And to me that is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to people in Hollywood, who normally tend to be so unlikable, arrogant and full of themselves.

    övöövö18 ngày trước
    • When it comes to his movies that’s another thing He just doesn’t give a crap like he used to

      Brandon Day music videosBrandon Day music videos11 ngày trước
  • 26:44 My laptop has and it is really stupid

    Sir OmlettSir Omlett21 ngày trước
  • 3:51 is unironically my favourite line in this entire movie

    Velvety BomVelvety Bom22 ngày trước
  • wait so the grandparents have wifi, but phone data doesn't work there? Ok sure I guess but can't they just use a video chat app on their phones instead of their laptop with covered cameras? Phones have cameras.

    That One Awkward GuyThat One Awkward Guy22 ngày trước
  • If you want a fun super low budget comedy horror movie Bad Ben is a hidden gem. The guy directed, wrote, and acted in it for a total of $300 and it made me laugh way more than I thought.

    Lizzy LLizzy L22 ngày trước
  • I kind of feel like this movie just shows that M Night Shyamalan hasn't had experience with dementia.

    LlamaLegateLlamaLegate23 ngày trước
  • I like found footage horror....

    Cameron CabralCameron Cabral23 ngày trước
  • 26:45 technically dell XPS laptops have the camera on the bottom of the screen. But also the perspective still wouldn’t really work.

    Mr. BlueSkyMr. BlueSky24 ngày trước
  • I quote Adam's "wow congratulations amazing inspiring" almost daily.

    Freeze BreezeFreeze Breeze25 ngày trước
  • There are a hundred films you could make about estranged kids visiting their grandparents that could be absolute horror, but nah he had to make this POS.

    Julius FučíkJulius Fučík25 ngày trước
  • 26:34 Its been Agatha all along. Im so glad this actor found better work se did so great as Agatha.

    Dan CainDan Cain26 ngày trước
  • I know a big thing on your channel is to talk about ripoffs. Did you know this movie is a direct rip off of a movie from 1989 called Grandmother's House? Len Lesser plays the grandfather in this movie...

    Variety VagabondVariety Vagabond26 ngày trước
  • The pop star names joke is the painfully unfunny thing I've ever heard.

    Evan OkeefeEvan Okeefe26 ngày trước
  • So you're telling me the mother was the true villain? Huh. It was Agatha all along!

    Travis PrattTravis Pratt26 ngày trước
  • To be honest, the rap sequences weren't so bad. I mean yes they're painful, very, but he's a kid so of course it's not gonna be top notch rap. So it's kinda silly. Not hilarious, but still silly to the point where some people might laugh

    Stygian_ moonStygian_ moon26 ngày trước
  • I just watched the movie and found it to be one of the most terrible movies Ive ever seen. Havent facepalmed so hard watching a movie in a long time. I agree with almost everything Adam pointed out in this video. I really dont understand why there are so many people praising this movie.

    ChrysoarrChrysoarr27 ngày trước
  • I liked Sinister

    DA CARLYDA CARLY28 ngày trước
  • 3:02 it was agatha all along

    amelia steeleamelia steele28 ngày trước
  • The mother sent her kids away in order for this awful movie to happen? 🎶 It was Agatha all along 🎷🎶

    Fredrik BermhedFredrik Bermhed29 ngày trước
  • We thought this was the grandparents' doing... ... ... ... ... But it was Agatha all along.

    liamdude5liamdude529 ngày trước
  • Jason Blum can go away

    JAZZ HANDSJAZZ HANDS29 ngày trước
  • The sticky town expectantly mine because hamburger speculatively enter apud a wacky tuna. thoughtless, secret crack

    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezTháng trước
  • The grandma running under the house is scary though..scared me

    Wally TolsonWally TolsonTháng trước
  • TBH, I thought that mom decided to tell kids that grandparents aren't theirs for no reason and not because they showed them via webcam. I am stupid.

    Rauf M.Rauf M.Tháng trước
  • I had to mute the video when the raps came on because of how cringe they were ngl

    man dudeman dudeTháng trước
  • Is it just me or does the boy child actor look like a younger version of HBomberguy?

    Truth RTTruth RTTháng trước
  • One way to fix a lot of the dumb logic issues is change the decade. If this movie were set in the 80s, you wouldn't have to worry as much about why the kids have never even seen a photo of the grandparents -- she didn't bring any when she left after the fallout, or she destroyed the only ones she had out of anger. Don't have the internet back then, so it's easier to believe that she couldn't just find a picture of them online. And change it so that the mom was already beginning to make amends -- exchanging letters and making phone calls. Now that their relationship is improving, the mother laments that she doesn't have any photos of them. Plus, you get rid of the Skype calls and having to excuse her never seeing the grandparents while the kids are on skype with her. You have the kids be using old, shitty cameras that are era-appropriate, (or just film it like a normal film) and with it being the 80s, you get to cut the white kid's awful rapping! Then, the daughter gets the four of them together to take a photo, and later sends it to the mother, remembering that she wished she had one of them. The mother calls in a panic once she gets it to reveal the twist.

    Cheezy Films ProductionsCheezy Films ProductionsTháng trước
  • Here in Europe, Houses usually do not have crawl-spaces, so maybe I am getting that concept wrong. But how can a house with a cellar/basement (remember, where the real grandparents were) also have a crawl space?? And: After that boy's face was treated with a diaper, would the mom not ask the boy to clean himself before she would let him smear it all over her (hugging)? I mean, he must stink, right? Or she does not mind and kisses and hugs her son who's face is full of, well brown diaper-content... blegh...

    HeliosphereHeliosphereTháng trước
  • this is like the cat in the hat movie, but it's produced by people who drink the water in flint michigan, and it's a horror movie.

    The TankThe TankTháng trước
  • That lil boy.... His rap was the real scary part...

    Peter PandaPeter PandaTháng trước
  • You win off of his failure; you’re just as savvy

    Ray MartinezRay MartinezTháng trước
    • Yeah it's his job to talk about movies

      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge editionI'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition11 ngày trước
  • It's not that its rocket science, maybe it's because some people have something called integrity.

    TheZipperDragonTheZipperDragonTháng trước
  • I wish you did more long form videos like this nowadays. I know they're not good for the algorithm, but I love falling asleep to your sultry voice.

    Keatin CecrleKeatin CecrleTháng trước
  • It was Agatha all along!

    Xvhalk3rieXXvhalk3rieXTháng trước
  • why is that kid rapping

    TmathTmathTháng trước
  • So this channel is CinemaSins but more bitchy, nice

    Candle ManCandle ManTháng trước
  • Jason Blum laughing makes me think he's into horror films for completely different reasons than the rest of us.

    BriarLeaf00BriarLeaf00Tháng trước
  • Imagine showing a scene in spiderman where the villan shoots lasers out of his eyes, but then he never uses it against the hero, and in the behind the scenes bits the director clarifies that the evilmun doesn't actually have lazer vision in the story unuverse, he just added that as a meta visual for the audience to make him more scary. This is exactly what this movie does, but just with sound.

    Edda233Edda233Tháng trước
  • this movie could’ve been from the kids perspective, with the grandparents actually acting like grandparents, but the kids see it as weird. If they had simply taken it from that perspective, they could’ve framed all the weird stuff as a child’s overactive imagination.

    Legomaster1197Legomaster1197Tháng trước
  • I do like this movie, but I’m not denying that there are A lot of flaws. I like how it does flesh out the kids a bit, especially the boy, he’s trying to be funny but failing at it, on purpose.

    Monaca TowaMonaca TowaTháng trước
  • M. Night even forgot how people speak, nothing is on syntax. Im on the text. Download.waw Generally stilted language

    hongo dongohongo dongoTháng trước
  • Is it child abuse to make little white kids rap for an audience of thousands?

    Michael DavisMichael DavisTháng trước
  • 36:25 genius

    Adolfo BerriosAdolfo BerriosTháng trước
  • Pro tip: If you're making a horror movie with the goal of "doing for X what Psycho did for the shower," it's gonna fucking suck.

    The Sadistic SkittyThe Sadistic SkittyTháng trước
  • Is the software glitch my phone or effects?

    traffic conetraffic coneTháng trước
  • Hey, so why did the fake grandparents not just murder the real ones? What incentive did they have for keeping them alive?

    William McGinnisWilliam McGinnisTháng trước
  • A better rap in my opinion would be caribou Lou, but sang by a different child actor

    Evnth RiznsvnEvnth RiznsvnTháng trước
  • that's not what throwing shade means. D: Ol fkin grandma giving that fierce ghost child eating realness. Yaaas kween, slayyyy the kids

    N-word JimN-word JimTháng trước
  • So it wasn't agatha this time

    LukeLukeTháng trước
  • Nice review kermit :)

    BlessedBlessedTháng trước
  • M night thought they pulled a Gravity Falls "Not What He Seems" with that "staying with a stranger" concept. Wow

    a_LunarDemona_LunarDemonTháng trước
  • Wait. Is this the diaper movie?

    Corvus ProcellaCorvus ProcellaTháng trước
  • Movies like this should show people wh the Blair Witch Project is at the very least competent at its base concept, unlike this piece of shit.

    KyoshiLoneheartedKyoshiLoneheartedTháng trước
  • I actually enjoyed this movie. It was pretty cringe nae nae baby at time though.

    Jimbrial InnocentJimbrial InnocentTháng trước
  • are we ignoring the fact that the shit in the diaper looked red?

    My Cat Ate ItMy Cat Ate ItTháng trước
  • Those damager goods bins camera comes with a boom operator

    HelloMyFriendsHelloMyFriendsTháng trước
  • “You can’t talk about this.” Translation: “I don’t have an answer. Please just love the movie.”

    Matthew RMatthew RTháng trước
    • No

      Brandon Day music videosBrandon Day music videos11 ngày trước
  • Another white man pretending Get Out was good to sound cool, f*cking most boring movie in all of human history

    Anthony QuigleyAnthony QuigleyTháng trước
    • No wonder Adam's so reluctant to like Hollywood films, whenever there IS a mainstream movie he likes, people like you cry out "lol srsly? U like dat move? Dat move sux ballzax!" at even a passing mention of it.

      Drawtoonz StudioDrawtoonz StudioTháng trước
    • Or maybe you're just stupid and probably racist

      Crack toonCrack toonTháng trước
  • The visit is by no means a terrible movie. I enjoyed it.

    Test Prep DojoTest Prep DojoTháng trước
  • fuck this guy, this movie is obviously shit but why analyse it like fuck its enjoyable to watch, ur ruining it u goon

    Matthew McLaughlinMatthew McLaughlinTháng trước
    • Never heard of movie critics before have you?

      Under- DogUnder- DogTháng trước
  • I get the old people being scary thing 100%. I find them creepy as hell sometimes.

    Guy BroylesGuy BroylesTháng trước
  • It was Agatha all along.

    Neon SWitchbladeNeon SWitchbladeTháng trước